Yggdrasil Tree. Chakras and Worlds in the Scandinavian Tradition.

Tree Yggdrasil. Chakras and Worlds in the Scandinavian Tradition.
Scandinavian tradition of the Ancient Runes.

The Scandinavians did not have a chakra system. Even the Europeans did not initially have a system of chakras - they took over the Chakra tradition from the Indian Philosophy and changed the colors of the chakras in their own way, from the Newton color scheme. The classic Indian chakra system has different colors.

European magic was based on the legacy of the Mysteries of Egyptian Culture, Greek Planetary Magic, and the Kabbalistic concept of the Tree of Sephiroth.

Large-scale epic, traces of the northern magical tradition, they remained Scandinavian sagas.

The description of the universe of the ancient Vikings was presented with the form of the Great Tree of the World - the Tree Yggdrasil.

Which had several levels, the Upper - the level of the Gods and the Lower - the level of death and ancestors.

Level 1 - World Hel (corresponding to the level of Muladhara) - World of the Dead

2. level - World of Svartalheim (level of Svadhistana) - World of gnomes, masters, where accumulation and development of qualities are gained.

3. Level - Midgard World (Manipura-Anahata) - Central World. The world of people, power, influence)

Also here were still horizontal worlds - peak qualities

- World Muspelheim - the world of fire, poets, musicians, creativity and inextinguishable energy

- The world of Nifelheim - the world of ice and fog - the world of information, karmic threads and threads of fate, flowing from the past to the future

- The world of Jotunheim - a world of air, crazy ideas, creativity, science, fantasies and inventiveness

- The world of Vanheim - the world of the elements of life - the forces of nature, the huge powerful giants of the jotuns

4. Level - Alfheim (Vishudha-Ajna) - the world of elves - a space of brilliant ideas that will be realized in the future and the lower worlds.

5. The level of Asgard (Sahasrara) - the world of the Gods.

The format of the mysteries of Ascension through the Worlds in the Scandinavian tradition is expressed in the fact that the heroes or Gods descended into the world of Hel, the Lower World and then returned to the world of Asgard.

Meditation Ascension of Balder and his passage of the worlds of the Tree Yggdrasil.
Accordingly, it allows you to reveal your inner light and lead it up through your energy plans.
In some ways, this is similar to the Activation of Kundalini in Indian Tradition.

Targeted work with each specific World of the Tree Yggdrasil helps in correcting the following issues.


helps to remove the negative component of the genus,
helps to receive information, purpose from the kind
helps to cleanse spoilage, birth diseases (diabetes, alcoholism), karmic situations (inability to get married ..)
helps activate the subconscious.
helps develop vision, magical abilities,
helps to get info, communicate with perfumes,
helps to nullify any negative impact,

Enhances the Skill of Savings and Increasing Finance - Making and Using
Strengthens the skill to create Items of power - an ideal, long-term artifact, durable, strong, better than anyone (concentration, structure, awareness)

Helps to turn on and manifest in egregors - Go to the egregor of the city, find the egregor of the right people.


Helps in the study of languages ​​and materials - an understanding of the mentality of people, forms and algorithm of thinking
Helps in telepathy - read data, qualities of people, understand a person, read information about a person
/ structuring, management, data copying /

Creating an illusion is an illusion that encourages people to realize it, realize it, suggestion of an idea
Realization of fantasies - directs all processes of the worlds, dreams come true. - activates a fork in space so that the event is realized

Work with Items of the Power of the Gods - a double is created - and you can work with artifacts on the astral plane
Activation of the Totem of the Gods - information, nourishment, protection - from the totem, egregor consciousness, god awareness and materialization.
More work and study of the Worlds of the Tree Yggdrasil is carried out at the 7th step of Reiki Yggdrasil.

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