Runic Reiki Yggdrasil. Level 1.

RETREAT 1. Details. Basic 5 levels of initiation into Runic Reiki.

Runic Reiki is one of the most effective energy therapy system ourdays.
It is 10 times more effective and comprehensive as the standard Usui Reiki System.

The basic program has 5 levels of Initiation. Each level includes different tunings - a specific quality of the RUNIC REIKI energy Stream. You study to pick out the qualities from the general RI REIKI stream and activate these spells when it is necessary. You gain skills to to provide energy healing and massage, increase attractiveness, business and harmonize situations. You study to predict, forecast, develop extrasensual skills,feel the enerigies of the Gods and create magic artifacts.

Level 1: The Basics of Healing and Intuition. You get the next skills/ tunings:

1. Healing. The skills of treatment,
Intuition. Opening abilities of your mind.
Protection. Ability to defend yourself and other people from outward aggression.
Life balancing. Situation Balancing.

Level 2: At the Second level you master the skills of charging objects and clearing yourself, other people, objects and surroundings from the negative structures. You get an ability to make the right connection with money and to make money stream more active. Tunings:

  1. People Clearling ,

  2. Lodging Clearing,

  3. Links Destruction,

  4. Objects Charging,

  5. Money Stream Activization.

Level 3: The Third level helps people to realize what way is true and what is the main purpose of life. The negative information of previous incarnations is effaced, the Karma blocks are taken away, a person gets a long-awaited harmony in the emotional sphere, he becomes more attractive for people of other sex. The character of leader’s activity are liven up. The tuning “Flight” allows to transfer the consciousness in space and in time. Tunings:

  1. Predestination

  2. Emotion

  3. Activation

  4. Power

  5. Sexuality

  6. Flight

  7. Intellect

  8. Karma.

Level 4: The Fourth level makes the third eye (Adzhna) more active, gives the skills of clairvoyance and teaches how to make necessary situations. Tunings:

  1. Clairvoyance,

  2. Previous Lives,

  3. Making situation

  4. Knowledge

Level 5:The Wisdom of the Gods. The Fifth level gives you an opportunity to widen your consciousness, to unite consciousness and sub consciousness and to influence on the situations at the global level. You will also get some necessary traits of the Scandinavian Gods. Tunings:

  1. Blockerage

  2. Connection with the World,

  3. Connection with the Gods

  4. Master Teacher.

While learning the RUNIC REIKI course, a person gets a powerful framework which makes a projection of the Scandinavian Tree of Life to human’s body and consciousness and the student becomes more stable and successful. On finishing Retreat 1 you get Diploma of the Master of Runic Reiki.

The FIRST LEVEL of the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system

When you get Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings of certain level you also get initiation into Reiki Yggdrasil’. The procedure of initiation must be held by the Master. You should sit straight, with hands palms up, you should relax maximum and say to yourself: “I am getting the Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings, level (from 1 to 5, depends upon the level you receiving) And them you should say the Master’s name.

The Knowledge that can’t be from the book or can’t be passed with the words is given by means of initiation. The Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings are given only from the Master to a

disciple, from one person to another. You should remember that in getting the tuning not only the ritual

important but also the Master’s condition, his level of life comprehends and his potential of energy. So, the strength of the stream you Master’s level. 

For calling the Stream you should only mentally say the word “Yggdrasil’”.

All people have different perception and different sensitiveness. Somebody can be joined any stream immediately and can feel the Stream but some other people can get the energy of the Stream like some images. Some people want to know what happens to them, and that’s enough for them. There is no use of orientation only at your sensations because your profound structures are being touched at the moment.

When we say the word “Yggdrasil’”, our consciousness joins the Reiki Yggdrasil’ Stream. Then the tuning on the specific aspect of the Stream of energy begins. Gradually, when you gain experience, you can easily understand if you are joined the Stream or not.

1) The tuning “Treatment”. (Healing)

For getting the first tuning you should mentally say the word “Yggdrasil’” and them the name tuning – “Treatment”. This tuning provides the complex treatment of physical,

psychoemotional and energetic levels of human .We tune on” Reiki Yggdrasil’”. The consciousness switches into the system for fixing the Stream at the specific person. You can put your hands on his shoulders or his head. If it is impossible, in case of distance treatment, you should imagine this person on your palm or you can write his name on your palm with your finger, just for fixing. We don’t let the Stream pass through us but we join the person the

Stream and our patient in Reiki Yggdrasil’.

The Reiki Yggdrasil’ system is based on the runes’ energy. Working with this energy, we set in motion all organisms all organs, and the treatment goes according the scheme this specific person needs. Using this treatment, we treat not the concrete organs but the person whole. The person gets a structure if we treat ourselves, we should say the name of the tuning – “Treatment”, tune on our body and watch where the energy goes to without preventing from flowing. When you treat other person, you tune on the Stream, on the tuning despite of let the energy of the Stream pass through. It means that if you have some diseases, you can be recovered too. Sometimes recovering

goes through exacerbation, and it is not dangerous. When you tune on “Treatment,” you can’t catch an illness from your patient.

