FAQ 2. Techniques to access the Mental computers of Ancient Civilizations.

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 Activating the subconscious mind has been the focus of many trainers in the field of personal development through meditation, affirmation and visualization.  
I am curious to know if you have other practical techniques that allows access to the mental computers and old civilizations technologies. Can you share more information in this regard?  


That’s a good question. To answer it is necessary to clarify the three issues:
1) First: What are the “mental computers” of past civilizations.
2) Second: What are the main technologies of activating the subconsciousness and mind potentials.
3) What are the skills available to get access to these computers and technologies.

We have published a hundreds of articles on these questions. But I would try my best now to make the brief overview of it.

PART 1. Technologies of the Past Civilizations.

During the last century the intensive investigations of human paranormal abilities, artifacts and technologies of past civilizations were held by secret service of Russian and American government.
During the last 20 years the Russian research group got a break through in these issues.

The research laboratories were preparing the group of mediums to start investigating the artifacts of past civilizations.  For example Scandinavian runic magic, Kabbalah, Tarot, Egyptian Magic, Toltecs, Shamanizm etc. The aim was:
1) to investigate the codes how to activate these technologies,
2) to check its potential and effectiveness,
3) to path through them to the technologies of the civilizations that were operating them.

Much efforts were made to activate the subconscious skills and memories of the team that were trying to operate it. That’s how the completely new understanding of the technologies of the past appeared.

For example,

a)     Kabbalah. Tree of Life, Tarot.

Yes, Tarot Cards are used for forecasting.
But It is not well known fact, that tarot cards are the codes, portals to the Planetary System, Planet Mental Computer. Tree of Life in Kabbalah explains how does this system function.
It needs to be mentioned that having the Keys to the Planetary system its allowed not just forecast, but to get extra energy to enhance your mind, heal, activate or deactivate any individual, company or even a country.

Kabbalah the Tree of Life was the special Mental system, installed by the previous civilizations to speed up and balance human evolution on the Planet Earth. But if you can get access to this technology, you can use its powers for your benefits.

20 years ago the Russian research Group figured out  the Keys, special Codes to Planet Mind Computer. And for 20 years they studied the possibilities of practical use it and  implementation.

b)     Scandinavian Runes. The Tree of Life (Iggdrasil).

Runic symbols are also codes to another mental computer to activate Planet energy flows of certain qualities. This extra energy flows can be used to activate your mind, unconscious, relax your body, kill diseases, activate goals, stimulate negotiations,  sales etc.

This runic magic was also based on the mind technologies and investigations of highly developed past civilization. This mental computer systems existed thousand years ago. Its half broken.  But it still works. It is possible to study and to train your skills how to work with these computers to enhance your mind abilities and activate it for increasing your life and business efficiency.

The Russian research group was studied ancient artifact and was developing methodologies of how to train mediums to be able to use these technologies for their own benefits and corporate goals.
This technologies still being kept in the secret halfly became available to the people interested in it.

PART 2. Technologies of Mind Enhancement and Subconscious Activation.

Another Research team was focusing on investigating and recovering the mind enhancement technologies of past civilizations.

Among them among one of the most famous was the Ritual of Initiation through Death.

It was widely represented in Egyptian Civilizations when at the edge of Death, maximum stress the participant was to open up his mind potentials and it follows to merging his conscious and subconscious experience, followed by the dramatically enrichment of his personality.

Similar but slightly different rituals were performed in shamanic cultures, where boys are to meet stress obstacles to open up their subconscious potentials to become men. Similar rituals were held in the Cultures of Tibet, American Toltec cultures and other.

Another technology was the Meeting of the personal Death, that were used in Masonic culture, Tibet magic etc.

The Russian group of scientists were studying what were the main factors that influence these rituals and what can be done to dramatically increase the mind potential of the personality and provide mental enhancement.

After the 20 years of research the certain group of technologies appeared, that can be done to effect participants to release subconscious wisdom and potentials. Some technologies require full personal presence. Other technologies are available to perform distantly, while focusing by the group of mediums on the mind and subconscious parts of the participant to release its blocks and bareers.

