Runic Reiki. Detailed Overview.


Master of Science in Etnopsychology and Holistic Health.

RI REIKI has 5 Semesters and more than 25 levels of initiations.
 and combines the Wisdom of Ancient Civilizations: Scandinavian Runic Magic, Egyptian Magic, Indiand Tradition, Shamanism and others. 

RI REIKI was based on the russian investigations in the field of Mental Enhancement. 
Tthis system was hidden  for English-speaking world for 20 years. 
Now you can get the chance to study the RUNIC REIKI. Use your chance now!

Semester 1. Helps to develop basic skills of healing and developing extrasensual abilities.

After the Semester 1 - you will get the Certificate of the Master of RUNIC RI REIKI 
and will be able to perform RUNIC RI REIKI THERAPY.




What is RI Reiki? The hieroglyph “Rei” has got many meanings in the Japanese language but the most wide-spread of them are the Universe, the God, the Absolute.

The conception “Dao” which is more familiar to us from the Oriental culture and philosophy is very close to the conception “Rei”.”Dao” means divine light, supreme law and order, so-called Model.

The hieroglyph “Ki” means vital energy, vital strength, breath of life, so the most common translation of the word “Reiki”is “universal energy of life.”

The idea is very simple: the Universe is full of energy, Reiki energy, and this energy can be used for simple and safe methods of work with body and mental problems. The method is really absolutely safe. While using this method you can’t do any harm to your organism because your organism takes as much healing energy as it needs at the moment. If something harts, the organism directs the energy to the very place where the energy is necessary at the moment.

“In sprite of extrasensory treatment which needs special extrasensory abilities of a healer, the Reiki energy can be used by any person, a person included in the Reiki system becomes a channel conducting this vital energy, he doesn’t lose his own energy. On the contrary, this person becomes stronger and more energetic. Reiki is also one of the oldest healing systems which treats with help of putting hands on, it has been famous for many thousands years and it has been used by many peoples. People mastering this method are considered to be the God’s personification. These holy old men were Known both in Japan and China. They were treated as Saints in Russia.

Later this system was forgotten and its revival began at the end of the 19th century – at the beginning of the 20th century. The old Reiki healing system was revived by Micao Usui in 1922, and he called this system “Usui Reiki Rioho Gakkai Healing Reiki System Usui Society.” This society exists in Japan nowadays. First only Japanese people were taken to this school but later it spread all over the world because this method was created as anonymous one – Micao Usui was not its author, he received this method by means of long meditations in the temples of the sacred mountain Kurama.

Nowadays thousands of people all over the world practice Reiki and millions of people are sure that they had recovered thanks to Reiki. Having called his doctrine “Usui Reiki Rioho”, Micao Usui pointed out that he practiced the aspect of Reiki energy which was revealed only to him.

The doctrine is passed on from a Master to a disciple according to the tradition during initiation that is every time a Reiki Master (first it was Micao Usui) passes on a possibility of operating Reiki energy to his disciples by opening a channel. Having achieved certain level, a Reiki Master can change the doctrine according to his own world outlook, working out his own methods and skills in operating system. As a result, a new unique practice with new energetic characteristics can appear. After Mikao Usui’s death one of his disciples, a doctor, added more medical aspects to the Reiki system and changed it .It was Chudziro Hayasi. He founded his own hospital in New York, he founded a society of Reiki followers and called it “Usui Shiho Rioho”. He also developed special hands ‘positions convenient for the hospital where several healers usually worked with the same patient at the same time.

Nowadays, there are many other practices besides Usui Reiki Rioho which use the Reiki energy. All of them were created by Reiki Masters. Such doctrines as Tantra Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Reiki Yggdrasil’ are well-known. The Reiki Yggdrasil’ system was developed by Nikolay Zhuravlev who has been doing practices which help people to get to know and change themselves and the world around them. He has already been practicing it for more than 20 years. Why did Nicolay Zhuravlev connect Reiki with Yggdrasil’ conception in his unique system?

