Session 1. The Mysteries of Eros.

Archetypical Temple Constellations!

Ancient Greek Tradition.
The known ideals of beaty and love.

Will explore the archetype of Eros God!

At the class you will be able to get your personal Archetypical Constellation in the energies of Eros and synchronize better with the Universal Power of Life in Greek Tradition.
With the Demiurgh of Creation.

You will explore
- what are your limitations to breath in the Power of Life
- and empower yourself for new achievements.

The archetypical temple constellations allows to heal past traumas and empower yourself to open up for the new opportunities in life!

is using legends, myths, mysteries, archetypes of Gods for healing, empowering and personal growth.

Temple Mysteries allows to synchronize with the ancient archetypes for inner transformation.

Temple Constellations helps you to opens up and heal the inner archetypes inside yourself.

We are starting the New Program of Greek Archetypes healing and initiations in Zipolite.

The first class will be devoted to the Eros Archetype, the Demiurgh, Creator of the Universe.

We will explore the attributes of the God and heal it inside yourself.

You will be able to get your personal Temple Constellation.

We will explore, is there any resistance and traumas inside you towards these energies of love and creation.

And you will be able to get your deep healing on the level of inner archetypes.

Temple therapy is deep and empowering practice.

Archetypal constellation in the channel of Eros.

The work shows what are the blockages to building relationships, acceptance and filling with the energy of love.

Love for yourself and for others.

What stories from the past and messages could block your inclusion in the Eros Channel and in the egregor of Love.

From observations:
1. Glyph of Harita (Feeders of Eros) - they show maternal energy.
Here you can see parental messages, attitudes and possible blockages of this energy.

2. Glyph Beloved Eros Psyche - reflects how much you accept yourself, your beauty and sexuality.

3. Glyph of the torch of Eros - reflects self-confidence, personal strength and charisma, and those messages that prevent this from manifesting.

4. Glyph Arrow of Eros reflects flirting, play in relationships. The ability to make new connections.

5. Glyph Wings of Eros - an important indicator that reflects the aspect of inner beauty, lightness, sublimity, flirting.

What is interesting is that after the merger with the aspect of the Wings, the connection with the rest of the attributes of the channel begins to align.

Article 2. Attributes of Eros in Archetypical constellations.

I continue the cycle of notes on working with the Eros Channel. CHARITES.

We are inspired by the Eros Marathon, which I am currently running online.

PART 1. What are the main Channel Attributes (Glyphs) we work with:
- Wings: transforms energy upwards, raises frequencies, accelerates the psyche
- Arrow: collects, concentrates energy, gives a creative impulse forward to the goal.
- Torch: gives activation in a wide frequency range
- Quiver: gives the accumulation of creative power, potential
- Bow: increases the scope of the impact.

According to the results of the Eros Energy practice, participants can work as Cupids in the energies of Eros, working with clients, activating their tasks: affairs, business, relationships.

A deeper study of goals in the energies of eros is possible within the framework of the Hypnocoaching Session, in a soft trance.

PART 2. There are additional glyphs of the Eros Channel that can be used in the work:
- Lyra of Eros,
- Flower of Eros
- Dolphin, Bee
- Psyche, beloved of Eros
- Nurses (breadwinners) of Eros, Three Charites.

Charites, as goddesses of grace, charm and beauty, gave creative inspiration to artists and patronized the arts.

As part of the Mysteries of Love, we are working with the Archetypes of Love from the Ancient Myths so that you can feel these energies closer, attune with them and solidify your inclusion through interaction with other people.


The Harites / Nurses include:
- Aglaya ("jubilation", or "beauty", "brilliance"). Wife of Hephaestus, Messenger of Aphrodite
- Euphrosyne ("joy", or "good-minded").
- Thalia ("abundance").

Here is the Orphic hymn to the Charites:

Incense - Styrax

Listen to me, great-named virgins of Charita,
Deep-columned Eunomia glorious daughters and Zeus,
Three of you - Aglaya, Thalia, and Euphrosyne -
The happiness of abundant, amiable, parents of every kind.
Light, ever-blooming, you are always desired by mortals,
Bright eyes, lovely immortal face, saints.
Happiness givers, supportive of the mysts, come.

From the participants of the Eros Marathon:
To Efrosina is for heartfelt advice, to Aglaya for beauty guidance .. will help. To Thalia for guidance in business.

Charites seem to support the channel, give it saturation.

With the Charites, the channel becomes more structural, denser, more material.

The Charites also showed how they weave threads of life and love

Orphic Hymn to Eros

I Call great Cupid, source of sweet delight,

Holy and pure, and lovely to the sight;

Darting, and wing'd, impetuous fierce desire,

With Gods and mortals playing, wand'ring fire:

Cautious, and two-fold, keeper of the keys

Of heav'n and earth, the air, and spreading seas;

Of all that Ceres' fertile realms contains,

By which th' all-parent Goddess life sustains,

Or dismal Tartarus is doom'd to keep,

Widely extended, or the sounding, deep;

For thee, all Nature's various realms obey,

Who rul'st alone, with universal sway.

Come, blessed pow'r, regard these Mystic fires,

And far avert, unlawful mad desires.

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