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Archetypical Constellations.

This is the personal transformation program.

You will be able to receive the series of Temple initiations into the Ancient archetypes of supreme human qualities (the Archetypes of Gods).

This Temple initiation change your mindset, cultivates your personal qualities (charisma, power, confidence, intuition etc) and provides new impuls to enhance your life.

The Archetypical constellation session consists of
A) the personal shamanic constellation. We will explore what parts of your soul stops you from achieving more results in your life, why is that? And we will provide healing and nurishing to your soul.

B) Hypno-initiation into the energies of the Gods and archetypes.

Archetypical constellations might be done in a group class (offline) or in a personal program (offline and online).

Archetypical Shamanic Constellations are performed in world ancient traditions, evoking the subconscious powers of humanity.

We will be using the archetypes of ancient Gods as the focus
- to explore your inner conflicts/ traumas,
- to heal it and
- to empower you for achieving more results in your life.




The program helps to balance your Love issues and Money issues. It is teuropeutic. We will be dealing with inner father, mother and inner kid stresses, releasing your beauty and power. It will lead to you to realization of your potential.


Class 1. The power of Eros. Demiurge of Creation in the ancient tradition.
It helps to activate an impulse of development in any direction (relationships, business, sexuality, etc.).

Class 2. Cybele. Mother. The image of the woman inside.
Class 3. Zeus. Father. The image of inner man.
Class 4. Persephone. Archetype of the inner child.
Class 5. Mars & Kuros. The power within.
Class 6. Arthemida. Innosense, freedom, being true to yourself.
Class 7. Afroditha. The beauty within.
Class 8. Dionis. Sexuality.
The Power of life.

Part 2. Love and Family.
Archetypes of beauty.
Passion of life.

Class 1. Psiheya and Eros.
Soul Awakening
Class 2. Mystery of Apollo
The beauty of light.
Class 3. Muses and Menadas
The juice of Love.
Class 4. Mysteries of Pan.
The power of Nature.

Part 3. The path to the sky.
Leadership and belongings.
The path of the Hero.
Archetypes of Power and money.

Class 1. Hercules Mysteries
Class 2. Mitra Mysteries.
Class 3. Athena. The Wisdom of Victory.
Class 4. Zeus & Neptune. Holding the space.
Big business.

Part 4. The mysteries of inner growth. Life and rebirth.
Initiation through Death.

Class 1. Hermes.
Class 2. Hekata.
Class 3. Hades & Kronos. The look of Eternity. Wisdom of death.
Class 4. Orphic Mysteries.

PRICE. Usual price for private session is 50 usd/ hour (online or offline).
PROMO. Also you can join free donation classes in Zipolite.

is a very deep professional program that works with clients at the level of the collective subconscious.

Egyptian and Greek Mysteries.

This one I like the most. Its about playing out the legends of the Gods.

One of the most interesting activities for me is to conduct and reconstruct the magic Myseries of Eqypt and Greece.

It let you to feel the real harmony of the Gods. To be the part of the Ancient Legends and myths.

It gives out the extraconscious impulse to achieve better results in your projects, healing and spiritual growth.

This is something amazing! But - this activity should be conduct very neatly.

Its about feeling the Gods energies being the part of you. To transform yourself to a being a hero. To heal yourself and getting victory of all your fears. Being full and complete. God blessed. Its amazing work.

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