It is not recommended to use the tuning “Treatment” more than once a day if you treat yourself. You can treat other people with this tuning more often. Gradually, when gaining experience, you will learn to know how of ten you should treat the concrete patient –once a day, once a week or even once a month in some cases you should treat with the tuning “Treatment” once a week-it’s enough or you can make harm to body. The task is not to feel something special while tuning but the task is to train your skills, during your practice, in the concrete situations, you will realize that it works. You should understand that the most important thing in the tuning “Treatment” is the final result, that is, your patient’s health.

2) The tuning “Intuition.”

Intuition is an ability to understand a situation without reasoning and logical analysis, to make right decisions immediately and answer any question. It is an ability to comprehend the directly without preliminary logical reasoning and proves. Using this tuning, you begin to scan your past and your future. Thanks to it the skill of reaction to external signals switches on. Psychology often considers intuition to be one of the main functions of personality. Intuition determines a person’s attitude to himself and to the external world, it determines the way of making the essential decisions. Intuition is one of the most necessary skills. It saves time and makes life easier; it helps to make right choice in everything-from trifles to global situations. If you know before hand which decision is the best one, you can always choose the most suitable version of events’ development.

The tuning “Intuition” helps to achieve results in a very short time with minimum expenditure. You will learn to understand which way is the best for you and other people-for example, which is the best way of

treating or defence. You should practice this tuning as often as possible for catching feeling of internal knowledge of what you should do and when you should do it. You should practice every day and use your knowledge in practice. You should make your six sense reflex and switch on this tuning and use it not only at school lecture- room under the Master’s guidance but everywhere and every day.

For switching on the tuning you should say “Yggdrasil’” and the name of the tuning “Intuition.”

Even if you first don’t feel anything special, you will gradually learn to define various situations. The model of the best behaviour will be switched on by intuition.

When you gain experience, the tuning will switch on automatically when you need to make some important decision immediately.

3) The tuning “Defence”

There is no need to explain anybody in the contemporary world what we need this tuning for. It is not only defence from the negative influence but also concentrating of physical body.

Every day, going out and communicating with crowds of people, you have to concentrate your physical body or cocoon, maximum. This tuning makes the projection of the Yggdrasil’ Tree on human’s body and treats it. Nearly half of all diseases are dents in an energetic body. Using the tuning “Defence”, a person becomes structured and his energetic Cocoon becomes even. Don’t forget to switch on this tuning every time when you are in crowded places. Every time when you have to communicate with a person who you don’t want to communicate with, you should use the tuning “Defence”. You should remember this essential tuning meeting a person who can influence on you negatively. 

When using this tuning, you can’t make harm to anybody because this tuning doesn’t have any fighting aspects. It only mildly reflects the negative influence which you are exposed to. A person can make himself much more harm if drawn into negative situation.

For switching the tuning on you should say “Yggdrasil’” and then you should say “Defence”.

After a while, you will be able to switch on the tuning “Defence” in dangerous situations automatically. You can switch on this tuning for your relatives and defend them. First the effect of tuning lasts for a little time but when you gain experience you will be able to fix it for a long time. It is recommended to use this tuning as often as possible.

4) The tuning “Work on situation”

Would you like your situations of life and your plans realize in the best way? Sure. But it doesn’t happen in itself. The tuning “Work on situation” is for such situations. Using this tuning, you will always get the best version of situation’s development. You should only tune on your problem will be solved in the best way. You should be ready that you can get what you want in other way or you will not get in at all. The

Stream chooses what is really good and useful for you, what can help you to achieve the ideal result which you would never get if you act by yourself. The space energy itself will lead you the right way.

For switching on this tuning you should say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Work on situation”, and them try to tune on necessary situation or business.

Using this tuning, you don’t need to concentrate on particular situation, you can tune on yourself and the day in whole. 

In this case your day will be more quiet, harmonious. Remember that all the Reiki Yggdrasil’ tunings are compatible. For example, you can combine “Work on situation” with “Treatment” .Such combination gives you an opportunity to treat not all body but specific organ or disease. For example, say “Work on situation. Treatment of liver “or “Work on situation. Treatment of running nose.”

When you treat using “Work on situation” tuning, you influence the situations which caused i.e. Initial causes in the result, the influence of the Stream is more effective than in case of using only ”Treatment” tuning. Using the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system, you use not your own energy but you conduct the Stream through you. But you should take into consideration that you spend some part of your energy on supporting this Stream. So you need to spend more energy if you treat with help of “Work on situation” than on treatment without using this tuning.

It is recommended to use the tuning “Work on situation” as often as possible. Doing it, you will get the necessary skill very soon, and difficult situations which considered to be insoluble will go away, and your life will be more harmonious and more sensible.

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