It may be done to the people, just need to ask. 

magic studyPART 3. What are the skills available to get access to these computers and technologies.

For more than 20 years the special Heritage Institute exists to help people to train these skills.

First educational programs was based on developing intuition, extra-perception, extrasensory skills. This training programs were conducted for the leaders of the Soviet Union to increase their popularity, charisma, leadership skills. Also it was used to train secret service agents in Soviet Union.

 After the crush of the Soviet Union some of these technologies became open to public.
And soon this program was enhanced by the technologies of the past civilization, such as sephirotic magic (kabbalah tree of life), Scandinavian runic magic and others.

It need to be clarify, that Runic Magic was studying 100 years ago by Hytlers Germany, Kabbalah Magic was studied in Egyption civilization thousands years ago, but the Recent Russian research made it possible to get to the root of these technologies and use it not only for the meditation puproses, but as the real practical tool for applied purposes.  For healing and business issues.

For 20 years thousands of people got education in the field of parapsychology in Russian speaking countries. The usual educational process takes usually up to 5 years of practical seminars.

The education is based on understanding the keys, codes how to use Taror, Runes symbols, how to train personal energy and the practical skills of healing, battle magic, speeding up business aims etc.

The described new dimension of opening human subconscious potentials  appeared recently and is developing very rapidly nowadays in Russian speaking countries,  as the huge number of people are getting more and more involved in it. This is the big trend nowadays in Russia.

Unfortunately this information is completely closed and unfamiliar to English speaking people.

For now.

To get the access to this Mental computer you may try to start using Tarot Cards, meditate on them and try to feel the response of the Planet Earth Mental Computer. But it need to say that it may be pretty difficult if you dont have the right codes how to do it. 

magic studyPART 4. Opportunities.

But there is one more way.  As I had mentioned already, the usual educational process takes up to 5 years. One seminar every week. And to speed up the educational process, the special technology appeared  10 years ago. It is called Ri Reiki.

Ri Reiki is based on, use the power of special Runic Mental computer. Also it integrate inside the Classical Usui Reiki Stream (to make the runic stream softer). Also Ri Reiki system helds the tunes to the main traditions (Egyptian, Chinese, Shamanic cultures, Kabbalah magic etc).

Ri Reiki system is 10 times more powerful and effective than the classical Reiki System.
Ri Reiki makes it possible to acquire knowledge of parapsychology of the Heritage institute more easily.  It gives you the powerful instruments at once, so you don’t need to study it for 5 years. The educational process usually lasts up to 2 years.


The access to the mental computers of past civilization – it is the certain skill.
It requires to posess extrasensual abilities and know certain codes how to do it.

Developing of extrasensual abilities – it is the skill that can be trained. Codes can be studied.

Education of these disciplines may takes from 5 weeks to 5 years, depends on how deeply trained you wanna be.

The easiest  way to start this education, the personal development is to start from the RI REIKI system.
Ri Reiki helps do develop extrasensual skills, to heal and harmonize personality with the Universe and to study ancient magic technologies of past civilizations that can unlock the subconshious and increase life efficiency and harmony. RI REIKI education can be done online or offline in your city.  

If you are interested in mental enhancement there are some options:

Number 1: Study, train yourself how to deal with these mental computers.
This is very interesting but pretty professional, time-consuming and comprehensive skill.

Number 2:Upgrade yourself.
You can look for the rituals, services that provide the people that are already operating with these mind computers. For example, stresses and fobias release, mental enhancement, healing, increasing charisma, popularity etc.

I hope the introduction is understandable.

Please, send me a message if you would like to get more information about

  • Pra-history and technologies of the past civilizations
  • Kabbalah Tree, Runic magic technologies
  • RI REIKI program and education process
  • Ancient rituals and mind upgrade technologies in past civilizations
  • Chariisma, love and popularity technologies
  • Mental enhancement techologies
  • Health enhancement technologies
  • Other

I would be happy to share more information with you on any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and interest!

If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you for your interest in these topics.

Sincerely, Andy Argonius
American Group Project Coordinator
Academy of Holistic Therapies
World Heritage Institute.


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