Yggdrasil’ is world tree of German-Scandinavian mythology. It is a huge evergreen ash-tree or a yew-tree saturated with sacred honey. This tree connects 9 worlds, and the people’s fate is written on its leaves. The ancient Scandinavian people imagined the reality as this tree.

Yggdrasil’ is a classical Axis Mundi, Axis of the World connecting Heavens and Ground or the Underground world, the world of people and the world of gods. This Axis Mundi

Is a space bridge or a road between all worlds. Yggdrasil’ is literally translated as “lgg’s horse”. Igg was one of Odin’s names, it meant “Terrible.” This name also hints that Odin spent 9 days and nights hanging nailed to the ash- tree with spear for getting sacred Knowledge(in the North gallows were called “The hanged man’s horse”. This name also hints that one can travel from one world to other with help of the Tree. Every day the Council of Gods gathered under the sacred Tree because three roots of Yggdrasil’ were going into 3 worlds: the world of people – Midgard, the world of icy giants- Yotunheim, and the world of the deceased and fog – Nifelheim.

At the foot, near every root, there were 3 springs: a spring of fate, a spring of wisdom and a spring of all rivers of the Earth. Odin sacrificed his right eye in order to have a chance to drink from this spring, and he found an unlimited wisdom. Odin wrote the runes with his own blood on the Yggdrasil’ bark, so the world received the runes. The term “runes” origins to the ancient German root “ru” or the gott’s root “runa” which can be translated as “mystery” or “mysterious whisper”.

Runes were used in the ancient world not only for simple but also for some mystical ceremonies and fortune-telling. Nowadays people also gain Power, Knowledge and Health.

The concept “Rei” can be represented as a Tree. The reality looks like branches of the trees, and “Ki” energy is invigorating juice inside of the tree feeding all the tree from to leaves. “Rei” also symbolizes human’s spirit, his wisdom, his ability to realize and develop. This part of human is immortal. “Ki” is power, health and vital potential. The Reiki system helps people to achieve harmony of all inner spheres, harmony of spirit and body, the relationship with, the world, and all the person’s surrounding becomes. What can be more harmonious that tree? Especially if it is the World Tree!

According to a legend, the first couple was created by animation of two trunks which were found at the seaside. The first man was created from ash-tree branch, so he was named Ask, that means “Ash-tree”.

The first woman’s name was Ambla, that literally means “willow” (according to other source, it means “alder” or “elm”). The idea of human’s origin from trees was widely spread all over the ancient Europe. Tree of life is the Universe where the God lives. A human himself is a miniature Tree of life. A human gets back his lost immortality by connecting with the Tree. All negative deeds, reactions and emotions take a person away from his ideal state. The Reiki energy stream takes a person back to the God through the Yggdrasil’ Tree.

Conducting the runes’ energy through himself, a person makes his life conscious, he controls his life, he realizes what happens, so, he develops faster. Having joined and remade two ancient doctrines about invigorating the Reiki energy and about the Scandinavian Idrasil’Tree power, Nikolay Zhuravlev created his own unique system of world outlook and he called it “Reiki Yggdrasil’”.

Tuning to general stream of runes, a person begins gradually to feel energy fills in all his body and his consciousness, making the ideal conditions for his self realization in a modern society. This energy gives him an ability to make the surrounding world better. The “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system takes into consideration all aspects of life-health, relationship, work, money, experience and Knowledge of previous lives and many other aspects.

The “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system, in sprite of its depth, is available for any person. Not only the God Odin can drink wisdom from the Mimir spring, but any common man. The system is easy to understand, and any person can master it making minimum effort.

Gradually a person realizes all power of the Reiki Yggdrasil’ stream (later on – “Stream”), he realizes that the Yggdrasil’ Tree’s structure is a structure of the Universe’s space consciousness (so, the Stream is a part of this structure, and the Tree itself is a part of the Stream). Having realized it, a person can go upstairs, step by step, mastering the levels of the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system.

