2. Scandinavian Runes Magic Studies

A life-transformation coaching course reinforced by runic technologies for activating the power of consciousness!

To achieve a new level in business and life, you need a team of like-minded people, energy pumping and weekly support.

Therefore, for this we are moving to a new format - runic coaching!
Using the experience of activating the power of consciousness, we will superimpose them on the coaching format of a non-reworking movement towards your goal!


How will it look like:
- Coaching marathon for 2.5 months 
- Definition of goals interesting for you in happiness / money / health and movement towards them.
- Weekly exercises for practice.
- Work in pairs and mini-groups.
- Strengthening your intentions and activating events through the use of Runic technologies.
- Expansion of your consciousness through the method of Runic constellations.
- Strengthening the practice through the use of mandalas and artifacts.

All work is carried out remotely.

LEADER OF THE COURSE - Andrey Litvinov,
Psychologist, Coach, Instructor- Teacher of the center Assgard (St. Petersburg), system designer (Zelinsky arrangement), Master of RI, Founder of the Iaru center.

Teaching experience - more than 10 years.
Graduates of the Center are successful coaches, leading copyright programs.

You make a DEPOSIT as a guarantee of success, which is returned to your disposal at the end of the course.

The size of the Deposit at registration in December will not be 400 but 90 USD. To enhance motivation, you can deposit a higher amount. The deposit is returned to you at the completion of all tasks on the course. Tasks will be realistic. For example, write 50 goals, draw a mandala, etc.
10 weeks - 10 modules. There will be different tasks for each model.
After each module, to move on, you must either complete the task or deposit 200 UAH / 20 ye if nothing has been done or 100 UAH / 10 ye if half the task has been completed.

This format will further motivate everyone
move on course and achieve results!
And you will be paired with a partner.

Achieving your goals is easier when surrounded by those who also want to make a breakthrough and achieve a new quality of their life.

Want to move on together?
Who is for, put a plus, register in the meeting, invite friends:

We wish you new ups and accomplishments next year! ;-)

Indicative program Course 1.

Runic escort
1. Ken. Fire. The energy of creativity. Resources and health.
Strengthening personal potential.

2. Isa. Ice. Clarity of consciousness.
Filter goals, people, events.
Cleaning, fixing and protection.
Isa as protection, fixation and
concentration of the directions of your life.

3. Fehu. Master. Creating a transformation space.
The inclusion in the runic egregore.
Connecting Brains - Algorithms
thinking and success from the runic egregore. Shaping space to realize your goals. Formation of a "space of success" for other people. Practice counseling and supporting others.

4. Urus. Bull. Starting a movement that cannot be stopped.
Adherence to development.
Development program. Launch goals.

5. Perth. Gift. A space of support and new features.

6. Teyvaz. Arrow. Accelerated achievement of goals.

7. Soul. Leadership and charisma.
Branding, respect and self-realization.

8. Gabe. Team building.

9. Hyeres. Resonance of pleasure.

10. Inguz. The beauty of fullness.

I will be glad to start opening new horizons with you!

Guys, I do not pretend that I give a truly correct tuning for runes. I use runic technologies as a tool for training the mind and special abilities of consciousness.

I hope you will be interested! And useful.

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