Tao Runic Reiki Yggdrasil Testimonials 2

Masha September 22, 2012 at 12:56

Basic report:

1. Treatment - Pain in the back. Result: by the evening of the same day, the pain had passed and had not returned; from headache in myself. P Performan : worked poorly.

2. Work with the situation - A good hostel and company for yourself, focus on the company. Result: I live alone in a room and make friends with neighbors; Admission to Peter, despite the low score. Result: entered; finding things that are needed urgently, eliminating minor troubles. Result: a positive result in 5 of 8 cases.

3. Past Lives - The concept of Korean culture through connection with the Genius of the Earth. In the process there were glitches . Result: I began to understand a little better, the actions became clearer; familiarity with his past incarnation. R : someone who took me by the arms and pulled me to the right (window, chest of drawers).

4. intuition - isp. on the exam that would pull out the right ticket. Result: positive.

5. Protection - I use on top of the protection of the air sphere as an addition

6. cleaning people - yourself. As if in an energy shower went; other people before initiating.

7. Destruction of connections - I am also an important person for me with whom there were difficult relations. Result: the relationship went to another level.

8. workshop - 5 steps . Result: positive

9. relationship with the gods - it turns out . About itself successfully and easily with Loki

Natalia September 26, 2012 at 20:40

First of all, I thank my master, Lyudmila, for my dedication to the Reiki Yggdrasil system .

Recently, very often, information about this system began to come across and I realized that it was time to pay attention to it. I got used long ago that fate sends me signs and hints in life. The last, most significant)) sign was my acquaintance with Liudmila, who invited me to the first step of RI for information, in order , so that I felt the power and efficacy of the system.

Working with energies is not new to me. I am the Master of the traditional system Reiki -Usui Reiki Ryoho .

The difference in the flows felt immediately. Yggdrasil feels more powerful and, I would say, more purposefully.

Having tried to work on the first stage, I vividly felt this system and continued my studies. Lyudmila supported me all this time and even retrained!))) For me it was new that the flow can not be passed through myself, but sent directly to a person. In principle, this is what interested me in this system.

Each setting worked both on itself and in people. Most of all I like:

Destruction of connections - unnecessary people disappear or old memories dissolve that do not allow to move forward.

The treatment is very effective, very powerful. The patient passed bolv back that OA had treated years 10 different methods. There are many examples - even there is the result of working with animals)))

Intuition - helps a lot in layouts on tarot cards . Noticed the difference in ease of interpretation .

Emotion - harmonizes emotional state - worked with a teenager. And with them everyone knows how it is not easy. But there is no problem with RI.

Dealing with the situation - harmonized work environment porugi . Everything is fine - the permanent accounting has ended.

Protection - immediately felt cocoon that protects against external influences.

Communication with the world - you come into harmony outside and inside, you feel a connection with the universe, you feel the pulsation of the universe.

Communication with the gods - we tune in to God and are filled with the kaus of this deity. Most of all I liked the setting for Eyre, Heimdal , Freya .


Olga September 26, 2012 at 20:40

Good day ! I would like to thank my beautiful master Lyudmila for sharing her experience in working with this system !!! From the very first step, the results started to impress me. I like very much that many problems are solved quickly, self-confidence has appeared, and in general in life! I use all the settings, depending on what I need.

For myself, I use cleaning, treatment, protection every day . I liked very much the treatment with Goddess Eyre, now more than one session can not do without it. The most vivid, immediate results were the treatment of a dog, which, as I was told, lay dying for almost three weeks, almost did not eat, and went outside once a week. I performed 1 session, the next day the dog got on her feet, and began to lead an active lifestyle, to which I was very surprised !!! ! In the pope greatly hurt the waist, and also after one session the pain was gone. It was interesting to watch herpes on the lip, which basically did not want to smear, but treated through working with the situation, and a day later he dried up and fell away.

The emotion setting is very interesting, I launch it when the internal “ kipish ” begins , and the state returns to normal.

I often use the work with the situation, although the result is not what I expect , but in an altered state, but always positive.

Cash flow activation for themselves do little, but made his son to work with the situation, very good results, and found a job, and of al fee is suitable, and she likes him.

I do disruption of communication during treatment, in a bad mood, and in connection with people and situations, I like it a lot.

Always use power + sexuality, when I go on some business, communicate with me courteously, and never refuse.

Communication with the world greatly fills me, I often use it now too.

In connection with the gods, I feel additional support.

What I want skazat i- or not regretted a moment that came to this system, I really like it, though, of course, still have to work and work. !!!


