Horus Initiation

Temple of Horus at Edfu.
Here you can touch the Horus channel.
Horus, Horus is translated as the highest, highest, unattainable, one who is high. Horus is the ruler of the world.
He is the one whose gaze is resolute, and whose thought is magnificent, fiery and lightning fast.
Horus creates the world with his eyes and with his creativity revives the Father, Osiris.
In the sumptuous triumph of a worthy creation, Horus is synchronized with the Father, with the primal impulse and power of his being.
This "creativity" can be anything.
Your work, hobbies, food, clothes, relationships - all manifestations of your life.
By synchronizing with the Horus Archetype, we add even more scope, height and depth to your life, deeds and everything that is important to you.
With such an attunement, you can give a new impetus to the development of your business, relationships and life in general.
Through the archetypal constellation, we will be able to find where you have blocks to work with the Channel of Horus.
And through Hypnocoaching, we will be able to enter into resonance with these ancient archetypal standards.

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