Runic Reiki Yggdrasil. Level 4.

The forth level of “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system

1) The tuning “Clairvoyance”

Clairvoyance is an ability to see that is hidden from usual physical vision. Person’s ability to supersensitive perception is directly connected with Adjna chakra awakening. Adjna chakra is also called

“the third eye.” The tuning “Clairvoyance” makes the work of the third eye” more active. The astral vision is opened, it gives an ability to see “through the walls”-the things and the bodies become transparent. An ability to see an aura, human’s organs and their activity, past and future events

are developed. Usage this tuning in treatment helps to understand the causes of disease, to diagnose easier, and it increases the efficiency of the therapeutics.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Clairvoyance.”

A new world will be opened in front of you. Clairvoyance makes a lot of good for a person and his surrounding. But you should remember that sometimes clairvoyance disturbs more than helps. You should have an ability not only switch on your clairvoyance but also switch it off. What the use of seeing the internal organs when you travel by public transport?

Making this tuning more active also helps a person to see the objects of the astral world which are always near us. These creatures are invisible in usual condition-these are ghosts and spirits. Many people are not ready to meet them and to be always their neighbours. If you don’t want your abilities to disturb you.

You should switch off “Clairvoyance.” You should only say “switch off clairvoyance.”

Your abilities will develop step by step. The more energy you will accumulate in your Adjna chakra, the more developed abilities you will have. For gaining necessary skills you should train every day.

2) The tuning “Previous lives”

We need the tuning “Pervious lives” for making more active the connection with Egregors which a person was connected with in his previous incarnations. The word “Egregor” comes from the Latin words “ex” – “from” and “grex” – “crowd”, “group”, “society.” 

Egregor is complicated energetic informative substance which is formed and fed by people with similar ideas and also by various phenomena, systems and communities.

There are Egregors of religions, nations, states, different professions and so on. Egregor can be asked for help, defence and information. All Egregors flow into the indivisible powerful Egregor of the Earth-the Genius of the Earth.

Using the tuning “Previous lives”, you join the Genius of the Earth where you can take information about all your previous lives. Using this Knowledge, you come in resonance with other countries, cities, nations and professions. For example, if you want to learn foreign language , resonance with the country where this language is spoken helps you to master this language faster. If you want to master a new profession, you will come in resonance with this profession. Resonance with other nations will allow you to understand other people at the level of subconsciousness, and you will be for “a local person” everywhere . This tuning will allow you feel at home in any country and city.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Previous lives.”

Our subconsciousness is a bridge between our consciousness and the informative layer of the Genius of the Earth. When you make the tuning more active, your subconsciouness on, and you get all necessary Knowledge and skills from your previous incarnations. It is not recommended to stay in this regime for a long time, you should go out of it in time. Try to use the tuning “Previous lives” every day but not more than 10-20 minutes. After that you should say “Switch off “Previous lives.”

3)The tuning “Create the situation”

The main difference of the tunings “Work on situation” and “Create the  situation” is that in the first case you only get the best result of all possible results but in the second case you create all that you need by yourself. This tuning suits you when know what you want to get and how you want to get it. So, for using the tuning “Create the situation” you should formulate the clear aim.

For using the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Create the situation.”

When you work on this tuning , try to avoid any doubts because doubts take very much energy and as the result you will run out of energy for achieving desirable result. 

4) The tuning “Knowledge”

Knowledge is possession of answering the questions which let you solve the problem. Making this tuning active, we join the information stream straight i.e. we have access to so-called. The Chronicles of Akashi or the Library of Akashi. The Chronicles of Akashi is a depository of information about everything. The chronicles contain all experience of the mankind and the history of creation of the Universe. It is also information about the past, the present and the future of all creatures. The tuning allows to get necessary information quickly and to think it over logically. For getting information from The Chronicles of Akashi you need to have knowledge of the subject or science which you are interested in. the more you know, the more information you can get from the World depository. For example, for getting the algorithm of a new computer program with help of this tuning you must understand well the instruction, otherwise you will get knowledge which you will not be to use and it will be useless for you. 

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Knowledge.”

If you use this tuning when you need it, you will be able to master new knowledge easier. This tuning will also help you to get new skills.

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