Let us introduce the Academy of Holistic Therapies ( 

We are the group of Eastern European scientists that are discovering the artifacts and shamanic technologies of past earth civilizations.

The huge amount of information and technologies was already gathered and is being implemented by Post Sovie Union laboratories. But mainly it is still kept in secret for English speaking world.

Let me start sharing some of our research cause I found it to be extremely important not just for the specific groups of interests, but for humanity in general!


It is the well known facts, that Hitler's Germany established and financed special institutes, that were responsible for gathering artifacts and technologies of the past civilizations worldwide.

One of these institutes was called Ahnenerbe. It was aimed to uncover the heritage on ancestors - highly developed past civilizations, remains that can be found in Himalayah, Egypt, Assiriya.

German secret services believed that technologies of past civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria) were caused by the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

So they trained the special group of mediums to reveal Scandinavian runic technologies,  etc., and to create the connection to extraterrestrial civilizations to search for the advanced technologies.

Nazi laboratories used to have certain achievements in both technical sphere and mind activation psycho-technologies.

Even german secret service  uniform, rings and armor were based on the implementation of the runic mind activation principles.

And after the World War 2, their researches were taken by USA and USSR. 

ufo investigations2. INVESTIGATIONS.

Both in USA and USSR the investigations in the field of technologies of past and extraterrestrial civilizations were kept in high secret and were highly financed.

There were 2 lines of research:

#1. Parapsychology skills development. Extrasensual mental engancement technologies and trainings were raised to upgrade the potentials of secret service agents. Any international meetings happened only with the assistance of these parapsychology specialists.

#2. Global. This research of the technologies of Past Civiliations that were left long ago. Research of the magic artifacts and shamanic technologies.

But after the demolishing of the Soviet Union, due to lack of financing, some of these researches started coming out to the public.


In the 20th  century the main focus of research was in collecting the artifacts of past civilizations: Egyptian civilization, Scandinavian Runic magic, Syberian Shamanic Tradition, Kabbalah, etc.

Another focus is to prepare specialists, hypnotherapists that are able to tune into the ancient traditions and get the knowledge and technologies of past civilizations.

(These type of researchers and hypnotherapists we prepare in our Academy).

In the early years of 21st  century the new Breakthrough happened! The team of researches started to uncover the mental computer technologies of past civilizations. Nowadays we are at the edge of the psychic revolution. The only question is whether these technologies will be to the benefit of humanity or will it ruin it shortly. 

You can read more info that at the website:


20 years ago the group of trained specialists started to uncover the principles of the Technologies of Atlantis. Atlantis was the ancient highly developed civilization that was in close connection with extraterrestrial civilizations.

The intensified study of Kabbalah Sephirothic Tradition (Tarot) and Scandinavian Tradition (Runes) uncovered them not only as the forecasting techniques, but KEYS to Planetarian Mental Computers of the past civilizations.

The access to this 'mental computer' is very limited.
But the team of researchers has developed the technologies of how to use this mental computer to influence personal issues (health, relationships), business development issues etc.

Some of these technologies is possible to study in the SuperSkills Academy.

BTW. The technology that is called Runic Reiki Yggdrasil - is the easiest starting point to get into these technologies
and start your personal mental enhancement and development as the archetypical hypnotherapist.

magic implementation5. IMPLEMENTATION

Mental computers, and mental enhancement technologies - was the instruments of past highly developed civilizations. They were used to speed up personal development and professional efficiency of the high ranked managers, military officials, scientists, doctors etc.

Lots of outstanding mental enhancement were conducted by past civilizations to upgrade human potentials.

1. One of the most important task in personal development is to activate subconscious wisdom of the personality.
It was performed in different ways. For example, in the post-atlantic cultures, masonic group  the shamanic ritual of Initiation through death was used. This ritual was performed to upgrade psychic abilities. To know more about technologies of past civilizations go to the website and request FREE BOOK there the technologies of Mental development.

2. Some Mental computers of extraterrestrial civilizations were used as the "Lighthouse of the Universe", pulsing out the basic information of the Universe, human health and mind evolution. The ones that are able to tune into them and synchronize with these computers also increases personal health and efficiency.

All you need to do is to study the access keys to mental computers and to train your mind to be able to perform psychic and hypnocoaching activity.

send message6. CONCLUSION

Unfortunately these technologies still remain mostly hidden from the English speaking world. The texts are in Russian language and hidden. The topics that sounds like legends or fairytales were studied and proved to be ancient technologies.

I'm excited about the results of these technologies so I'm happy to give you some hints

1) You can get access to these technologies, use them for your own health, business love, professional and holistic development. To get access : go to the website and request your FREE personal diagnostics.

2) The second option is to study and train yourself to work with Mental Computers and technologies of past civilizations,
as the personal practice to achieve your own goals or to help others.

How to study it you can read from the next articles.
The easiest way to start studying it - is to study Dao Runic Reiki Yggdrasil System
Click here - you can get free trial class.

If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you for your interest in these topics.

Sincerely, Andy Argonius
American Group Project Coordinator
Academy of Holistic Therapies
World Heritage Institute.


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