Artem October 2 , 2012 at 23:44


Miraculously, he met with Reiki Yggdrasil ... Once in a network of friends heard a variety of rack and heard Reiki Yggdrasil ... as the first - it passed by, and then some time later met a man with stage 1 and talk to him, he gave I am treated, and I realized that this is a new, higher-quality energy that was very consonant with me. And so I went out on Andrei Litvinov and it turned out that he would soon come to our city. Then I got 1 step in my city. For a couple of days I just rested on the bed with new sensations and was rolling out of my body in vain. Somewhere in a month , somehow ripe, I decided on stage 2 ... here bam also level 3. And then on 3 tay steps began to change life drastically ! Literally the world around has gone mad, then that problem, then he lost the tablet, that something else was expelled from work. And I was like in a certain cocoon filled with light and I was not very worried about some events. There is still beginning to punch strong emotions, all out of me. He continued to practice, everything worked out, something new was opening every day. He continued to expand into new social y smoothly. Harmonization began to occur around, some simply do not cope with this harmonization and they become very ill at heart, all their inner dirt \ blocks \ else starts to go along with the tears. And here comes August and I'm going to the Magic Workshop. I get level 5, consciousness has unwound and raised to a higher level, I begin to consolidate in it . He began to see and understand more, to think more widely, to do more. Most of all, I like the Intellect setting ... with its help, it is possible to disperse the consciousness rather well and activate the sleeping parts of the brain. In general, I can note that my development has accelerated by 3 or 4 times in comparison with the rate that was previously.

Now I am switching my activity to the level of teaching at the basic level (1-5) and gathering my group.

I praise settings - Intelligence , creating a situation (works sometimes automatically when you just think about what you need), protection (in conjunction with Communication with the Gods About Din), Intuition (almost automatically turns on and displays all of the internal processes of the subconscious to the conscious level), Communication with the World (I use little, but I feel a very good connection to the space where I inhabit), Blocking, Flying, Cleaning, Charging the subject. Here is the most basic arsenal that I use.

I almost always try to work with Vision that allows me to develop diagnostic skills and it allows me to see some structures of something that is not completely clear but completely understandable on an intuitive level and use these structures in my practice.

Additionally, I want to paint each setting under my vision and under my understanding, which will give additional information on the report :)


Leonid October 5 , 2012 at 15:04

Hello comrades ! :))

I will begin with the words of Gratitude .... Andrew, I sincerely thank you for such a "present of fate" as inclusion in the Rake and Yggdrasil system, and here with it happiness and harmony burst into my life, etc. robots, priorities ...

Report to the studio:

Stage 1:

Treatment - the flow goes into the hands very gently, easily, fills the whole body with warmth, especially felt on the palms. "Get away the disease!" - cured knee pain, headache, abdominal pain and even a toothache removed !!!! (but the visit to the dentist all - still had to do the next uyuschy day) Feed :) "treatment" is pumped in conjunction with the "work situation" and "treatment" works better. After receiving the 5th stage he began to work through the gods.

Intuition - the flow goes well, but I did not notice any special differences, I pump it daily. Pumping intuition is pumping - sensations, people look easier)) by designating the left hand with the option “Yes” and the right “No” as a scale, intuition at the Euro 2012 football championship showed the result of 4 football matches using it in the “Intuition- Intel l ek t- Knowledge "

Protection - I pump over protection in the “Activation-protection” or “Work with the situation-maximum protection” bundle , it seals tightly, and the flow goes to the head, shoulders and back, slightly creating pressure ..... it feels pretty good.

Dealing with the situation - shove ETU settings wherever you can in anything and everything, all the ligaments, etc. I harmonize the chakras , the day, the relationship, even the minibus pull =)))))

2nd stage:

Cleaning - I clean everything = people , house, chakras , I buy things too, I clean them first, then turn on the "Charging Items" and charge mainly for protection, intuition, sexuality. I use cleaning in conjunction with " Working with the situation - Cleaning - Harmonization - Treatment"

Destruction of connections is one of the favorite settings, since it cuts very well even ) )) after the destruction of ties with some people, sometimes the head was spinning, sometimes the stomach was clutching, goosebumps, there was pressure in different places. Setting cool blows even parasites : P

Activation of the cash flow - I pump over time, later I began to work through the Gods, I look where the flow is “tight” - I work through those places and chakras separately .

3rd step:

Revitalization - oh, yeah , uh it's my favorite nastroechka .. mmm ... vkusnuypirogek ! E nergetik the real! Stirs as! :)) The flow of feelings is prickly and very strong, I don’t start a single bundle without it, “Activating” sensations of the flow in the body, activating intuition, activating Sexuality and rushing ...

