Temple Therapies Association (TTA)

Deep Studying of Holistic Shamanic Technologies
and Spiritual Heritage of Humanity:
Magic of Egypt, Mysteries of Ancient Greece,
Vedic Heritage, Slavic Shamanism, Arabic Magic,
Chinese Taoism, Vikings Runes, Kabbalah & Tarot, Mayas & Aztecas Shamanism

Existential Temple Therapy & Coaching


COMMUNITY CLASSES from our students:


  • Certificate Programs of AATA Temple Therapies (Egypt, Greece, etc):
  • Bachelor of Holistic Health & Reiki Therapy
  • Magister of Holistic Health & Temple Therapies

COMMUNITY CLASS: Sun Meditations & Magic of the Planets.

This is the 7 days-Energy Support Program
in the Channels of Ancient Greek Gods & Planets

- Monday - Moon. Intuition. Purpose.
- Tuesday - Mars - Fire. Strength. Health. Protection. Activation.
- Wednesday - Mercury. Money and ideas.
- Thursday - Jupiter. Power. Protection. Confession.
- Fri - Venus - The power of sexuality.
- Sat - Saturn - Cleansing. Destruction of ties.
- Sunday - Sun - Energy Empowering.
The program is Donation based.  The detailed description is here.

To join the group online - click the telegram link here.

2. Reiki Healing Marathon - Tantra, Runic & Kundalini Reiki (Online).


The world consists of Energy Powers.
You can tune into these powers to heal and transform.
Reiki Systems makes it easier to feel and shares the Powers of the Universe

We will study the most comprehensive Reiki Systems, such as
- Kundalini Reiki,
- Osho Tantra Reiki and
- Yggdrasil Reiki. 

The program is Donation based. Read Details.
To join the group online click the telegram link here.
To request personal session messege to

3. Temple Mysteries & Family Constellations (Online & Zipolite)

Temple Constellations are based on archetypes.
We could dig into the hidden reasons for your situation,
your potential, love, health, and money.

You can join the group in Mexico (Zipolite) or request private sessions online.
We are holding 2 programs now:

1. Tantric Family Constellations (archetypes of love). Details here.
2. Temple Constellations & Mysteries program. Details here.

To request personal session messege to

4. Private sessions. Dreams Readings & Hypno Therapy (Online & Zipolite)
Dreams Alive therapy session - is a new and very effective method of personal transformation. Through symbols and visualizations, you get in touch with your inner self, with the deep reasons for any situation in your life. Story by story, you clear and reprogram your life to have more success, happiness, love, and realization.
Click here for more details.

5. Energy Healing Class & Runic Reiki Initiation.

At the 1st level of RUNIC REIKI you get the following skills/spells:

1. Healing. The skills of treatment,
2. Intuition.  Opening abilities of your mind.
3. Protection. Ability to defend yourself and other people from outward aggression.
4. Life balancing. Situation Balancing.

Register now and get The Free Class, Book & Initiation
into RUNIC REIKI Level 1 Online. Time-limited offer.




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