The FIRST LEVEL of the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system

When you get Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings of certain level you also get initiation into Reiki Yggdrasil’. The procedure of initiation must be held by the Master. You should sit straight, with hands palms up, you should relax maximum and say to yourself: “I am getting the Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings, level (from 1 to 5, depends upon the level you receiving) And them you should say the Master’s name.

The Knowledge that can’t be from the book or can’t be passed with the words is given by means of initiation. The Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings are given only from the Master to a

disciple, from one person to another. You should remember that in getting the tuning not only the ritual

important but also the Master’s condition, his level of life comprehends and his potential of energy. So, the strength of the stream you Master’s level. 

For calling the Stream you should only mentally say the word “Yggdrasil’”.

All people have different perception and different sensitiveness. Somebody can be joined any stream immediately and can feel the Stream but some other people can get the energy of the Stream like some images. Some people want to know what happens to them, and that’s enough for them. There is no use of orientation only at your sensations because your profound structures are being touched at the moment.

When we say the word “Yggdrasil’”, our consciousness joins the Reiki Yggdrasil’ Stream. Then the tuning on the specific aspect of the Stream of energy begins. Gradually, when you gain experience, you can easily understand if you are joined the Stream or not.

1) The tuning “Treatment”. (Healing)

For getting the first tuning you should mentally say the word “Yggdrasil’” and them the name tuning – “Treatment”. This tuning provides the complex treatment of physical,

psychoemotional and energetic levels of human .We tune on” Reiki Yggdrasil’”. The consciousness switches into the system for fixing the Stream at the specific person. You can put your hands on his shoulders or his head. If it is impossible, in case of distance treatment, you should imagine this person on your palm or you can write his name on your palm with your finger, just for fixing. We don’t let the Stream pass through us but we join the person the

Stream and our patient in Reiki Yggdrasil’.

The Reiki Yggdrasil’ system is based on the runes’ energy. Working with this energy, we set in motion all organisms all organs, and the treatment goes according the scheme this specific person needs. Using this treatment, we treat not the concrete organs but the person whole. The person gets a structure if we treat ourselves, we should say the name of the tuning – “Treatment”, tune on our body and watch where the energy goes to without preventing from flowing. When you treat other person, you tune on the Stream, on the tuning despite of let the energy of the Stream pass through. It means that if you have some diseases, you can be recovered too. Sometimes recovering

goes through exacerbation, and it is not dangerous. When you tune on “Treatment,” you can’t catch an illness from your patient.

It is not recommended to use the tuning “Treatment” more than once a day if you treat yourself. You can treat other people with this tuning more often. Gradually, when gaining experience, you will learn to know how of ten you should treat the concrete patient –once a day, once a week or even once a month in some cases you should treat with the tuning “Treatment” once a week-it’s enough or you can make harm to body. The task is not to feel something special while tuning but the task is to train your skills, during your practice, in the concrete situations, you will realize that it works. You should understand that the most important thing in the tuning “Treatment” is the final result, that is, your patient’s health.

2) The tuning “Intuition.”

Intuition is an ability to understand a situation without reasoning and logical analysis, to make right decisions immediately and answer any question. It is an ability to comprehend the directly without preliminary logical reasoning and proves. Using this tuning, you begin to scan your past and your future. Thanks to it the skill of reaction to external signals switches on. Psychology often considers intuition to be one of the main functions of personality. Intuition determines a person’s attitude to himself and to the external world, it determines the way of making the essential decisions. Intuition is one of the most necessary skills. It saves time and makes life easier; it helps to make right choice in everything-from trifles to global situations. If you know before hand which decision is the best one, you can always choose the most suitable version of events’ development.

The tuning “Intuition” helps to achieve results in a very short time with minimum expenditure. You will learn to understand which way is the best for you and other people-for example, which is the best way of

treating or defence. You should practice this tuning as often as possible for catching feeling of internal knowledge of what you should do and when you should do it. You should practice every day and use your knowledge in practice. You should make your six sense reflex and switch on this tuning and use it not only at school lecture- room under the Master’s guidance but everywhere and every day.

