Session 2. The Mysteries of Greek Love

Ancient Tantric Mystery:

The Archetypes of Greek Love.

We will be working with Tantric Reiki Energies,
Exploring touch, connection, personal boundaries and inner space.

We will be exploring and feel the Energies of Love in the tradition of Ancient Greece. Synchronizing with them for love, healing and transfornation.

This would be the Safe Place.

You will be able
1) Either do inner work, in a Solo Travel, exploring these energies inside yourself, without contacting other people
2) Or exploring the connection with others feeling the Energies of Love in Ancient Greek Culture.

What will be doing:
1. Practice a bit to raise extrasensuality to feel energies
2. Receive Osho Tantra Reiki Initiation for better feeling the energy flow
3. Exercise a light touch with yourself and in cupples to better feel the energies.
4. Explore the energies of Ancient Greek Love.
5. Free space where you are free to connect with others with the energies of Greek love.

You can join as the single or couple. We are welcoming all ages, sexual orientations, genders.

Ancient Mystery - is a safe space to relax, feel and explore yourself.

The Mysteries of Love.

Do you feel loved?
Do you feel belong?
Is your Cup of love full or empty?

Are you begging for love or ready to share it easily?
Is your heart frozen or fired?

To feel the love, to share it - we need to have it inside. Have more than we need.
To feel belonging inside.

To get it every kid get through the initiations of growth.

1. The first initiation is the Birth. Was he accepted and welcomed at his first moments of life.

Its about having the right to be, to live the life.
If there was a stress, you are getting more shy and isolated from others.

2. The second initiation was his first 8 monthes of life.
Were your desires accepted? Did you get what you need. Was you allowed to have your desire. Do you know what you want?

Its about being loved, cared and accepting it.

3. The third initiation is about right to be yourself.
Its about showing out your desires and going on your own way. Its about freedom to be Yourself whatever people say. Its about do your life and make the kind of relationships you want.

4. The forth initiation is about your power, will and results.
It is about being connected to the power to live your life. To feel strong and able to realize dream you have. And the ability to say no to limitations.

5. Later the fifth initiation happens - about loving yourself. Being able to accept yourself as you are, love and care about yourself without judgements. Enjoying your beauty and sexuality.

6. Sixth initiation is about connecting to others. Being accepted in your love and ideas.

7. Seventh initiation is about being able to make meaningful relationships. To open your soul to make connections.


Your soul is initiated by Life.

But if you did not get the positive experience in your childhood - the method of Mysteries works with that.

You will get the chance to get synchronized with the positive cultural initiations and get the experience your soul needs through myth and legends.

These Program of Archetypical Initiations of Love is possible to reach personally Online or Offline in Zipolite.

The initiations and legends we will be working on


Demiurgh of Creation.
The Fire of Eros.
The Birth of Afrodita.
2. Care. Mother.
Demetra and Persefona.
3. Freedom. Arthemida.
4. Power. Father. Zeus..
5. Sexuality. The power of life.
Dionysuan mysteries.
6. Leadership and belongings.
The Path of Hercules
7. Love relationships.
Eros and Psiheya.

Its not possible to build a house with fake fundament.
Through this program we are repairing the fundament of love and happiness.

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