Session 3. Yin & Yang.

Yin & Yang.

This class is about a finding your right partner - your love. Inside yourself and in world outside! We gonna connect with our feminine and masculine power.

We will be working with the stresses, traumas, that blocks us from giving (YAN) and receiving (YIN). From receiving love, sex, happiness, money, oppprtunities. Its about being in contact with your basic masculine and feminine energies.

YIN & YAN is good to explore and heal, cause they are influencing - all in our life.

What is Yin & Yang constellation.

Its about are you okey with your feminine side and masculine side?

Is there any boundaries, stresses, that blocks you from connecting it.

Do you feel connected to the energies of your father and mather. Are you connected to the masculine and faminine energies of your genus ancesters?

Do you feel the power inside your genus. Do this power flowing easily towards your descendants, goals and intentions.

What traumas postpones these energies to realize your potential.

How to get back to your roots, get connected to the genes energies and to balance masculine and feminine energies in your life.

Yin & Yang constellations opens up the most important topics for you that needs to be seen and healed at this moment.

You will acknowledge it.
And release.

Thank you for your interest in Yin & Yang constellation.





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