Holistic Ethno-Therapies Association

1. FREE TRIAL - Business Constellations

We are exploring the business as the system,
looking for the elements that stops growth of your business.

This session allows you to get the brief analysis your business,
its perspectives and trends.
After the session our clients usually start rapid development
of their business to achieve better results.

To request free session messege to t.me/andyhypnos
2. FREE TRIAL - Family Constellations
Shamanic reading.
Healing on the level of unconscious.
We could dig into the hidden reasons of your situation,
your potentials, love, health, money.
Sometimes we could add therapy approach.
This session is usually light and easy.
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3. FREE TRIAL - Dreams therapy & Hypno Therapy 
Dreams Alive therapy session - is a new and very effective method of personal transformation. Through symbols and visualizations you get in touch with your inner self, with the deep reasons of any situation in your life. Story by story you clear and reprogram your life to have more success, happiness, love and realization.
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4. FREE TRIAL - Energy Healing Class & Runic Reiki Initiation.

At the 1st level of RUNIC REIKI you get the next skills/spells:

1. Healing. The skills of treatment,
2. Intuition.  Opening abilities of your mind.
3. Protection. Ability to defend yourself and other people from outward aggression.
4. Life balancing. Situation Balancing.

Register now and get The Free Class, Book & Initiation
into RUNIC REIKI Level 1 Online. Time-limited offer.

To request free session messege to t.me/andyhypnos

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