Flight - a flight fill very good)))) included in the dream and flew, sometimes in lower astral throw sometimes lucid dream .... revolutionary solution - Cushion charged n th at Flight - work wonders Lord ) ))

Sexuality, power, e Mozia, using rare but they oschuschayutsya great.

4th step:

Vision - I feel, through sensations, I actually see how strange the flow "Vision" gives me less than the flow of "intuition", intuition gives the perceiver better .. I see without vision.

Past life - fun nastroechka , oche Hb !!! :))) I scoop up different kinds of resource states from there, I watched my magical incarnations a couple of times, I even looked at my wife in a past life , I saw, I was surprised, I was shocked, I wondered, but she knew how to cook ...))))) squeezes ...

Knowledge - elegant setting includes intuition - Inta l Lect - Knowledge and Ooops , you know the answers to your questions. It is necessary to accumulate, to accumulate, at once nothing really happened, everything was hard and incomprehensible. I think we can go to the club WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? to go?

5th step:

Setup Master - I switch on often, as it structures well ) ) Initiated by several people! I'm proud! The guys work all grasp on the fly, make progress! ) )

Adjusting for the Scandinavian gods e is for me the beauty e of the system, here is through them I was pumped Freyer - cash flow, Thor - active protection


Vyacheslav Oct 15 , 2012 at 10:35 am

With the practice of RI, more confidence appeared. More stable in life circumstances. People around me have a different attitude.

Somehow it was necessary to find a job because with the former left; he worked on “activating cash flow” and “past lives” separately, he did not touch on the topic of money and work. About a year ago, one relative offered to arrange to his friend, then I refused. And the next year, this most familiar with his company recruited people. So I went to him and ...

"Past life" gives a certain resource state, deep disclosure - what do you want. Applied in conjunction with the "knowledge" for current purposes.

In general, strengthened and strengthened the state of personal finance. There were many very interesting directions in life. It is necessary to choose the most interesting of the whole variety, it is not possible to embrace everything. Relevant was the use of time management .

With gods and goddesses at times. Njord , Gna (more for others than for themselves) born in annee traveled in an open-air museum (in the tent) and at the same time a place of power to the goddess hakaskoy Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas , at the inner workings of meditation came to light in the head setting connection with the goddess Freya - Perhaps this is the same goddess only in the Khakian tradition. Communication with the god Thor gives the necessary security.

Working through the settings, I effectively solve tactical issues, the more complicated inclusion, time, attention, and return are more difficult with strategic ones. Sometimes you observe how a self-guided setting, so to speak, when you do not directly turn on yourself, and those tasks that were set before you, brings life to them smoothly.

I thank Andrew for the opportunity to learn new things!


Evgenia October 17 , 2012 at 10:58 pm


Reiki Yggdrasil entered my life this summer and absolutely changed my life!

Most often in my work with clients I use settings and - Treatment, cleaning, activation and destruction of connections. Basically, I use all of them for treating or harmonizing a client. The same settings Work with a situation and Create a situation — to form a desired situation for others and yourself.  

Personally for myself, I often use the settings Cleaning, destroying relationships, Protection - so how often dealing with various, not always bright people dialed is not very pleasing power me ...

Favorite settings - Communication with the Gods, as I often work with Runes to forecast the future or look at situations through the runes.

Customize Sexuality - I use it for personal gain in order to easily achieve the desired, sometimes from random men))). They do not even know from where all of a sudden become so compliant and benevolent))))))))).

Vision - This is generally what I live. Having initially the gift of clairvoyance, the Vision setting allows me to see even more clearly and easily.

Blocking a- Sometimes, when protection does not work, I use this setting to protect myself from other people's effects. It works instantly and efficiently !!!!!!! And yet somehow he blocked her cat, which is not a joke razmyavkalas bus - turned on the lock on itself, expanded on the cat - and it turned off, she was sitting quietly and peacefully, all the way!

Charge item - I charge talismans and I increase the work of run-scripts for myself and others.

Master r- passed the first step. Works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In general, it became more harmonious, calmer, there was a belief in yourself , your strength and capabilities!

Thank you Reiki Yggdrasil and Andrew for coming into my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Svetlana Glushchenko November 5, 2012 at 20:17

Two striking examples of the Treatment: during the training, I watched a video of a Cesarean section, I myself am a Cesarene , I felt sick, I tried to breathe and calm down - it only got worse. I remembered Yggdrasil treatment, during and 30 seconds it went. Also, this setting is used to help the treatment of herpes on the nose in a child - herpes went away without the use of medications.