For switching on the tuning you should say “Yggdrasil’” and the name of the tuning “Intuition.”

Even if you first don’t feel anything special, you will gradually learn to define various situations. The model of the best behaviour will be switched on by intuition.

When you gain experience, the tuning will switch on automatically when you need to make some important decision immediately.

3) The tuning “Defence”

There is no need to explain anybody in the contemporary world what we need this tuning for. It is not only defence from the negative influence but also concentrating of physical body.

Every day, going out and communicating with crowds of people, you have to concentrate your physical body or cocoon, maximum. This tuning makes the projection of the Yggdrasil’ Tree on human’s body and treats it. Nearly half of all diseases are dents in an energetic body. Using the tuning “Defence”, a person becomes structured and his energetic Cocoon becomes even. Don’t forget to switch on this tuning every time when you are in crowded places. Every time when you have to communicate with a person who you don’t want to communicate with, you should use the tuning “Defence”. You should remember this essential tuning meeting a person who can influence on you negatively. 

When using this tuning, you can’t make harm to anybody because this tuning doesn’t have any fighting aspects. It only mildly reflects the negative influence which you are exposed to. A person can make himself much more harm if drawn into negative situation.

For switching the tuning on you should say “Yggdrasil’” and then you should say “Defence”.

After a while, you will be able to switch on the tuning “Defence” in dangerous situations automatically. You can switch on this tuning for your relatives and defend them. First the effect of tuning lasts for a little time but when you gain experience you will be able to fix it for a long time. It is recommended to use this tuning as often as possible.

4) The tuning “Work on situation”

Would you like your situations of life and your plans realize in the best way? Sure. But it doesn’t happen in itself. The tuning “Work on situation” is for such situations. Using this tuning, you will always get the best version of situation’s development. You should only tune on your problem will be solved in the best way. You should be ready that you can get what you want in other way or you will not get in at all. The

Stream chooses what is really good and useful for you, what can help you to achieve the ideal result which you would never get if you act by yourself. The space energy itself will lead you the right way.

For switching on this tuning you should say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Work on situation”, and them try to tune on necessary situation or business.

Using this tuning, you don’t need to concentrate on particular situation, you can tune on yourself and the day in whole. 

In this case your day will be more quiet, harmonious. Remember that all the Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings are compatible. For example, you can combine “Work on situation” with “Treatment” .Such combination gives you an opportunity to treat not all body but specific organ or disease. For example, say “Work on situation. Treatment of liver “or “Work on situation. Treatment of running nose.”

When you treat using “Work on situation” tuning, you influence the situations which caused i.e. Initial causes in the result, the influence of the Stream is more effective than in case of using only ”Treatment” tuning. Using the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system, you use not your own energy but you conduct the Stream through you. But you should take into consideration that you spend some part of your energy on supporting this Stream. So you need to spend more energy if you treat with help of “Work on situation” than on treatment without using this tuning.

It is recommended to use the tuning “Work on situation” as often as possible. Doing it, you will get the necessary skill very soon, and difficult situations which considered to be insoluble will go away, and your life will be more harmonious and more sensible.

The second level of the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system.

1) The tuning «Charge of object»

You need the tuning “Charge of object” if you want to make an object containing the treats of the “Reiki Yggdrasil’” Stream, you can charge the object with the general Stream or with energy of the specifictuning. Such object will activate the necessary tuning automatically and you will not need to fix your attention at the Stream all time. For charging the object you should take it in your hands. If the object is very big, you should put your palms on it. You can charge any thing.

For switching on the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and them “Charge of Object”, you can also add the name of the tuning, if you want to charge the object additionally. Then concentrate on the object which you charge.

Remember that in sprite of other practices on Reiki Yggdrasil’ the Stream is activated inside of object, in its inner energetic structure. So you should try to concentrate your attention inside of the object which is being charged but not on its surface. You can even charge food. Situation with charged food comes sooner than with usual food, and the charged products make better for organism. 

