Runic Reiki Yggdrasil. Level 2.

The second level of the Reiki Yggdrasil’ system.

1) The tuning «Charge of object»

You need the tuning “Charge of object” if you want to make an object containing the treats of the “Reiki Yggdrasil’” Stream, you can charge the object with the general Stream or with energy of the specifictuning. Such object will activate the necessary tuning automatically and you will not need to fix your attention at the Stream all time. For charging the object you should take it in your hands. If the object is very big, you should put your palms on it. You can charge any thing.

For switching on the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and them “Charge of Object”, you can also add the name of the tuning, if you want to charge the object additionally. Then concentrate on the object which you charge.

Remember that in sprite of other practices on Reiki Yggdrasil’ the Stream is activated inside of object, in its inner energetic structure. So you should try to concentrate your attention inside of the object which is being charged but not on its surface. You can even charge food. Situation with charged food comes sooner than with usual food, and the charged products make better for organism. 

2) The tuning “activating of money stream”

Our life turns round money even if we don’t recognize it. The importance and power of money is indisputable. But, unfortunately, our wealth depends not only on our hard work. May be you noticed that some people have no good luck for money. They work hard but they can’t deduct money. Their bad luck

in financial sphere is caused with negative informative programmers in their system of energy which prevent them from taking and keeping money streams. The tuning “activation of money stream” takes these programmers away, it takes the inner limitations away and begins to attract money from various sources. This tuning will help you to make good relationship with money.

You will get a chance to influence on your financial state.

For activation this tuning you should say “Yggdrasil’” and “Activation of money stream.” 

This tuning helps to increase your energy and to make your energetic body structured, and you will be able not only to get money but keep it. You can combine the tuning “activation of money stream” with the tuning “Charge of object” and you can charge your wallet or any other object. Using the tuning “Activating of money stream”, you will notice that your well-being has considerably increased.

3) The tuning “Clearance of people, clearance of lodgings”

During his life a person is influenced by other people. This influence is often negative and can be not deliberate. For example, somebody was envious of you or swore at you in a fit of temper. It doesn’t matter if it was said to oneself or aloud. Such thoughts or works most of negative layers on an energetic body of a person and as a result various deformations which look like dents and breaches are formed. The typical signs of such influence are weakness, tiredness, laziness and often insomnia. A person is constantly ill.

If measures are not taken in time and if an aura is not cleared from the negative structures, these structures can make irreparable harm. For activating this tuning you should write with your finger on your palm the name of the person who needs clearance or imagine your person on your palm. If you clear yourself, concentrate on your body. Say “Yggdrasil’” and “Clearance of a person.”

Though objects and lodgings don’t have their own consciousness, they are also influenced from outside. Everybody knows the feelings of anxiety, fear and sometimes inexplicable aggression in some lodgings. Everybody also ran into some objects which attracted failures to hemselves. 

Staying in such lodgings and contact with such objects influence negatively on physical, psychological and energetic condition of a person. Such objects and lodgings need immediate clearance too. The object which you want to clear should be taken in your hands. If the object or the lodging is big should imagine it on your palm.

Say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Clearance of object” or “Clearance of lodging.”

You can name this object or lodging while activating the tuning. For example, “Clearing of the car” or “Clearing of the flat.” The tuning “Clearance of person,” “Clearance of object,” “Clearance of lodging” work using a principle of scanning the energetic informative structure. If scanning discovers some negative information, the Stream will destroy it. Everything which is not in harmony with

“Reiki Yggdrasil’” energy is taken away.

4) The tuning “Destruction of connection”

During our lives we have to deal with people. Communication with some people is not satisfactory and can make us harm because such communication is not harmonious. The tuning “Destruction of connection” is for such situations. This tuning is for recovering and clearing of the channels connecting people.

For using this tuning say mentally “Yggdrasil’ , “Destruction of connection” and then concentrate on the person’s image. 

Some problems can be our relations with some strangers who are not important for us or if the connection can be painful. Sometimes the connection with the person can make more harm than good. Such connection can’t be cleared, it can only be broken. Using this tuning, We can get rid of such people, i.e. break the negative connection with them.

But what can be if we are in a conflict with any dear person? On if we are in a conflict with a person who we depend on? In such cases this tuning becomes a test if we really need this person or not. At the same time you can use this tuning for your relatives without any doubts, you close people, your relatives cannot disappear from your life because such connections cannot be destroyed , in this case , this tuning will only take away all negative aspects from your connection and it will help you to come to terms and to reach agreement.

Using this tuning, you can also clear yourself from troubling and obstructive memories. The tuning “Destruction of connection” will help you to break unnecessary emotional connections with your past, and as the result, your energetic potential will increase and your potentialities of life will extend.

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