Protection: the field is compacted and a detachment of soldiers with weapons is visualized around me :)

I use the breaking of connections simultaneously with the Cleaning, I clean all the blocks and clips, the nodes that hold, interfere with the proper circulation of energy.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Marina November 5, 2012 at 21:05

My report for the past week)


Of all the settings, the 3rd stage of the ball was the most difficult for me. during the lesson I didn’t keep up with everyone, I had a feeling that we were in a hurry somewhere .. it seemed to just get into the tuning energy, I just started to feel something, as I had to unsubscribe) it hurt me a little) what getting the third step - the energy was felt very well, softly and pleasantly)

as for practice this week. All week every day I tried to stay in the main thread .. Ie. I got up in the morning, entered the stream and tried to keep it for the day . n eye can not constantly focus on the stream, but I feel like I have it get better and better. The flow in the 7th chakra began to be felt more clearly . the flow in the body itself is now felt very gently, sometimes almost imperceptibly . n of the sensations my body adapt to osnovnoimu flow, so there is some dramatic moments as before)

This week, Misha and I worked more than last . h is something we get a fine. treatment, destruction of bonds, activation - it turns out very well.

sexuality is not particularly in a pair, but during personal work, the changes are quite tangible) tried being on the road, as well as at the club - the action does not keep itself waiting for a long time)) there is confidence in its beauty and incredible ease and relaxation . n y and men's attention immediately increased. and if earlier some were just looking in my direction, then that evening, when I practiced sexuality, the same men switched to actions)) it was interesting to watch))

Activation good at it, and power integral l Lect is also good, but the work on the order has been Pts good)

almost completely impossible flight setup

The destination works when I look at my proposed options to choose from . and without options, it is still difficult. there are good feelings. but it is difficult to understand .

With the setting of karma I work so far with caution.

on tuesday we worked in a group with d hoy . it was very cool . n otok was very powerful. felt very strongly. the group worked directly with me on tinctures treatment, protection and destruction of bonds. b s Is a very strong feeling. I couldn’t even finish myself on the lesson until the end , because I felt bad from excess energy. there was an overdose )))

I liked working in this group, it is also very helpful and explains , if anything is unclear . Used hook necessarily continue to practice on Tuesdays)


Vladimir November 5, 2012 at 21:22


Since June 2012 when the SG in Kyiv "received from Andrew" setting on the first step trying to apply in different lives Mr. GOVERNMENTAL situations. In prisuts tons Wii Andrew feelings flow much more colorful images, bodily sensations expressed, practice with other uchasnikami so also enhances the feeling, but the master level so far away.


1. Treatment - I feel better in the treatment of others, but to get rid of a headache and other minor troubles turns itself mu, twice we had cured his sea to without any complications (Este governmental without medicine) - before any nasmor to ended inflammation of sinusitis, one From treatments just get in the process of re-initiation to the 1st stage.

2. Work with the situation - it is difficult to draw conclusions as bolshins so in situations with which work will show its result in the distant future, for example, career - quickly changed much, not because I wanted to, but not bad, the final result will be later. Minor situations, such as - a place in the parking lot or routine work issues in general, pass normally.

3. Intuition - it is difficult to disable logic, but the search for logical solutions and the choice of options has accelerated, in most cases I almost always know where to look (I work as an analyst, planning specialist).

4. Protection - I often forget about this wonderful setting, but the feelings are very pronounced, I like to be safe (but I also like risk and extreme)

5. Charge the object - I like to create my own amulets and “amplifiers”, for others I have not tried it yet, one of the examples charged to work with the situation when I drive into the yard I work with the parking situation and activate the ring - there’s a miracle I forget to do it - you have to Twist the t camping and look for where to put the car.

6.Activating cash flow - globally, nothing has changed, but after a session of the 2nd stage I received 100 from an unexpected source, it was nice, I continue to look for sources.

7. Destruction of connections - sensations and visualization are very pronounced, changes in my career, including, I suppose, are associated with this practice, I worked in the same department for more than 4 years , now I have moved to a completely unexpected department. The proposal came after the SG in the Crimea, where I “took from Andrew” the settings for the 2nd stage.

8. Cleaning the person, the premises - as well as about the protection I often forget, but in general there is a feeling that something is changing.

9. Karma - "turns the brain" during the practice, visions similar to dreams come, worked so far only on its own - the events in these visions are easily associated with the problem to which the request was . ( N For details on do not tell very personal)

10.Inte elekt - applied together with intuition , working situations in p.3

11.Activation - really gives strength !!! do what I would gladly postpone until tomorrow, for example, write this report, wash the dishes, respond to a non-urgent request at work.

12. Emotion - helps to calm down , or get angry and has not done experiments with others (together with activation) on others.

