5. Level Up - Temple Coaching & Archetypical Rituals

Shamanic (Archetypical) couching - is the type of individual couching session.

The pecularities of Shamanic (Archetypical) coaching:

  1. It is based on the method of System modeling / family constellations - that allows to see clearly the REASON of your situation. And see you on the GENERAL level (outside of the box).
  2. We clarify not just the dynamics and situation but can check what are the thoughts statements that happens in your mind and limit your success and results.
  3. We use the Karl Gustav Yung archetypes models that enrich you with extra resources to achieve your goals.

Archetypical couching shows up the opportunities and limitations of any your life or business idea. You can get the one year marketing plan within one hour.

Do you have any request, problem? A question that cannot be resolved? The goal you want to achieve?

If the task is not solved for a long time, an outside view is needed.

I offer my help!

When is archetypal coaching needed?
1. When the task is not easy and you need a look from the side.
2. When conventional methods are not effective enough.
3. When you need to search and connect additional resources.
4. When you want to speed up the implementation of tasks
5. When you need to make a transformation (in business, health and personal affairs).

Who does not fit transformational coaching:
- For anyone, he wants a miracle but he’s not ready to change.

Who needs transformational coaching:
1. If you are faced with a choice.
2. If you need to simulate the development of the current situation and various alternatives.
3. If you are in a stupor situation, you cannot understand why this happened.
4. If you want to understand the cause of the situation (symptom, relationship, money, etc.) and find ways to change.
5. If you want to track down weaknesses in the business and develop a strategy to increase its effectiveness.
6. If you want to analyze your personal points of limitations and draw up a program of personal development and transformation.
7. If you want to gain additional resources for personal growth and achieving your goals!

How will it go?
- Online, anywhere in the world.
1. We examine the essence of your situation through the system of skype.
2. We determine the meaning of why you are in such a situation and changes are possible.
3. We draw up a program of action.
4. In the coaching format we accompany the changes.
5. We strengthen the result and progress through archetypal ritual technologies.


Alexander Yatsun:
Thank you Andrew for the business consultation! I clarified many of the "pitfalls" in my activity. What is cool is not just business consultation, but, precisely, using magical technologies that make it clear what is in our subconscious and bring it to the level of consciousness and even eventuality. I pleasantly surprised.
I advise you all, you will be pleasantly surprised !!!

Olga Bachila:
Andrey, I express my sincere gratitude to you for the arrangement session for me and my nascent work of life! :)
You felt and very delicately conveyed very subtle moments that were hidden from me earlier. This helped me to think and pay attention to the study of those things that, seemingly in no way could have an impact on the current course of affairs. However, as it turned out, they could very well.
Because now, after the arrangement and after a small ritual with the family, I feel much freer, and, therefore, transmit it to the World and the World answers me.
We did energy work with you on Friday, and on Sunday I got a few more clients))
Thank you, valuable man!
I wish you much success! ❤️❤️❤️


After the session I felt like a certain stream was turned on!
I immediately got the new clients and lots of thing stared happening around me in my life!

- Who and why me is a good option for you?

Andrey Litvinov.

- Founder of the school of archetypal coaching,
- Psychologist,
- Instructor of Family constellation method/system designer,
- Master Yggdrasil,
- Instructor of parapsychology of the St. Petersburg school of Assgard.

For more than 10 years he has been teaching and solving human needs through systemic constellations, body therapy and archetypal technologies.

The average course of 4 sessions of Archetypical coaching looks like:

  1. Session 1: System modeling. Clarification what are the weak and strengthes of your sitiuation and what can be done to upgrade it
  2. Session 2: Couching. Looking for the ways and opportunities to changesituation.
  3. Session 3: System modeling. Checking the obstacles on the way and looking for solutions.
  4. Session 4: Power up. Looking for extra resources to burst up your project.

One archetypical coaching session per week.

COSTS: Average cost: 70 USD/ hour.
However it is possible to pay any price that you feel comfortable to you.

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