The Northern Gods & Runes

The runic heritage of the Scandinavian Vikings.
What is the Runic Scandinavian tradition?

This is a flight at the arrowhead. Faster than the wind.
This is the clatter of hooves in the wilderness and lightning penetration into the heart of the enemy.

Delight in accomplishment, and silent disappearance in the night.

Life in flight.
Search for a new goal.
Thirst for victory and happiness in battle.
Gliding next to Death.
The fullness of a second.
The eternity of the moment.
And only the gods decide fate.

They give courage, courage, determination, courage and lightning.
They grant everything, and take away even more.
Be devoted to the Gods and sincere in battle.

Here is the happiness of a warrior.
Here is the runic power and spirit of the Scandinavian.

The phrase of that period:
War is my job. Death is my pay.

Victory here is not an achievement, but the natural realization of one's inexorable Debt.

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