2) The tuning “activating of money stream”

Our life turns round money even if we don’t recognize it. The importance and power of money is indisputable. But, unfortunately, our wealth depends not only on our hard work. May be you noticed that some people have no good luck for money. They work hard but they can’t deduct money. Their bad luck

in financial sphere is caused with negative informative programmers in their system of energy which prevent them from taking and keeping money streams. The tuning “activation of money stream” takes these programmers away, it takes the inner limitations away and begins to attract money from various sources. This tuning will help you to make good relationship with money.

You will get a chance to influence on your financial state.

For activation this tuning you should say “Yggdrasil’” and “Activation of money stream.” 

This tuning helps to increase your energy and to make your energetic body structured, and you will be able not only to get money but keep it. You can combine the tuning “activation of money stream” with the tuning “Charge of object” and you can charge your wallet or any other object. Using the tuning “Activating of money stream”, you will notice that your well-being has considerably increased.

3) The tuning “Clearance of people, clearance of lodgings”

During his life a person is influenced by other people. This influence is often negative and can be not deliberate. For example, somebody was envious of you or swore at you in a fit of temper. It doesn’t matter if it was said to oneself or aloud. Such thoughts or works most of negative layers on an energetic body of a person and as a result various deformations which look like dents and breaches are formed. The typical signs of such influence are weakness, tiredness, laziness and often insomnia. A person is constantly ill.

If measures are not taken in time and if an aura is not cleared from the negative structures, these structures can make irreparable harm. For activating this tuning you should write with your finger on your palm the name of the person who needs clearance or imagine your person on your palm. If you clear yourself, concentrate on your body. Say “Yggdrasil’” and “Clearance of a person.”

Though objects and lodgings don’t have their own consciousness, they are also influenced from outside. Everybody knows the feelings of anxiety, fear and sometimes inexplicable aggression in some lodgings. Everybody also ran into some objects which attracted failures to hemselves. 

Staying in such lodgings and contact with such objects influence negatively on physical, psychological and energetic condition of a person. Such objects and lodgings need immediate clearance too. The object which you want to clear should be taken in your hands. If the object or the lodging is big should imagine it on your palm.

Say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Clearance of object” or “Clearance of lodging.”

You can name this object or lodging while activating the tuning. For example, “Clearing of the car” or “Clearing of the flat.” The tuning “Clearance of person,” “Clearance of object,” “Clearance of lodging” work using a principle of scanning the energetic informative structure. If scanning discovers some negative information, the Stream will destroy it. Everything which is not in harmony with

“Reiki Yggdrasil’” energy is taken away.

4) The tuning “Destruction of connection”

During our lives we have to deal with people. Communication with some people is not satisfactory and can make us harm because such communication is not harmonious. The tuning “Destruction of connection” is for such situations. This tuning is for recovering and clearing of the channels connecting people.

For using this tuning say mentally “Yggdrasil’ , “Destruction of connection” and then concentrate on the person’s image. 

Some problems can be our relations with some strangers who are not important for us or if the connection can be painful. Sometimes the connection with the person can make more harm than good. Such connection can’t be cleared, it can only be broken. Using this tuning, We can get rid of such people, i.e. break the negative connection with them.

But what can be if we are in a conflict with any dear person? On if we are in a conflict with a person who we depend on? In such cases this tuning becomes a test if we really need this person or not. At the same time you can use this tuning for your relatives without any doubts, you close people, your relatives cannot disappear from your life because such connections cannot be destroyed , in this case , this tuning will only take away all negative aspects from your connection and it will help you to come to terms and to reach agreement.

Using this tuning, you can also clear yourself from troubling and obstructive memories. The tuning “Destruction of connection” will help you to break unnecessary emotional connections with your past, and as the result, your energetic potential will increase and your potentialities of life will extend.

The third level of the “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system.

1) The tuning “Predestination”

Everybody has some difficult periods, they appear on a way of life, and their appearance doesn’t on our wish. In such periods a person should concentrate and use all his strength for solving those problems which life put to him.

