3.2: Causes of the destruction of powerful civilizations

Part 2: Causes of the destruction of powerful civilizations.

QUESTION: Why is the lifetime of civilizations limited?
ANSWER: This is an interesting question. This is connected with some kind of karmic chains.

Between the time of the existence of civilizations, the period on the Planet is usually 30,000–80,000 years, depending on the factor that destroyed civilization.

And this period between civilizations is…. !!!

These are very low living conditions in terms of comfort. These are constant threats from the point of view of war, raids. Medicine, education are at or near zero.

Even now, for our civilization, the level of medicine and education is also very low compared to developed civilizations. But the level of comfort is already much higher than between civilizations (hot water, transport, etc.).

Karmic chains of civilizations.

There is an egregor of the Black race (Lemurian times). The egregore of black humanity is thoroughly damaged. The mental outflow is about 70%.


This egregor has its own karmic chains. Including "The death of civilization" of 20 units.


You can also select the egregor of the White race.

It also has a chain "The death of civilization", 15 units. It sets almost guaranteed death.


The karmic chain "The death of civilization" is as well at the level of Galactic humanity, 20 units.

“The death of a developed civilization” (as a technical level) is at the level of some System of some kind, which includes our Galaxy.

And “The death of civilization” at the level of 8 units is in the egregor of the Universe of mankind.

If we talk about the humanoid, there is also a chain of "The death of civilization", 20 units.

If you take a group of warm-blooded, there is no “The death of civilization” chain. But there is a chain of disease.

In addition, humanity has a complex “Collision with the Divine plans” which causes collisions with subtle structures. And this is not to mention the karma of the countries!

Because the karma of some countries is...

This can be traced by the standard of living and by what happens in the country: frequency of death, war, the level of comfort of citizens are bright indicators of karma.

Accordingly, this all affects the number of incarnations carried out in the period between civilizations. That is why most of the incarnations of people on Earth pass without civilizations.

Even if you are born the leader of a tribe, it does not greatly improve the situation. Neither the level of comfort nor medicine nor education. Even if you are a count or king of a country. These figures do not change much. On average, the civilization life span of humanoid races on Earth is about 30,000 years.


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There are also a number of other factors, but we do not have the right to speak about some of them.

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