13.Seksualnost - sensations in bolshins t ve cases are similar to the activation and sometimes power.

14. Power - for the period of difficult negotiations was not, but the feeling that my opinion has become more important for colleagues - has appeared.

15.Polot - "fly" so far only in the past, taken Mr. Ladi some situation by very useful.

16. Purpose - the hardest thing, from what I thought of myself, does not respond, maybe I need to continue the search, I consider this setting very important and I really want to find my true vocation, which will bring material and moral satisfaction to me and the world.

I thank Anrey and all who in "SYSTEM"!


Svetlana Nov 12, 2012 at 3:19 pm

Report: Working with a situation, Creating a situation, setting up Power helped to resolve the issue with a device for an unvaccinated child in kindergarten, the story was several days long, but the main thing was the result :)

I feel the density and the work of the settings very well. Destruction of communication, Cleaning (in the apartment I clean at the same time the room, objects and people who are cleaned), Protection

Experimenting in the connection settings Karma + Treatment, Dealing with a Situation + Treatment + Emotion: on the body - here something appeared, manifested, there - something was healed.

Turning on the mood for Work with the situation and Purpose led to the fact that I was now immersed in organizational activities ...

Setting seen as if, so far, "prominaetsya" reality ... as well as knowledge, Intel l CPC, I only played 3-5 start to feel the flow, vibration in the body, easy, obvious changes in circumstances are not tracked, but there was a sense of confidence and internal knowledge (I cannot describe it in words ...) I no longer have a certain sense of internal panic that I will miss something (I read a lot and am interested in a lot).

I experienced an amazing feeling of joy and glee when I was flying. + Vision, e-hoooooo .

By activating, I lift myself out of bed, I have to work on tuning, my love for morning felting is stronger :)

Charged several items to work with the situation, the activation of cash flow, cleansing, treatment.

And also: Working with the situation + Purification of the chakras - I feel them!

I'm already working on a recent, but now more clearly note stability in n her state of balance and harmony. Interesting events happen in life.

I thank Andrey and the group :)


Alexey 12 Nov 2012 at 17:43

In his life he tried several times to practice esoteric practices. Basically, there was not enough time, restraint, the motivation was not strong, because the results were not particularly. Since childhood, I have had problems for health and I was trying to work through traditional and netraditsimonnyh methods. For some time, as I received 5 steps of Yggdrasil , my life changed, of course, not immediately. There is a lot of work, but the development is in any case under the accelerated program, for which he sincerely thank his master Ilya Shengelia .N e can say that I have all at once turned in contrast to other people. Thanks to the teacher who always found the right words, I knew what is worth continuing. Now I can track my own condition and act on it. If we talk about progress, what I have achieved: after half a year, the practitioner has learned to feel the currents, now the sensations are only getting stronger. Increased income is not very noticeable, but nonetheless. Personal strength and level of health increased, I get sick only if I overdo it with practitioners. The most important thing is the motivation to further develop and develop. My favorite settings from the base unit RI "protection", "work with the situation", "treatment", "emotion", "purpose". As required, I still use all the settings of the base unit, a little more than a year has passed since the master stage was received.

Marina 12 Nov 2012 at 19:31

My report for the past week)

setting the fourth stage was held Pts Shade well . This energy was mega strong, which made me happy.

There are shifts in practice settings. from the sensations themselves, which have become much stronger than before .. a small visualization also began to appear, which also makes me very happy)

it was an interesting observation when working in a group with Dana .. we all did the destruction of setting links .. and the day I first poyavili different feeling, much stronger plus visualization .. it dry I immediately noticed Rich, and at this time given commented on what can be seen as my changes went abruptly. it was interesting))

In general, the difference is felt when you work alone and when in a group . a huge difference!

Group work is still a bit difficult for me now . Pts often cause the fuse to go off and I switch off, because Pt is a powerful stream )

it was still interesting to feel my feelings with the settings of the 4th stage .. turn on the vision and close the vision for example ... I always ached, that I feel the flow is very weak and so on . and it always seemed to me that I did not feel anything at all . But about turning the vision on and off, it clearly showed to me that these are all unnecessary thoughts. when you first turn on the flow the sensations of the flow go, and then when you turn it off, the flow disappears . and this difference is colossal)) you immediately understand how much you felt the flow))

settings that do not work out very well ... this is flight and emotion . about schuscheniya some there. the weak.


in general, here)


Elena on Nov 13, 2012 at 12:21 am


one) treatment - minor diseases pass quickly, chronic left, tried to work with the situation karma and past lives, the current state is improving but more on u his recovery is not, I think need more energii , but the flow longer than 2-3 minutes, causing aggravation, dobovlyaet cleaning, Wired and harmonization .

