AATA Temple Reiki of Dionysus.
(Temple Initiations)

NOTE: In Ancient Greece, initiation into any Channel was considered as a Mystery and passed through several levels of Initiations.

We have previously done a tutorial on exploring the Channel of Dionysus.

I offer you a description of the system of Initiations in the Channel.


1 step
Basic inclusion in the Channel and in the Greek
tradition. Here we begin to awaken within the energies of the Force of life and pleasure.

2 step
At this stage, sparks of fire begin to warm up. Pleasure becomes more sensual
the emotional flow is more vivid.
A sense of courage and ecstasy begins to appear.

3rd step
On the 3rd step of Dionysus you are picked up by a channel, the Force starts to carry you in a wave.
You feel support, support, the power of nature that carries you and you are saturated with this flow and fill all the space around.


4 step
This stage is about the brightness of life, flourishing.
As flowers flare up on a bright day and tend to the sun, so your energy begins to be filled with a solar glow, strength, fullness.
The facets and overflows of your energy sparkle.
I want to look at you, try to explore your taste, and you begin to explore and enjoy the play of colors, tastes, the world around us, communication, people around.

5 step
At the 5th step, you begin to cover the entire space, forming networks of connections, strength, fullness.
Delicious succulent plants, fruits are woven into a single pattern, forming a blooming garden - where strength, beauty, pleasure, fullness and happiness become maximally manifested.

6 step
In this beauty and fullness, an axis begins to form, the most beautiful center of the garden. The most beautiful flower of feelings blooms in the center. Refined, strong, careful and gentle. A feeling of careful admiration and admiration arises towards him.


7 step
At this stage, you have already reached your inner flowering and begin to feel the overall harmony of the garden,
you sow the seeds. Here comes a feeling of prosperity, luxury, maturity, saturation, wealth. You are ready to share easily, radiating the best melodies around, sowing new arable land with aromas. Planting seeds.

8 step
Time comes and pleasure begins to arise not only from the brightness of colors, but from their harmonious complexity, hidden behind this is the idea of general harmony. A special buzz begins to deliver the frequency of changing flowers and plants, its own order and accounting. stages of maturity. Rhythms of blossoming. All this preserves the special wisdom of life and the beauty of expediency.

9 step
Any garden is a manifestation of a larger plan. Any garden, flower is a part of the overall picture of a large inflorescence.
You begin to feel all this beauty of the world, in its heyday and withering, as the breath of a common large organism, of which you are a part. The state of inner peace, harmony, admiring the play of colors and the life of different layers and facets of this reality.

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System Tunings.

1st step:
Basic inclusion in the Channel and in the Greek

2d step:
- A bowl of Wine - blocks, complexes begin to melt, you feel the flow of life, an ecstatic feeling of merging, connecting with others
- Maenads - sophistication of pleasure, ecstasy to share, receive and give pleasure, relaxation, sexuality.
- Satyrs - fire of desires, brightness, passion, attraction, courage, activation.

3rd step:
- Panther - The inexorable force of vitality, carrying you forward, to fill new facets and open spaces.
- Goat - personal confidence, stability, support in carrying your idea, your business forward.

4 step:
- Grapes - saturation, abundance, fullness, prosperity.
- Bump - fills with sparks of energy and life, gives a message to move towards the goal.

5 step:
- Ivy - connection, tightening, strengthening, unification, compaction, preservation

6 step:
- Ampelos - tender friendly love, support.
- Ariadne - light tender sublime love,
- Thyrsus (staff) - axis, confidence, strength, solvency

7 step
- Lyra - melodiousness, smoothness, sublimity, rest, veiling distances
- Avlos - disclosure of purpose, strengthening, activation.
- Cymbals - protection.
- Tympanum - removal of obstacles and barriers.

8 step:
- Teacher - wisdom, strategic, cunning, enthusiasm.

9 step:
- Semele - the nourishing power of nature, unconditional support, acceptance, protection.

They give a special feeling of fullness, sexuality, ecstasy, happiness that many people want to feel.
And at the same time they give a sense of the wisdom of life.

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