2. School of Temple Shamanic Therapies


Tantra Reiki is the profound educational system.
However it is only the part of the education program our Academy is helding for more that 10 years in Eastern Europe.
You might be interested in the whole ACADEMIC PLAN:

Degree: Magister of Holistic Ethnopsychology
& Shamanic Therapies.


The study program is 2 years.
It is helded mainly online with the conferences offline twice a year.

The program is based on studying World Heritage and technologies of ancient Temple and Shamanic traditions.

The students will get outstandings skills, sacral initiations and energy tunings into the heart of ancient shamanic and temple traditions worldwide.

All knowledge is practical.
You will get skills and results from every subject you will be studying.

The educational program is devided into 8 areas (departments), representing the main Spiritual Traditions.

#1. Vedic & Tantric Heritage
(Holistic therapy of India).

#2. Greek & Roman Heritage
(Sacral Mysteries of beauty, power, sexuality and rejuvenation)

#3. Egyptian Temple Heritage
(Spiritual high temple magic).

#4. Scandinavian Temple Heritage 
(Scandinavian Runes magic and business activation skills)

#5. Western European Magic
(Tarot & Kabbalah Rituals)

#6. The Heritage of East
(Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Sufism, Mitraism).

#7. Shamanism of Americas
(Mayas, Toltecas, Indians, Afro- Caribean tradition)

#8. Shamanism of Slavics
(The voyage into dreams of powers and hidden symbols).


Level 1. Vedic & Tantric Heritage

Basic Program: Principles of Holistic Healing.

  • 1. Holistic Health & Reiki Yggdrasil (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    -1. Basics of Healing & Protection
    -2. In-depth Healing & Money Stream Activation.
    -3. Managing Social Efficiency
    -4. In-depth Extrasensory Development
    -5. Connection with Planet & Gods
  • 2. Comprehensive Healing - 1 credits.
  • 3. Kundalini Avakening Program - 1 credit

Electives: Vedic & Tantric Tradition

  • Tantra Reiki (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Kundalini Reiki (3 levels) - 1 credit
  • Indian Temple Initiations (9 levels) - 3 credits

LEVEL 2. Greek & Roman Heritage
(Sacral Mysteries of beauty, power, sexuality and rejuvenation)

Principle Program: Advanced of Holistic Healing.

  • 1. Advanced Holistic Healing (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    Money stream activation.
    Man & Woman. Love making.
    Life Force, Energies of the Planet
    Personal Energy Management. Fireball.
    Level. Sexual Energy Processing
  • 2. Traditions & Egregors Master initiation - 1 credits.
  • 3. Zodiak in Reiki Yggdrasil (1 level) - 1 credit.
    The Powers of the Planets.

Electives: Greek & Roman Tradition

  • Greek Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Roman Temple Initiations (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Temple Artifacts Workshop - 1 credit

Level 3. Egyptian Temple Heritage

Principle Program: Principles of Holistic Healing.

  • Egyptian Magic (1 levels) - 1 credit.
    Initiation into the Temple Egyptian Energy healing.

Electives: Greek & Roman Tradition

  • Osiris Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Maat Temple Initiations & the Book of Dead study (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Horus Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Isis Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Hathor Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
runic magic

Level 4. Scandinavian Temple Heritage

Principle Program: Scandinavian Heritage & Runes Magic.

  • Scandinavian Heritage and Runes Magic (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    Runes and Runic tradition
    Worlds of the Tree Yggdrasil Tree
    The Circle of Power
    Runic prediction
    Runic healing

Electives: Scandinavian Tradition

  • Scandinavian Runic Yoga - 3 credits
  • Scandinavian Temple Gods Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Scandinavian Artifacts Workshop - 1 credit
kabbalah rituals tarot western eurpena magic

Level 5. Western European Magic. Kabbalah & Tarot

Principle Program: Practical Kabbalah and Tarot

  • Practical Kabbalah & Tarot (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    Level 1 - The Great Arcana of the Tarot
    Level 2 - The Magic and the Power of Elements (Small Arcanas)
    Level 3 - Sephiroth Tree.
    Level 4 - High Arcanas Tarot
    Level 5 - Predictions in the Tarot