2) intuition - Now I understand that I’m wilting her logic, analyzing everyday events, began to notice that sensations and clues go, but I ignore them, and then I notice, in the setting, the sensation of light flow

3) protection - very working setting, powerful flow, visualization bright, cocoon, specularity, density

four) work with the situation - I apply the setting with almost all the others as needed, visualization of the flow upon request

Stage 2

one) Charging the subject - a favorite setting , I charge all talismans, medicine, food, water ..., everything works, again, there is not enough en e WGIG and would result strengthen

2) cleaning of the person - feeling of a soul both inside the body and outside, I apply every day, with others

settings - protection, work with the situation, cleaning space works in different ways

3) breaking of ties - Ring of Fire cleans and trims everything from cook to on, polishes cook on n, it becomes luminous, which the people leave the circle of friends there are new

4) cash flow, this setting works for me on - differently, working in combination with other

3) level

activation-favorite use everywhere where it is possible, from the rise of the morning before the activation e p ugih settings

2) power-confidence, influence on others

3) sexuality-self-confidence in a woman, attractiveness

4) Emotions u use, when emotions going wild, fast uspakaivaetsya , apply with the government

five) purpose - difficult for me to set up, I see a fork of five roads, added knowledge, connection with the world , connection with the Gods

6) flight, there are no boundaries of vision, even write a novel ...

7) integral l Lect + knowledge + work with the situation, I apply to it where it is necessary to understand something difficult for me

eight) karma + past lives - pictures with plots, there are very clear details and images + flight

4 step

one) vision, in principle, is obtained, but not always. I understand that it is necessary to enter a certain state, depending on the resource state.

2) past lives: the captain of the ship is somewhere 16 century , a chant with cards, a Slav woman in the forest at the ritual fire, the head of a monastic order of 17-18 century and various other things,

3) the creation of a situation: on trifles it turns out for the most part not very

four) knowledge: it is necessary to more folk and batyvat

5 step

It seems to me that all the settings of stage 5 need to be worked out especially long and seriously

1) workshop - a powerful stream, spent 1 setup it turned out like

2) blocking - little used, no particular results

3) connection with the world - I apply to enhance any setting, it goes well

4) communication with the gods - I study Gods, the worlds, I apply as required


Aleksey January 14, 2013 at 23:43

So, for several years now, since 2010 I have been working with Reiki Yggdrasil . There was a long period pas in PS, ok for lo years, but still the summer of 2012 returned to active use, received the Workshop stage.

The most favorite settings are "Cleansing", "Activating Cash Flow", "Destroying Negative Relations", "Power".

Cleansing feels good, cleansing everything, it turns out to work with cleansing the psyche - to get rid of gravity. Cleans, because that in fact - I have an immortal soul, and all the problems - from some external things to a greater extent. So now I understand, so I clean.

I break the negative connections - it does not work as fast as purification, but after a while the result is still there.

Revitalizing cash flow works, and quite clearly. As a result, applying Reiki Yggdrasil , common sense, perseverance, work and own knowledge, it was possible to adjust the financial component of my incarnation of the present. Glory to the Higher Forces and to all my assistants. I continue to work.

Treatment - I work rarely, however, is felt. Warm flow, similar to Kundalini Reiki.

Communication with the Gods - amazing sensations can sometimes feel.


From time to time I come back to "work with the situation" - and the results are quick.

It is interesting to note that when I work with people, according to their responses and, attention, results !, The effect is much stronger. Experience with people is still small , just a couple of people - but there are sensations and results.

I continue to practice the system, I plan and intend to continue learning.

Thanks to all those who help me. Visible and invisible.

The current conductor is Andrei, also thanks to him for connecting to the system and helping him to gain experience.

================================================= =============

Andranik 11 Mar 2013 22:30

Good day =)

Base Rate Report:

During the initiation, the first step was strongly thrown into heat, because of this, the main flow of RI was not felt. Yes, and now I feel .. I feel the flow only when I am alone and extremely concentrated, in society or driving there until I feel nothing.

1. Treatment - gastritis is still in place)), but at work, there is a flower on the table, there was a little “tired” and I decided to treat it, I poured it with plain water and drove the flow of treatment, the next day it came to life, and later a couple of days and grew a bit.

2. Intuition - every morning I join the stream, as well as the situation, there is progress, but according to this setting it is difficult for me to say anything, it feels like it activates luck)

3. Protection - a strong thing) good visualization of protection around the cocoon

4. Work with the situation - again, I feel the flow when I turn on alone and there is an opportunity to concentrate on it, and there are already pictures ... it works quickly and efficiently in work life, but I feel nothing about it because the attention is busy is different.

