1.2. The Lemurian Civilization

1.2. The Lemurian Civilization

Lemurian Civilization lasted about 40,000 years.

It was a stellar civilization, which had its spacecraft, extraterrestrial colonies, and was part of the Commonwealth of stellar Civilizations of the Galaxy.

The educational programs of the Lemurian civilization were both developed independently and acquired in the Extraterrestrial markets.

There were educational institutions that gave a course of lectures, practical classes, and consciousness programs were additionally established for students to accelerate learning and development.

Lemurian civilization, like most others, was engaged in the search and research of the Artifacts of the Ancients. Managing the processes of civilization took place with the help of super-computers using artificial intelligence. Lemurian civilization perished as a result of long wars between states, which lasted several thousand years and ended in a general cataclysm.

Most of the Monads (souls) that came to Earth in the Lemurian period or earlier have alternations of sex (male-female) between incarnations.

Monads that appeared on the planet later 100,000 years ago have, in most cases, the fixation of the same sex.

Lemurians, like Atlanteans, looked almost like modern humans (humanoid race). But at the energy level one can only trace that now the descendants of the Lemurians (the Negroid race) have the vibrations of the lower frequency chakras (a shift towards the animal world), while the white race has higher chakra vibration.

After the death of the Lemurian civilization, life on the Planet was gradually revived and rebuilt. New races that formed new civilizations appeared. This happened once in 20-30 thousand years.

There were three such civilizations after the death of the Lemurian civilization.

The most developed of them was the Atlantic civilization, which also reached the Cosmic level.

So far, modern civilization on Planet Earth has not reached the level of power and capabilities of the Lemurian civilization.

PART 4: Questions and Answers.

QUESTION: When did the Lemurian civilization exist?

ANSWER: Lemurian Civilization lasted about 30-40 000 years.

The civilization ended its existence 180-200 000 years ago.

For comparison, the Atlantic civilization existed as a technically highly developed about 3-5 thousand years.

QUESTION: And how tall were they?

ANSWER: Many civilizations on Earth and in space have a humanoid body type. They can sometimes differ in length of the forehead, arms, height, but in general, all parts of the body are present.

In the Lemurian civilization there were people very similar to the modern Negroid and yellow race. The species were both stunted and taller.

In the same way as the civilization of the Elves - the population was similar to the people of modern European civilization, but the people were slightly taller and more elongated.

QUESTION: Does sex change between incarnations?

ANSWER: The change of sex between incarnations was one of the techniques for uncoupling the monad (soul) to increase mediumistic and psychic abilities in Lemurian civilization. However, the death of the Lemurian civilization occurred about 180 thousand years ago. The change of sex between incarnations took place even before 150 thousand years ago.

About 150 thousand years ago, this mechanism stopped working.

QUESTION: In my personal diagnosis, the Magic Map you made, it says that I appeared on Earth "150,000 years ago." This means after the Lemurian civilization, and accordingly I do not have access to their magic of admission?

ANSWER: It means that the Lemurian Egregor will admit you reluctantly. It is possible to study technologies of ancient civilizations, but it can be difficult to include you in the magical, healing, technical egregors of Lemurian civilization.

It is better to send us a photo and consult personally on your situation, what are the opportunities and work technologies in your case.



 In some people, both black and white, there is a Lemurian mental matrix. In such people, the energy in frequency is slightly shifted down. In the world, there are about 10% of people with the Lemurian matrix. The only thing that on the African continent the share of Lemurians is greater. Among the black population, their percentage is 40%.

In the photo below, the boy on the left and the two front girls have a Lemurian matrix. The guy on the right, the girls behind appeared on Earth after the Lemurian civilization and have a higher frequency matrix in the energy sector.

If you look at the frequencies, this is especially clearly seen on the frequency of Svadhisthana chakras - the energy is shifted down.

In Lemurians Svadhistana coincides in frequency with the Muladhara of later races. Energy of Lemurians coincides with energy of native animals of planetary forms. Their energy at frequencies coincide with animal power. Their energy in frequency coincides with the energy of animals.

If you look at the next photo, you can see that the woman's frequencies are shifted down - she is a representative of the Lemurian civilization. The man has a later post-Lemurian matrix, a higher frequency.

The following photo is representative of a more ancient pre-lemurian race. He appeared on Earth about 500,000 years ago, and it is clear that his frequency characteristics are even lower. His Manipura corresponds in frequency to Svadhisthana of white people.


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The Lemurian civilization.

QUESTION: Is there also a large proportion of representatives of the Lemurian civilization in Southeast Asia?

ANSWER: People with the Lemurian Matrix are more concentrated around Africa.

There are some of their bindings. This civilization is tied to Africa in a magical way. Here, people with the Lemurian Matrix are up to 40 percent. While in other regions of the Planet there are about 2% of people with Lemurian energy.


In the first photo, the guys have a non-Lemurian matrix, and the rightmost one is a Lemurian (the frequencies of the lower chakras are shifted down and coincide with the frequencies of the animals).


In the following photos, the girls have a Lemurian matrix,

and the very right girl has inclusions into

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