Electives: Western European Tradition

  • Sacral Christian Magic and Guardian Angels - 3 credits
  • The Great Rituals of Kabbalah  - 3 credits
  • Artifacts and the Magic of the Elements  - 3 credits


Level 6. The Wisdom of the East. Taoist Chinese Heritage

Principle Program: Oriental medicine & Forecasting

  • Chinese Medicine (2 levels) - 2 credits.
    Level 1. - Chinese medicine 1 Elements.
    Level 2. - Chinese medicine 2 Strength.
  • Chinese Forecasting. I Ching. - 1 credits.
  • Sufias Magic - 1 credit


  • Chinese Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Mitraism Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Zoroastrism Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 4 credits

Level 7. The Slavic Magic & Shamanism.

Principle Program:

  • Slavic Magic Medicine (3 levels) - 3 credits.
    Slavic Magic
    Legends and Dreams
    Civilizations & Storyhealing
  • Helpers – Ifritas - 1 credit


  • Slavic Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Shamanic Constellations Study Program - 4 credits
  • Visual Hypnotherapy & Symboldrama study program - 4 credit


Module 8. The Shamanism of Americas. The Magic of Toltecas.

Principle Program:

  • Toltecas Wisdom - 1 credit
  • Astral Flight and Teleport - 1 credit
  • Machinery Room - 1 credit
  • Money Magic (3 levels ) - 3 credits


  • Mayas Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Afro-Caribean Tradition - 3 credits
  • Family Constellations Study Program - 4 credits

You will be studying key spiritual technologies and apply them directly into practical way with your clients and your goals by

- creating powerful artifacts and mandalas
- providing deep holistic health therapy
- providing spiritual counseling
- providing spiritual assistance with the topics if inner resources abd predestination
- providing therapies and readings in different temple and shamanic traditions
- sharing sacral rituals
- assisting in goals activation and business empowerment
- sharing initiations into the sacral shamanic traditions worldwide.

This outstanding program provides you with indepth and practical knowledges from the top ancient cultures worldwide.

If you are interested in studying and getting more details about the program, send a message to the group.


This system was created 30 years ago by Nikolai Zuravlev 
on the basis of USUI REIKI, Scandinavian Runic Magic and Ancient Temple Traditions 

RUNIC REIKI system helps you to 

- provide energy healing skills 
- increase  attractiveness,
- enhance business and 
- harmonize situations.

You study to predict, develop extrasensual skills, 
feel the enerigies of the Gods and create magic artifacts. 

The Tao Reiki Yggrasil Ethnopsychology system it is not only a holistic health system.
Our students became professionals that can handle work with
- holistic health issues, chinese medicine and ayurveda
- love and relationships development,
- tantric healing
- achieving personal goals and business growth 
- spiritual shamanism studies
- predestination issues and foreseeing 
- personal growth

Our Academy is focused on indepth studying ancient healing and shamanic traditions of
- Tao, China
- Ancient Indian heritage and Ayurveda
- Scandinavian Heritage and Runes
- Tarot, Kabbalah and Western European Magic
- Ancient Roman and Greek Temple Mysteries
- Sacral Christianity and Knight Orders
- Ancient Egypt Practical Knowledge
- American Shamanism and Heritage of Mayas and Aztecas etc.

Alumni of our Academy became the professionals in the speres of
- holistic health and shamanic healing
- personal relationships
- career and business goals activization
- foreseeing
- personal growth and shamanic studies

At every Semester of the Educational Program you open up your potential dramatically. The hidden knowledge is getting familliar to you.
And the main thing is its not a theoretical knowledge - but you can put it in your life and practice from the first class.

If you already had Reiki Initiations before it would be a bit easier to study.
If no - you will be able to get all necessary knowledge right inside out academy.

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