On the second stage

Activating the cash flow and charging the subject - I practiced little, but I can say that when practicing these settings with Andrey Litvinov, there was a clear sense of flow.

- Cleaning a man - almost every time I get baked from the inside out.

- Destruction due - during the setup, there is a slight feeling of lightness, as if the score of the Sbr asyvat.


Anna Kobzeva12 Mar 2013 at 21:28

Report on the base rate Yggdrasil .

There are common changes in life. I rarely practice. Basically, only setting work with the situation. I feel the stream as the cold heat from the middle of the stupa goes up to the feet and everything around becomes brighter. 1) I do not apply treatment, it can work in the background; 2) Intuition - tips appear in the head; 3) Protection - do not apply. In the second stage she worked only at the seminar. Thanks for helping me. I am very grateful that I had such an opportunity to improve my life. I express, in words, an indescribable feeling of joy, delight, the tide of life, thanks to all my assistants and guides.


Alexander June 2 , 2013 at 15:29

I thank Andrew for all five steps of the basic course, received at the festival !

Although less than a month has passed, there is something to write about.

Settings like to work out and use in the complex.

I consider “Connection with the world” and “Activation” to be key for myself - the rest of the settings work much more powerful together with them. Wizard fixation always use.

I will describe the individual bundles:

Yggdrasil-Master-Communication with the world-Activation : quickly fills with energy and relieves fatigue, at the end of the working day. At the beginning of the day, on the way to work, I accumulate all the other settings, adding them to this bundle. For quick centering and gaining composure, after activation, the Power is best suited.

Connection with the world-Connection with the god Veles ... Separate Respect to our whole group, for helping me to strengthen this connection even more. I accumulate it in the morning (Contact with the World - Communication with Veles) and when desire arises. Velez helps me both as a shaman (smoothing the whims of my spirit helpers from the Lower World), and as a huckster-trafficker ...)) I had never been able to bargain with the smartest customers like this. And I did not get so much pleasure from this process.

In short, the arrival of customers and money in commerce brings precisely this connection; But the "revitalization of cash flow" leads to the fact that the money goes directly into my pocket: the chef brings in his beak, someone returns the debt, or they come from other sources.

Sexuality-Power: well, a very powerful effect, especially when interacting with the opposite sex ...))

The rest of the settings are also actively working on, but I'll write specifically later.


Natalie Aug 31 , 2013 at 23:28

REIKI Yggdrasil I accidentally found on the Internet. Interested. I also found myself a teacher by chance, but the truth was not Andrey, she studied by video, she received initiation from her teacher. The RI system immediately entered my life. I apply it in all cases of life. Knowledge helps me learn to work with a computer. I wake up and fall asleep with the cleaning setting. When treating patients, I apply cleansing + treatment and a vision is necessary, you can view the circulatory system, clean it right away, or put on a shelter cleaning program . with the system. View organs and so on. When I travel to the city I always turn on the protection + sexuality + intelligence + connection with the World + power. I use emotions, purpose , karma, work with situations, and create a situation and flight with love layouts of clients . Since I live in nature , very interesting is the connection with the World. Everything changes - sounds, perception, air, sensation , and you simply do not exist, complete dissolution in nature. So as I see it flows very interesting to watch , how they work. I apply all the streams purely intuitively everywhere and always . When it turns out, when not really, but patience and work do their job. I am very glad that I connected the computer to RI myself and I had an omniscient friend and helper

Elena Nov 21, 2013 at 6:07 pm

11/10/2013 Report on the development of level 1-5 Reiki Yggdrasil settings

Acquaintance with the settings of the stream " Yggdrasil ".

I first got acquainted with the settings when I was initiated into them by the Master, the Master of the Reiki Iggdrasil system - Olga.


Now I can divide this acquaintance into stages. Analyzing the full range of my psychophysical reactions in that period, I will begin with tracking the reactions of the physical body — simple to be stated and understood.

The first stage is a feeling of heaviness in the whole body, pressure on the head and thighs, pressing the body to the floor;

The second stage is “signals” from the ovaries, especially from the right. Heaviness in hands (from palms to elbows);

The third step is a powerful pressure on the head and hands, cold in the hands. (When adjusting “Karma” - strong vibrations through the body and stabbing pain in the palms; feeling of pressing the arms into the floor with such force as if they were being broken).

The fourth step is a feeling of warmth in the chest and head with an increase to a hot state. The feeling of expanding the body.

