Module 4. Holistic Health Constellations.


Shamanic Healing.

Session 1. What is your body talking about.

We will get to the root, to the reasons of your sympthom. We will carefully acknowledge the past traumas and heal it.

Session 2. Chinese medicine. Body constellations.

The body is sick because the energy flow was stopped inside the body due to past traumas.

We will be exploring the balance of energies, chinese elements inside your body to heal and support it.

Session 3. Chinese meridiance healing.

Meridians are the energy channels that supports the life and health in your body.

Due to past stresses meridians might get blocked. We will carefully go deeper into the functioning of chinese energy meridians. We will clarify how are they functioning, what stresses and emotions are blocking its energy flow - and we will reveal the energy flow inside your body.

Session 4. Chakras healing and balancing.

Past traumas may results in blockage on the entire chakras levels, separating you out from pleasure, relationships, communications, friends, business, money etc.

We will explore what blockages happens to be on your chakras level. Why is that happening. What stresses and traumas need to be healed to bring back the balance to the life.

We will reveal your chakras energy to the necessary Sphere of life. To be ready to receive and share the beauty of life.

Session 5. Egyption shamanic medicine.

Egyption is the tradition that is able to heal your eternal soul. In this session we are exploring is it your body suffering (KA), or your mind (BA), or Soul (IB) or higher spirit (HU). Is the suffering happened because of past Karma (Haybid) that need to be healed. 

In the Egyptian Healing tradition we are working not only with your body and soul, butbthe whole being in total.

Session 7. Spiritual healing of Zoroastrism.

Ancient Zoroastrism tradition keeps the purity of mind, heart and intention.

Synchronizing with the ancient tradition of Zoroastrism helps to regain inner purity to fight weaknesses and decieses.

Session 6. Ancient greek healing. Beauty of Harmony.

This session is to empower you. We are checkimg the energies of the Planets, Energies of Elements. Do you have enough it in your life. Do you need more? Are you closing yourself from the powers of the Universe to heal and reveal?

We will get back you to the Powers of the Universe, Love, Beaty, Harmony in the Greek tradition to increase your immune system and help you to recover faster.

Part 2. Archetypical healing and empowering.

To empower your body and soul we will be working with the Universal Powers, such as Life, Death, Truth, Love to help you to get back to yourself, to your true and healthy life, your soul and predestination.

The sessions its possible to.get online and in Zipolite.

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