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First Attunament in the Osiris Channel and Egyptian Tradition. The Osiris Channel is a unique channel that gives deep cleansing. Including karmic, at the level of high-frequency subtle bodies, which is not so common.

- Purification of Osiris
- Letting go of unwanted connections
- Clearing complexes and stresses

- Ka of Osiris.
(Life force. Purification and alignment of energy, human strength)
- Apis. Bull.
The Apis channel symbolizes the Ka of Osiris.
It condenses the etheric bodies, materializes ideas, saturates, heals.
It gives strength and pushes forward. It gives energy, life, fullness and manifestation.
- Phallus of Osiris.
A glyph about the inexhaustible power of life. A riot of creativity and pleasure energy. It is a viscous and life-affirming energy that can heal, heal wounds and push for accomplishments.

- Ba of Osiris
There is a clearing of consciousness, clarity of thoughts, breadth and strategic thinking
- Sokar. Falcon.
He keeps eternity.
Gives a wide view, smoothness and serenity of consciousness.
He is sharp-sighted, resolute, clear and vigilant. In the energies of Sokar your consciousness, ideas and plans will be strong and indestructible.
- Iaru
Fields of Bliss.
Evergreen fields of endless abundance. Here the soul rises. Heaviness and restrictions leave the body. You enthusiastically drink energy. Pleasure. To languor, lightness and sublimity.
Here the heart, soul and spirit are cleared.
All the best, bright and kind comes to meet you.

These are the upper layers of the subtle world, where the soul comes after purification. It can be used for spiritual uplift, nourishment of high-frequency thin bodies.

- Ib Osiris.
Light of the heart. Liberation of true values and aspirations. Establishing deep contact with yourself, your mission and purpose. Exit from alien, false desires and ideas.
- Chambers of Osiris.
This is the House of Osiris.
Space for attunement with the Channel.
Passage of Initiation into the Channel.
The wisdom of infinity is revealed in this space. Responsibility, awareness, filigree control and impeccability for all levels of being.

- Hibit of Osiris
Removal of karmic burden. Liberation from the experience of the past. Creation of events of the future without interference and external wishes.
- Heket - hook - control
The hook holds what is important to you, any phenomena, goals, stronger than any force. Creates an undeniably strong bond and movement trend.
- Jet
Spine of Osiris. Column.
The axis and foundation of the world passes through you. Worlds revolve around you and receive an impulse for the movement of events and undertakings.
The axis is unshakable and cannot falter, for this axis is the World.

- Sah of Osiris
Spiritual cleansing.
Calculation of the body of light, connection with the Universe.
- Lotus
This is an amazing glyph that symbolizes the transformation from the depths of the waters of nothingness - to the Light of Ra.
Lotus is like an unstoppable, striving stream that carries you to the clarity of the phenomenon. To awareness and disclosure of potentials. He gives life from nothingness. It gives a raging striving towards the Light and the joy of manifestation. The joy of transformation in a new capacity. The joy of merging the first creator.
- Eye of Horus. the fullness of the phenomenon.
The eye of Horus is a symbol of creation.
In Horus, the son finds life, the continuation of Osiris. The work of Horus restores life to the father.
The glyph of the Eye of Horus carries the impulse, the potential of the phenomenon, which is ready to manifest itself like a seed. He is like fullness, internal charge, napalm before the explosion; stretched string. Everything is ready to be created. It is ready to burst at the right moment.

- Hu Osiris
Reconnection with your Eternal Spirit and Prime Creator.
- Uas - staff - power.
Holding Uas, a staff, you control the earthly and aboveground world. Strings, streams of probabilities are twisted and distributed under the command of your refined thought.
- Crown.
The crown of Osiris keeps the supermundane.
Here, like millions of watts, they begin to illuminate what was planned. Any thought begins to gain strength, clarity, clarity and speed of implementation.

- Wren of Osiris
(connection with the Channel, Fixation in the Osiris Channel)
- Holy Boat
The boat of Osiris is the bridge between the worlds. Between the edges of reality. Waves of the World of explicit and implicit are endless. The boat will take you to that reality where there is peace and quiet, where there is strength, light and grace.
- Canopy
This setting is about connecting with the Eternal Sky, with Infinity, with Nut Heaven, from where everything is born and where everything goes.


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