Level 3. Magic of Ancient Egypt


Principle Program: Principles of Holistic Healing.

  • Egyptian Magic (1 levels) - 1 credit.
    Initiation into the Temple Egyptian Energy healing.

Electives: Greek & Roman Tradition

  • Osiris Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Maat Temple Initiations & the Book of Dead study (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Horus Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Isis Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Hathor Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits


The Wisdom of Eternity. Technologies of healing and rejuvenation.

The origins of European civilization, science and medicine began with the ancient Egyptian mysteries. Egyptian civilization was very powerful and had unique methods of healing and rejuvenation.

We will explore the wisdom, tradition, and magic of Egyptian civilization and technology, which you can incorporate into holistic healing methods.

In the Egyptian Tradition, secret rituals were held to purify the heart.
Egyptian magic was based on achieving great development in the mind, body and soul. In order to be able to accommodate the eternal wisdom and power of the gods.


Egyptian INITIATION - Magic Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

In this block, all subtle bodies will be combined into a single structure in order to obtain their strength and capabilities. All settings in this block are the names of subtle bodies and the inclusion of a particular body. Block Settings:

HAT - fixation on oneself, in this body and in this incarnation, the maximum presence at this point in space.
KA - when working with him, the body stands out by tuning, as a person - you can communicate with him, - there is a synchronization with the body of the HAT in order to enhance emotional motivation.
BA - strengthening BA, you can control other people, arbitrarily direct their attention.
EB (AB) - is responsible for the actions of the HAT, strengthens the balance of the AC and BA, makes it harmonious.
KHAYBIT - allows you to influence the events.
HU - its elaboration leads to its luminosity, the disclosure of memories of past incarnations.
SAHU - you can work it out with all the bodies; the more bodies SAHU models, the stronger the person will be.
SEKHEM - through SEKHEM there is a connection with all processes, bodies, gods that are.
REN is the most fixed structure. Any body can have a name, but the most powerful is the name of all bodies combined. By naming a body’s name one can gain power over it.


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