Level 1. Vedic & Tantric Heritage

Level 1. Vedic & Tantric Heritage

Basic Program: Principles of Holistic Healing.

  • 1. Holistic Health & Reiki Yggdrasil (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    -1. Basics of Healing & Protection
    -2. In-depth Healing & Money Stream Activation.
    -3. Managing Social Efficiency
    -4. In-depth Extrasensory Development
    -5. Connection with Planet & Gods
  • 2. Comprehensive Healing - 1 credits.
  • 3. Kundalini Avakening Program - 1 credit

Electives: Vedic & Tantric Tradition

  • Tantra Reiki (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Kundalini Reiki (3 levels) - 1 credit
  • Indian Temple Initiations (9 levels) - 3 credits


Awakening of the Kundalini and Sexual Transformation. Indian spirit

Energy boost, male and female archetypes,
the awakening of the energy of life

Indian and Hindu tradition. Natural healing. Mysteries of the Vedas.
Awakening, Healing and transforming vital energy in Indian traditions.

Kundalini Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The block is based on the Indian and Tibetan traditions. Kundalini is the energy of divine light that descends to the earthly plane, descends and materializes here. The task of this block is not to raise the Kundalini, but to free it. When she is released, she can easily move in the range in which she was released.

Block Settings:

Kundalini - activation of Kundalini energy, separate work with each chakra and chakra petals.
Burning inserts - eliminating negative energy information programs
Tatwa - attunement to the elements, and to those processes that they trigger in the body and mind
Gods - attunement to the gods who control the "valleys" (chakras), symbolize the male and female principles.

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