The most important thing in this period is to realize your predestination, to understand what you really need and how to improve your life. Such difficult periods are usually called “crisises.” ”Crisis” in the “Greek language is “decision” or “the point of turn.” After every “point of turn” a person changes, he passes into a new state as if he was born again. 

Activating the tuning “Predestination,” you will immediately feel what direction you should move, what corresponds to your way and what doesn’t correspond. Your life will be more harmonies. You will understand yourself better and will understand the real meaning of events of your life.

For activating this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Predestination.”

Using this tuning, a person receives Knowledge which becomes long-awaited light in a dark tunnel – space is opening, and everything becomes clear. This tuning gives a person the vector of movement in life and help to his aim. That is why various depressions and alcoholism are treated successfully with this tuning. Alcoholism, depression, various psychosomatic diseases are usually caused by inner conflict between person’s predestination and his real state. If a person is not satisfied with his life, if he keeps “drifting along” and if he does things which really prevent him, his body will suffer from it sooner or later.

When you look at this sort of people, you feel that they had lost in a labyrinth of life taking the wrong turn. The tuning “Predestination” will help them to step into the right way which will lead them to harmony, happiness and success

2) The tuning “Emotion”

Too strong emotions are stressors, i. e. they tire an organism and  stress it. It doesn’t matter if these emotions positive or negative. The science proved long ago that most of diseases are caused by strong negative emotions or experience. They ruin person’s health and can cause some serious diseases.

Strong negative emotions and worries cause overstrain of the nervous system which causes its over lead. The immunity system suffers seriously too. The contemporary researches proved that strong psycho emotional strain can cause heart diseases, diabetes and many other diseases.

The tuning “Emotion” helps to get rid from negative emotions and make psychoemotional state of person stable.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Emotion”.

Activating this tuning helps a person to reach harmonious reaction to other people’s state. It makes a person well-balanced, sociable, it takes his inclination to inner contradictions and external conflicts away.

The tuning “Emotion” can also return lost health and make it better by getting rid of excessive negative worries.

3) The tuning “Activating”

Most of us were exhausted or lazy. You must do something but you don’t have any power or desire to act.

We usually fall in this unproductive state in the most unsuitable moments of our lives. As a result, any action which needs supports becomes a real trial. The tuning “Activating” will be the best help in such situation. Try to use the tuning “Activating” instead of useless words “you must” or litres of coffee or tea. 

Only say mentally “Ygdrasil’“ and “Activating”.

You will immediately feel an inflow of bracing energy. You will get additional force and the second breathing will appear. Everyday morning getting up will not be a feat.

You should remember that laziness and collapse can be a sing of overstrain and depression. It is a signal which your organism gives when it needs rest. In this case you should use the tuning several times so that your body could rest before appearance of the “second breathing” with help of “Reiki Yggdrasil’”.

The tuning “Activating” is well combined with the tuning “Predestination”.

4) The tuning “Power”

Power is ability and possibility to realize your will, to influence on activity and behavior of other people for receiving the desirable results. What determines the ability of ruling people? Why some people respectful but other people are are imperceptible? It depends on quantity of their inner power. A strong person is always self-confident. And if the person is selfcon- fident, he radiates an attractive tranquility and infects with it all other people. The person having great inner power is always interesting and confident for other people. It is a law of Nature.

The tuning “Power” will help you to be in a strong position in any situation. It activates the skill of ruling people and makes you a tranquil and self-confident person.

For using the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Power.”

An inner always provokes respect. A powerful person attracts weaker people like a heavy thing always attracts a lighter thing. You will easily persist in your opinion carrying on negotiations. The social surroundings will always be ready to help you and they will do for you everything possible. You will not wait for long hours when you come to any organization. You will be treated as a respectable person and your opinion will be considered.

Now you will be able to achieve much more with less expenditure, using the tuning “Power” when it is necessary.