The fifth step is the appearance of softness and lightness in the palms. Very pleasant sensations. Pleasant heaviness in the forearms. The feeling of a powerful expansion of the boundaries of the body.


Each setting was special for me and had its own specific passage. Therefore, I needed a division into approaches, that is, methods of working with one or another setting.

Some settings are recorded in the field of physical sensations.

Others are perceived as energy factors, i.e. movement of energy of different quality in different parts of the body. So with the inclusion of such settings as "activation", "intelligence", "karma", "connection with the world", "connection with the gods", "workshop", "blocking", and working with them, I felt it was unusual, new for yourself or already familiar movement of energy flows.

Another significant approach is visualization. He really suits me.

And in cases of settings such as “intuition”, “purpose”, “vision”, “knowledge” - I worked in the astral-mental field and, as a rule, against the background of a deep sense of a certain knowledge that was transmitted through visual pictures together with the inner feeling (thinking) right.

In the settings “create a situation”, “activating cash flow”, “breaking ties”, “flight”, “karma”, “past lives” only the mental body was switched on (except for the “karma” setting.) Therefore the result: for me these settings remained hypothetical. Neither the setting itself, nor its effect on life in all the cases indicated, has been proven.


1. Set up treatment.

In the process of including in the setup, I experienced by experiment to come to the visualization of the green beam.

Green rays, scanning the body from the bottom to the top and vice versa, stop in problem (for health) zones and work with them.

When working with this setting, it was possible to remove the pain effect.

2. Intuition.

It was proposed to use kinesthetics : slightly clench the fists of the hands, close the eyes, ask a question and track how the fists behave. If the right (the answer is "Yes") is compressed, then the intuition says "Yes." If - left, then - “No”. I came to the visualization approach in this setting . On the sixth attempt to track the fists, a clear image of a well appeared. Its bottom had two color options: on “Yes” - green, on “No” - red. In practice, the answers to questions asked from the "well" coincided during the test of real events.

3. Protection.

As in the “Treatment” setting, I used a body scan. The blue rays passed through the body from the bottom up and in the reverse order, and at the end sealed the object in the red metal grid.

4. Work with the situation.

A “thick white” ring goes down to the “upward sent Request,” “from above,” which symbolizes the approval of my decision to a particular situation. Experimentally established a link between the appearance of the white ring and the successful resolution of the situation in reality.

5. Charging the subject.

Best traced the effect of "charging" books. I put the intention to get the "key-tips" from the book that I intended to read. So it happened to all the books that passed

Victoria 3 Feb 2014 at 16:48

Report on the first stage. TREATMENT - yourself and loved ones - the acute stage passes quickly, chronic slowly, but the result is visible. WORKING WITH THE SITUATION - there are no problems with transport), with other situations setting does not always do what you want, and what is best for you (a surprise happens). INTUITION - somehow it did not come into use, but in the distribution of the heat of the hand, yes , the cold-no works. PROTECTION - a kind of sensation, not confused. After receiving the second stage, the settings of the first one became more clearly felt (the process began and goes on).

Report on the second stage. CHARGING ITEMS - feels warm from the hands. ACTIVATION OF CASH FLOW , CLEANING AND CLEARING TIES - work with visualization, a feeling of the general flow, but there are no features yet (I forgot to say what I started and remembered by feeling). After receiving the next steps, the settings and their duration are clearly tracked.

Report on the third stage. ACTIVATION - sensation of cheerfulness, readiness for action. POWER-appears assured Mr. Nost, calm. FLIGHT and PAST LIVES - on a dream the result is visible, and interesting dreams. SEXUALITY - works on the rise, the new "piles" do not fit, but old friends have a different look). EMOTION - the negative goes away. INTELLIGENCE-SWAT n Nost, readiness to accept new information.


Denis Grushev7 Apr 2014 22:15

Very lucky to find RI and get trained with Andrew. The system is effective and easy to use, spells versatile.

Life events have become more dynamic unfolding. Already from the first stage very useful toolkit is given. Intuition in most cases allows you to know the answer to a clearly posed question. In a conflict situation can be used protection, power, emotion. With well-placed protection, one can observe how the fragments fight in the field and fall. Emotion at the opponent in this case can be fun to act. When concentrating on power during contact with people of higher status, mutual behavior may change places in some places)). Work with the situation + cash flow, though not dramatically, but noticeably moving. True, then when working with karma, the reverse process began, some failures. But it is still observed ... Purification gives physical ease. When cleaning Pomo e There is information about darker and muddy places. Breaking bonds can nullify them. Knowledge can give a completely illogical picture, and sexuality - to form irrational behavior of others.

In general, the system is effective! Thank you.

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