Level 4. Scandinavian Heritage. The Power on North. Runes Magic.

runic magic

The power on North – Scandinavian Runes. Runic Magic. 
This is the advanced technologies of the Runic Reiki System.
We got advanced 5 levels of initiations and study  the next healing technologies:

In Scandinavian Tradition the passion and courage were the ideals. Fearless heart follows to the Gods.

Runic technologies were used to gain the forces of nature and maximize your potential and achieve your goals with a brave heart.

Scandinavian Temple Heritage

Principle Program: Scandinavian Heritage & Runes Magic.

  • Scandinavian Heritage and Runes Magic (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    Runes and Runic tradition
    Worlds of the Tree Yggdrasil Tree
    The Circle of Power
    Runic prediction
    Runic healing

Electives: Scandinavian Tradition

  • Scandinavian Runic Yoga - 3 credits
  • Scandinavian Temple Gods Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Scandinavian Artifacts Workshop - 1 credit

Sixth step Reiki-Yggdrasil - “Runes”

Runes are the oldest symbolic signs of truth in which the energy of the cosmos is concentrated. With the help of these signs, you can look into the future or discover hidden opportunities in yourself, not without reason working with runes used to be called magic - it allows you to make the impossible accessible.

This block describes the use of runes as keys for entering energy flows with certain qualities and obtaining information of interest. There is an expansion of intuition and predictive practices.

Each rune initially contains instructions for managing this or that energy. By deciphering this information, we get the opportunity to influence events, to communicate with people, to choose the path to achieve the desired result.

Block Settings:

Runes - includes a person in the flow of energy of a particular Runes.
Rune groups - includes a person in the flow of energy of a certain Rune group.
Combination of runes - activation of their own runic formulas.
Runic planning - allows a person to build his goals, deeds, desires in accordance with the flow of Runes.
Runic Fortune-telling block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

Seventh step of Reiki-Yggdrasil - “Worlds of the Tree Yggdrasil”

When working with this unit, we enter a certain state, a certain worldview. In worlds, we develop abilities that are inherent in these worlds and representatives of these worlds. Each world allows us to develop some qualities, develop them, or improve those that were originally.

Block Settings:

Hel - activation of the birth canal, purification of the genus’s structure from negativity, activation of an ally, protection of Hel.
Svartalheim - the skill of accumulating and increasing finances, objects of power.
Muspelheim - the development of creative abilities, the management of emotions, the accumulation of energy.
Vanheim - people management, spirit challenge, totem, health.
Midgard - help of the Gods, inclusion in egregors (firms, cities, countries, etc.).
Jotunheim - language learning, telepathy.
Nifelheim - the choice of the Way, karmic healing.
Alfheim - the creation of an illusion, the realization of fantasies.
Asgard - items of the Power of the Gods, totem of the Gods.

The eighth step of Reiki-Yggdrasil - "Circle of Power"

Work with this block depends on the knowledge gained in the previous blocks, as well as moral and mental stability. The settings of this unit are capable of starting global processes in human life, therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the goals and possible consequences.

Block "Protection" - the formation of a rigid structure to get rid of negative energy-information formations, compaction and structuring of thin bodies at all levels.

  • Rune protection, Elemental protection (protection based on the energy of the Earth, Water, Fire or Air), Circle of Power

The Healing block-
stream is specifically aimed at healing at different levels, the impact of the stream is more severe and strong.

  • Rune treatment, Elemental treatment (treatment based on the energy of the Earth, Water, Fire or Air), Drapa

Mansek block - interaction with people, networking.

  • Sexual relationship
    Business connection


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