5) The tuning “Sexuality”

The Nature endowed everybody with sexuality. Somebody has it in plenty, the other people have less of it and it is expressed not so brightly. Sexuality is not only specific type of appearance or a set of behave our models. It is energy. It is the energy of attraction which is the main force for making people close and unite them. First of all we mean people of contrary sexes. Those people who reflect the greatest magnetism look happy and self-confident. You can increase quantity of the sexual energy using the tuning “Sexuality.”

Say “Yggdrasil’” and “Sexuality.”

The tuning “Sexuality” makes your sexual sphere harmonious. All complexes and useless fears which frighten your potential admirers away will go away themselves. You will be able to understand and lover yourself better and, as a result, you will be more attractive for people of contrary sex.

Using the tuning “Sexuality” every day, you will be able to accumulate so much energy of attraction that your sexual magnetism will display automatically.

6) The tuning “Flight”

Every person might dream of being in the past or in the future, dreams to look at one eye and come back. How great would be having a chance to find yourself in any place of the world in accordance with your desire!

It is not difficult at all. Such transfers are not available for our physical body but they are not difficult for our consciousness.

The tuning “Flight “is going out of consciousness from the body. When you use this tuning, your consciousness can transfer in time and space and see the events which we are interested in. For example, displacement in time is necessary when we want to solve some problem but we don’t understand its initial cause or, contrary, if we want to see what some actions will cause in future. Displacement in time will also let us know what to do for prevention undesirable development of situation.

Transferring in space, you can visit other countries and watch people’s actions. You can even visit other planets and other worlds. Before your “traveling” you should put up a clear aim, determine place and time. Thus, it will be easier to gain experience and the results will be more precise. For activation the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Flight.”

For receiving the necessary skill in a short time you should try to use the tuning “Flight” every day. Begin with 3-5 minutes of practice and increase the duration of “Flight” gradually.

7) The tuning “Intellect”

Intellect is an ability to perceive, analyse, systematize and use information effectively for achieving the fixed aim. It is cognitive and analytic ability.

The tuning “Intellect” develops these abilities helping a person to analyse and master information faster. This tuning increases the speed of perception and helps to master new information deeply. This tuning restores one of the main traits of human’s intellect-awn ability to learn quickly.

For activation this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and” Intellect.”

Regular activation of the tuning “Intellect” allows you to synchronize the work of cerebral hemispheres little by little and restore the natural harmonious work of brain. It leads to render organism more healthy and allows to discover the primordial abilities of person.

8) The tuning “Karma”

Negative experience of the previous incarnation comes into the next incarnations fixing on the mental body. Nobody wants to draw this heavy load from the past. The tuning “Karma” helps to clear by working useful karma programs by realizing them and to rub out all

useless programs. For activating this tuning say ”Yggdrasil’” and “Karma”. This tuning corrects and clears karma by rubbing out the consequences of negative experience and negative models of behavior. It’s impossible to rub out a person’s karma is closely interlaced with all mankind’s karma and built- in a common fabric of the world. It is recommended to use this tuning not more than once a day. 

The forth level of “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system

1) The tuning “Clairvoyance”

Clairvoyance is an ability to see that is hidden from usual physical vision. Person’s ability to supersensitive perception is directly connected with Adjna chakra awakening. Adjna chakra is also called

“the third eye.” The tuning “Clairvoyance” makes the work of the third eye” more active. The astral vision is opened, it gives an ability to see “through the walls”-the things and the bodies become transparent. An ability to see an aura, human’s organs and their activity, past and future events

are developed. Usage this tuning in treatment helps to understand the causes of disease, to diagnose easier, and it increases the efficiency of the therapeutics.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Clairvoyance.”

A new world will be opened in front of you. Clairvoyance makes a lot of good for a person and his surrounding. But you should remember that sometimes clairvoyance disturbs more than helps. You should have an ability not only switch on your clairvoyance but also switch it off. What the use of seeing the internal organs when you travel by public transport?

Making this tuning more active also helps a person to see the objects of the astral world which are always near us. These creatures are invisible in usual condition-these are ghosts and spirits. Many people are not ready to meet them and to be always their neighbours. If you don’t want your abilities to disturb you.

