School Program Plan


This is the educational program, that provides you with practical skill of how to held archetypical sessions with clients.

This system stays on the interconnection of methods:

- system family constellations
- classical hypnotherapy
- visual psychotherapy (symboldrama)
- archetypal studies
- ancient mysteries and rituals.

How do Archetypal therapy looks like?

1. Any problem the client is facing we study through the archetypal system constellation model.

We open up the constellation of the archetype, read where is the key difficulty, its reason and healing the situation.

The basic educational program keep several modules:

#1. System constellations modeling
- this module is important for you to start bette r reading the situation of your client.

#2. Archetypical constellations
- we study models of making personal constellations online through the energies of the archetypes.

#3. Visual constellations
- we are studying methods of helding constellations wuthin the images in the clients mind. We study principles of visual therapy.

#4. Archetypical hypnotherapy.
- we study the techniques of how to deal with deep complicated issues in clients constellations through hypnotherapy tools, revealing inner resources.

#5. Archetypal Rituals
- we study of how to conduct temple archetypal rituals within the system constellation field. We study basic rituals that empowers your work. And you are trained to conduct your own rituals.

That is the advanced transformational program that includes bith
- mastering professional skills
- real practice with partners and clients
- personal supervision

Plus therapeutic work on your specific issues and desires.

Each module is 2.5 mothes long, includes
- 9 classes with theory and exam
- 9 classes of your practice as the theraupeut
- 9 classes of your personal therapy as the client.

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