Holistic Health Therapies - Jobs Market and Trends.

Here are some of the many possible careers in holistic health that you can pursue:

1. Massage and Body Therapy:

  • Massage therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Acupuncturist / Doctor of Chinese Medicine

2. Holistic Health Couching. Counseling. Psychology. Psychotherapy.

  • Holistic Health Counseling
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Creative Art Therapy
  • Transpersonal Therapies

3. Natural medicine and energy healing Therapies

  • Reiki practitioner
  • Naturapathia

4. Yoga and wellness instructors:

  • Yoga instructor
  • Tai Chi or Qigong Instructor
  • Kinesiology or movement therapy instructor 
  • Dance Therapies


1. Massage Therapist: Average is $41,000/year. Ranges from about $23,132 – $100,411/year.

2. Reflexologist: Reflexology is a zone therapy that uses application of pressure to feet, hands and ears, in order to alleviate physical and mental ailments. The National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health found that reflexology can be helpful in reducing physical pain and psychological problems like anxiety and depression, as well reduce stress and improve relaxation and sleep. $39,860/year


1. Health Coach / Wellness Coach: $41,000/year

2. Life Coach: $52,000/year  

3. Psychologist: $72,580/year

4. Hypnotherapist: $74,530/year

1. Certified Holistic Health Specialist 

2. Nutritionist / Holistic Nutrition Educator: $57,910/year 

3. Reiki Practitioner: Reiki is a healing technique that uses energy and touch to help activate the natural healing process and restore physical and mental emotional well-being to the patient. Reiki is not specifically tracked for salary rates currently. It’s a job where you will typically have to decide how much you would like to charge for your service. Many licensed massage therapists integrate Reiki into their practice, and their salaries tend to range from $10,000 to $100,000/year. (Varies based on time you work each week, experience, and where you practice)

4. Aromatherapist:Aromatherapists use essential oils to treat both specific medical problems (like fungal infections), and general health problems (like insomnia). Some combine their aromatherapy knowledge with other healthcare methods, such as massage therapy. $38,040/year

5. Sound Healer: Sound Healers use sound therapy to help patients in various healing processes. $46,410/year

6. Chakra Healer/Crystal Healer

7. Herbalist: Herbalism is the usage of plants for therapeutic purposes. $40,963/year

8. Ayurveda: Ayurveda centers on balancing the mind, body and spirit by use of herbs, massage, yoga, cleanses and specialized diets. It focuses on preventing and fixing imbalances that can cause illness, rather than on treating severe ailments. As an Ayurveda practitioner, you work with clients to develop a specialized health plan for the individual’s needs. $72,870/year

9. Meditation Teacher: Many people who become meditation teachers work independently. So, they usually work based on hourly rates with individual clients. Rates vary based on personal decision making, target audience, and amount of time you spend teaching each month. Some meditation teachers may teach in clinics or out of their homes, in the client’s homes, in a studio, and some even open their own meditation studio. 


1. Yoga Teacher: $27.82/hour (varies a lot based on location, time you work each week, and experience level)

2. Tai-chi instructor: $42,999/year  


1. Philosopher: Those with a Philosophy BA make an average of $63,000/year (A philosophy degree is very helpful in numerous areas of the holistic sphere)

2. Working at a Retreat Center: Payment depends on experience level, job position, and individual retreat. Jobs could vary from group facilitator, to yoga teacher, to director. Many retreats may even offer food, shelter and activities for free, in exchange for work. Check out job openings at retreat centers near you.

3. Midwife: $97,700/year 

4. Parapsychologist: Parapsychology studies the consciousness and the mind to assess the possibilities of human abilities that science would typically consider to be outside of our normal range of capabilities. (They study things like near death experiences, out of body experiences, and physic ability) $69,223/year

The amount you earn from the following jobs typically depend on you, the service provider.

The following jobs are labors of love and may or may not be able to support your lifestyle.
How much you make from your own business dealings ultimately comes down to you. 

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