You should switch off “Clairvoyance.” You should only say “switch off clairvoyance.”

Your abilities will develop step by step. The more energy you will accumulate in your Adjna chakra, the more developed abilities you will have. For gaining necessary skills you should train every day.

2) The tuning “Previous lives”

We need the tuning “Pervious lives” for making more active the connection with Egregors which a person was connected with in his previous incarnations. The word “Egregor” comes from the Latin words “ex” – “from” and “grex” – “crowd”, “group”, “society.” 

Egregor is complicated energetic informative substance which is formed and fed by people with similar ideas and also by various phenomena, systems and communities.

There are Egregors of religions, nations, states, different professions and so on. Egregor can be asked for help, defence and information. All Egregors flow into the indivisible powerful Egregor of the Earth-the Genius of the Earth.

Using the tuning “Previous lives”, you join the Genius of the Earth where you can take information about all your previous lives. Using this Knowledge, you come in resonance with other countries, cities, nations and professions. For example, if you want to learn foreign language , resonance with the country where this language is spoken helps you to master this language faster. If you want to master a new profession, you will come in resonance with this profession. Resonance with other nations will allow you to understand other people at the level of subconsciousness, and you will be for “a local person” everywhere . This tuning will allow you feel at home in any country and city.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Previous lives.”

Our subconsciousness is a bridge between our consciousness and the informative layer of the Genius of the Earth. When you make the tuning more active, your subconsciouness on, and you get all necessary Knowledge and skills from your previous incarnations. It is not recommended to stay in this regime for a long time, you should go out of it in time. Try to use the tuning “Previous lives” every day but not more than 10-20 minutes. After that you should say “Switch off “Previous lives.”

3)The tuning “Create the situation”

The main difference of the tunings “Work on situation” and “Create the  situation” is that in the first case you only get the best result of all possible results but in the second case you create all that you need by yourself. This tuning suits you when know what you want to get and how you want to get it. So, for using the tuning “Create the situation” you should formulate the clear aim.

For using the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Create the situation.”

When you work on this tuning , try to avoid any doubts because doubts take very much energy and as the result you will run out of energy for achieving desirable result. 

4) The tuning “Knowledge”

Knowledge is possession of answering the questions which let you solve the problem. Making this tuning active, we join the information stream straight i.e. we have access to so-called. The Chronicles of Akashi or the Library of Akashi. The Chronicles of Akashi is a depository of information about everything. The chronicles contain all experience of the mankind and the history of creation of the Universe. It is also information about the past, the present and the future of all creatures. The tuning allows to get necessary information quickly and to think it over logically. For getting information from The Chronicles of Akashi you need to have knowledge of the subject or science which you are interested in. the more you know, the more information you can get from the World depository. For example, for getting the algorithm of a new computer program with help of this tuning you must understand well the instruction, otherwise you will get knowledge which you will not be to use and it will be useless for you. 

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Knowledge.”

If you use this tuning when you need it, you will be able to master new knowledge easier. This tuning will also help you to get new skills.

The fifth level of the system “Reiki Yggdrasil’”

1) The tuning “Connection with the World”

This tuning extends human’s consciousness. The limits of perception extend, the level of common comprehension increases. The tuning includes connection with the Egregor of the Earth-the Genius of the Earth. So, you can use not only your energy for solving your problems but you can also use the unlimited powerful energy of the Genius of the Earth. Working on this tuning, you will realize that any action causes resonance chains and it brings changes at the global level. The tuning “Connection with the World” can be combined with all other tunings of the system Reiki Yggdrasil’, it makes them many times stronger. For example, you can create various situations with help more efficiently.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Connection” with the World”.

Keeping the regime of widen consciousness needs much of your personal energy, so don’t forget to switch off this regime in time.

Say “Switch off the tuning “Connection with the world.”

2) The tuning “Connection with the Gods”

This tuning allows to connect with the Scandinavian Gods and get their traits and their strength.

Say “Yggdrasil’”, “Connection with the God (Goddess)” and then say the name of the God

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