CLASS Tantric Touch Temple

Take your step in the Ancient Greek Mystery of Love: The spirits of Love in Ancient Greece.


Ancient Tantric Mystery:
The Archetypes of Greek Love.

We will be working with Tantric Reiki Energies,
Exploring touch, connection, personal boundaries and inner space.

We will be exploring and feel the Energies of Love in the tradition of Ancient Greece. Synchronizing with them for love, healing and transfornation.

This would be the Safe Place.

You will be able
1) Either do inner work, in a Solo Travel, exploring these energies inside yourself, without contacting other people
2) Or exploring the connection with others feeling the Energies of Love in Ancient Greek Culture.

What will be doing:
1. Practice a bit to raise extrasensuality to feel energies
2. Receive Osho Tantra Reiki Initiation for better feeling the energy flow
3. Exercise a light touch with yourself and in cupples to better feel the energies.
4. Explore the energies of Ancient Greek Love.
5. Free space where you are free to connect with others with the energies of Greek love.

You can join as the single or couple. We are welcoming all ages, sexual orientations, genders.

Ancient Mystery - is a safe space to relax, feel and explore yourself.

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