Level 6. Eastern Shamanism. Chinese Heritage & Balance of Life.


The wisdom of the East. Chinese Medicine.

Ancient tradition. We study the principles of holistic health and healing.  Restoring the harmony of the body, mind and soul with the principles of Chinese medicine.

Principle Program: Oriental medicine & Forecasting

  • Chinese Medicine (2 levels) - 2 credits.
    Level 1. - Chinese medicine 1 Elements.
    Level 2. - Chinese medicine 2 Strength.
  • Chinese Forecasting. I Ching. - 1 credits.
  • Sufias Magic - 1 credit


  • Chinese Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Mitraism Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 3 credits
  • Zoroastrism Temple Initiation (9 levels) - 4 credits

Block "Chinese medicine" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 1 step (Energy)

All phenomena of the surrounding world are of a dual nature, for example, day and night, light and darkness, movement and peace, up and down, heat and cold, etc. In China, the terms Yin (阴) are used to generalize the duality of these phenomena since ancient times. and Jan (阳).

The canon “Su Wen” says: “Yin and Yang are the true Path of Heaven and Earth, the rulers of all things, the parents of all changes, the beginning of life and death, the palace of the divine mind.”

In medicine, all functions and manifestations of the body’s vital activity can also be viewed from the standpoint of their belonging to Yin and Yang. For example, Qi with the properties of activation and warming refers to Yang, and Qi with the properties of nutrition and hydration refers to Yin.

The canon "Su Wen" says: "Yin is inside and is the protector of Yang. Yang is outside and is the messenger of Yin. " In relation to the physiology of the human body, Yin corresponds to nutrients, and Yang corresponds to functional activity. Nutrients (Yin) are located inside the body, and functional activity (Yang) is located outside. Yang from the outside of the body is a reflection of the full supply of nutrients inside, that is, the "Yin messenger." Yin inside the body is the material basis of its functional activity, that is, the "protector of Yang."

Yin and Yang can also be compared to burning candles. Yin is the wax of the candle, Yang is its flame. Yin (wax) nourishes and supports Yang (flame). For its existence, flame needs wax. Yang destroys Yin, and the flame burns brightly. When the wax ends, the flame dies. In turn, without fire, wax is lifeless, burning ceases, and the candle does not fulfill its purpose. In the same way, Yin and Yang depend on each other.

The first step of the “Chinese medicine” block is work with energy.
Here we begin to balance the body, align it psychologically and physiologically.

Block Settings: There are two groups of settings in the block - according to energies and organs, according to the elements.

  1. Energies and organs - There must be a balance of energies for health. The first treatment begins with this. Everything is sorted out from the position of Yin-Yang. You can treat a person as a whole, or add the missing energy. Yin-Yang balance allows you to quickly gain energy, be healthy, mobile.
  2. Elements - we analyze the energies inherent in one or another Elements. These energies in Chinese medicine are considered as negative (pathogenic) factors, but we will analyze them in a harmonious way.

Block "Chinese medicine" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 2 step (Spirits)

At this stage, work is going on with the spirits and animals of the organs. With the help of the settings there is a more detailed power study on the injection and health. Block Settings:

Organ spirits - a body control system, each spirit is responsible for a specific organ. The condition and harmony of a person depends on the properties of spirits.
Animal organs: Each spirit has its own animal:
Meridian animals - the activation of the meridians, increasing their throughput, which leads to better health and health.

Block "Zhou-I" in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The Zhou-I block is based on the Bagua and I-Ching system. Work with this block gives a person an understanding of how time changes, how to enter its individual segments, how to start a particular process, how to feel in this period of time. A person is synchronized with time, that is, if events occur in a certain way, and a person is in this time interval, his events develop according to the same scenario. Block Settings:

Bagua - working with Bagua trigrams with the aim of harmonizing the personality, a set of energy and impact on events.
Bagua’s defense is the creation of a protective border between man and the outside world.
Trigrams - the impact on the situation due to the energies corresponding to the trigram triggered (positive or negative).
Hexagrams - initiating the necessary processes and events using hexagrams.
Circle of Change - Launches change where necessary to achieve the best result.
Protection Zhou-Yi - protection, extended in the past and in the future.


This Module is about Higher level of modifications, when you can influence streams and Egregors.

It is recommended to finish the previous levels first to get the stronger energetic fundament for influence.

Sufism Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

Block Settings:

Teachers - the call of Spiritual teachers who help to move along the Path, develop, and help in difficult situations.
Dhikr - 999 names of Allah, allowing you to change the world.
Light Body - the formation of the Light Body and tuning to the upper astral plane.

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