3.4. Is the Earth controlled by any highly developed civilizations?

3.4. Is the Earth controlled by any highly developed civilizations?

QUESTION: Is the Earth controlled by any highly developed civilizations?

ANSWER: We can imagine Somalia. Is it somehow controlled? Yes, but very weakly.

In this question there are 2 points, on the one hand it is the control of highly developed civilizations; and on the other hand, these are the Higher Plans, the Deities.

1)     If we talk about Civilizations, the Earth is located in a zone that is far from highly developed civilizations and is poorly viewed by their various monitoring stations. This is due to powerful energy objects, such as Stars, which overlap the signals.

Because what happens in the area is poorly tracked. Roughly speaking, on a 5-point scale, this is 1.

Accordingly, there are many different smugglers, pirates in our zone. This, roughly speaking, is the zone of lawlessness (weakly manifested laws), from the point of view of pirates.

The land is a bit like Somalia. No one controls what happens here. Somalia’s control level is close to zero. At Earth, the level of control is about one, close to Somalia level. Therefore, no one acts openly here, but slightly hiding.

At the moment, all external relations with some civilized level are mainly controlled by pirates and smugglers.

2) On the other hand there is the control of the Deities. Over the past 10,000 years, the gods with a dark past have come to the Deity level, because the level of control here is 2 units. Also extremely weak.

3) But in addition there are still systems for controlling karmic machines. Karmic machines give out blows to those who violate karmic laws.

Now on Earth there is a balance of dark and light forces.

Half of the countries on Earth are led by representatives of light and half by dark.



QUESTION: Why is there no widespread consecration of contacts with aliens?

ANSWER: Aliens who arrive on Earth may be interested in something (resources, technology, etc.) - to get something, to sell something, to change something. And usually any such missions are not interested in wide press coverage.

Similarly, those who are in contact with aliens are also categorically not interested in covering this issue.

Example: You are the owner of a mine that mines diamonds. Aliens have arrived and say that they need these diamonds - and they are ready to share with some technologies and resources that are in their civilization. What happens if this story gets into the wide press? A lot of people will come who will walk with posters “We will not give the alien invaders our resources”, some government will come, which will withdraw all the resources that were left for the exchange. The owner wants to get the maximum benefit. None of the parties are interested in discovering secrets.

- But there are those who leave the drawings in the fields?

- Usually, those who leave huge resources are not engaged in specific tasks here.

Cosmos is inhabited by many living beings. Which somehow come into contact with earthlings. Some may perform a humanitarian mission if there is a threat on Earth. This is similar to the presence of representatives of different states in Africa. They support something, they protect something, they control something.

Some are present here with a trade mission - to benefit from some resources. Some are present with a tourist mission: fly, gawk and fly back. Some are engaged in archeology, geology.

All of them appear with different frequencies, but almost all of them are not interested in publicity, because this may interfere with their tasks.

- And what if the aliens are interested in trade?

- Is Columbus interested in trading with the natives? Of course. Natives are very interested. And everyone is trying to become a general distributor. To get some beads from Columbus and sell them at three expensively in the domestic market. And Columbus is interested to sell beads and buy gold and precious stones that are of high value in the foreign market. For Columbus and the Natives, this is all a threat to life and health, but it promises high profits.

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