Level 2. Greek & Roman Heritage

LEVEL 2. Greek & Roman Heritage
(Sacral Mysteries of beauty, power, sexuality and rejuvenation)

Principle Program: Advanced of Holistic Healing.

  • 2. Advanced Holistic Healing (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    Money stream activation.
    Man & Woman. Love making.
    Life Force, Energies of the Planet
    Personal Energy Management. Fireball.
    Level. Sexual Energy Processing
  • Traditions & Egregors Master initiation - 1 credits.
  • Zodiak - 1 credit

Electives: Greek & Roman Tradition

  • Greek Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Roman Temple Initiations (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Temple Artifacts Workshop - 1 credit


Healing & Empowering

This one is one the most favourite level. It's as easy as it is powerful.

With this attunement you start being able to tune into any Egregor
and perform healing and mental enhancement procedures.

You start being able to feel the hidden secrets, powers and blessing of both spiritual Egregors (Buddism, Christianity etc) as well as Magic and Healing Egregors, Business and Professional Egregors.

The Egregore block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

This block is intended for conscious inclusion in the Center of any egregore. Fixation in the center of egregor makes you very human for egregor egregor protects and helps its central figures. Also from this position you can already work with other people.

Block Settings:

Egregors - connection to the desired egregors.
Exorcism is the expulsion from the human body of harmful subtle material entities.
Guardian Angel - activating a channel of communication with your guardian angel.
Healer - treatment with hands, the implementation of the so-called astral, mental, etc. operations.


Mysteries of Ancient Greece

Awakening of sensuality, the beauty of emotions,
body, mind, soul - this is one of the greatest treasures in the Greek tradition. The pantheon of Gods and Goddesses enriches and strengthens this standard. Tantric Dionysian mysteries help in opening and bringing into life the beauty and awakening of the mind.


Tantra Reiki & Dionysian Mysteries

This Level is not considered to be obligatory, but it is very important.

Tantric Reiki Initiation cleans your body channels. It allows to strengthen the sensuality, feelings of energies streams. It allows to heal the conflicts achieve goals more easily.

Meditation with Tantric and Dionysian energies opens the heart and sexuality that is activating magical potential, gives important important experience to study the next levels of tunings.


Planetary Magic.

European, world culture is based on the ancient Greek archetypes of love and power. Love and beauty symbols got the outstanding healing effect.

We will study the Roman-Greek heritage, principles of hermetic knowledge, the Greek zodiac and planetary magic.

Block "ZODIAC" in Reiki-Yggdrasil

This block allows you to use the energies of the planets, constellations, and through them to influence your body and consciousness, as well as recognize your strengths and strengthen them. The basis of the block is tuning to various energies that are in the Genius of the Earth. Cosmic energy affects us only through the Geniuses of the Earth: through the planets of the solar system, magnetic fields, information and certain egregors that have already formed on Earth.

Block Settings:

Planets - tuning to the energies of the planets, enhancing potential, increasing energy.
Constellations - human behavior in life, impact on events and patterns of behavior.
Adam Kadmon - embedding planets and constellations in human energy, strengthening social realization.
Geniuses are certain energies that are in every sign of the zodiac.
Homonyms - shaping the future, helping to tune in the energy of the offonym.


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