Module 5. American Shamanism. The Magic of Toltecs.

MODULE 5. AMERICAN SHAMANISM. The Magic of Toltecs. Astral Flights.

American Heritage is based on honouring
Mother Earth and the Powers of Planet,

This is the advanced module.
We will be studying next areas:


  1. Machinery Room
  2. Astral Flight and Teleport
  3. Preparing Helpers – Ifritas
  4. Toltecas Wisdom


Toltec Magic Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The block is based on the teachings of Carlos Castaneda. "Toltecs" - in translation, "wise." His books contain descriptions of the world and techniques that can be used.

This block is primarily intended to develop oneself, to shake one’s worldview, one’s attention, learn how to control this world and one’s manifestation in this world, and on the basis of this, gain a more powerful experience of interaction with this world.

Here there is a fairly simple and harmonious exit to the subtle plans, allowing you to perceive a lot of information, and more simply described the work in various dimensions. The basis of these practices is the ability to control oneself, to control one’s will and attention.

Intention - inclusion in the channel of intentions.
The second attention is the management of attention, the vision of the subtle bodies of man.
The wheel of time - a change in the event, the ability to choose the best from different variants of the event.
The gates of a dream - the entrance to lucid dreaming, the ability to perceive parallel worlds with second attention, different probabilities, the ability to see the world more voluminously due to the energy of the nagual, to let the world realize itself when an event occurs, as a process.




Block "Machine Room" in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The basis of this block is the idea to form a stable thought form with the necessary qualities. Regular practice of working with this unit will allow you to expand your consciousness and teach it to influence yourself, other people and the situation. The machine room is created in the area of ​​the front of the head, consists of five working terminals, a screen (sixth terminal), four doors and a flying platform.


Teleport block in Reiki-Yggdrasil. Clairvoyance. Astral Flights.

The block contains settings that allow you to work with thin bodies - compact them, pump them with energy, create astral twins. All this directly affects psychic abilities, developing the skills of telepathy, clairvoyance, the ability to shift subtle bodies in time and space, opening the doors to the world of lucid dreams and increasing the degree of awareness in everyday life.

Block Settings:

Astral double - compacts the astral body, creates an astral double.
Travel - the displacement of subtle bodies in space and time.
Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air - the displacement of subtle bodies into the worlds of certain elements.
Hyperspace - allows you to create your own world on the astral plane.


Ifrit block in Reiki Yggdrasil
Ifrites are energy-informational creatures created to solve certain problems.

Block Settings:

Protective ifrit - eats up aggressive low-frequency energy, switches the attention of the attacker. May cause warning effects.
Natural Ifrit:
Earthlings can engage in the structuring of energy flows, financial issues.
Water - treatment, correction of the past, karmic tasks.
Fiery - a set of energy, treatment, work with situations, communication, leadership, attracting people.
Aerial - affect the events of the future. Good luck, the best way, the development of the best development of events.
Information ifrit - is included in the information channels, receive, process information. Improves memory, reminds of something. Increases learning ability.
Ifrites - Conductors:
Guide to the goal - it stimulates you to move towards the goal, activates, helps to concentrate, receive information, plan, perform necessary actions, create favorable circumstances.
The vehicle of thought - allows you to do mental work.
Guide to the worlds - helps to travel in subtle bodies.
Ifrites - Regulators - Ifritis charisma regulator, Ifrit relations regulator, Ifrit luck regulator.

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