Personal Story.

Let me tell you my story.

I got two masters degrees: in business and psychology.
And was studying business in USA (Minnesota) as the exchange student.

On coming back to Ukraine I used to get the grant from European Union and was conducting social trainings in different cities of Ukraine, teaching leadership, teambuilding etc. And at the same time I was working as the business trainer in consulting company.

Unlocking mind potentials

At this time it got clear to me, that the effect of trainings is possible only if you can achieve the students’ mind shift and personality upgrade. So I start studying the technologies, that are unlocking subconscious potential. At that time I started to study parapsychology technologies and used to find out the DEIR system. DEIR - is the educational system, that was developed to train USSR top leaders and secret agents. Its really interesting system, where you study how to gain control of your body energies and mind potentials to influence other people, heal, develop extrasensual abilities.

The only problem was that to achieve good results, the great personal potential is required. You have to have the plenty of mental energy to perform mental corrections. So I started to search for the technologies that open up your energy potential. Therefore I studied and became the Master Teacher of both systems of Tantra Reiki, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki. It was useful experience and helped to enrich energy potential, develop extrasensual skills. Reiki it is pretty easy, but you want more comprehensive technologies.

Russian Schools of Parapsychology

I figures out, that the majority of top students after studying DEIR and Reiki are shifting towards another secret russian school that sounds like a fairytale. This school was studying the “technologies of magic”. Sounds crazy for scientifically minded person, but interesting.

Later on I figured out, that, WOW, this school has really enormous potential. And the alumni of this school are working both in government bodied as well as private companies. I even did not figured out at first how deep is scientific research of magic is in this school. The education there is based on government secret research of parapsychology and technologies of magic world wide. The school was studying Kabbalah magic, battle magic, runic magic, artifacts etc – as the high-end mind upgrade technologies of past civilizations. This school was not only envolved in education, but conducting research, discovering and building artifacts, creating mind machines, technologies of influence into people and countries. Very interesting. But education there was pretty long, expensive and only held online, no representatives in my country.

School of Etnopsychlogy and magic studies ASSGARD

So I was lucky to meet soon another school - the Internatational school of Etnopsychlogy and magic studies ASSGARD, based in Saint Petersburgh, Russia. That school was the partner of the Institute of magic I mentioned above and keep inside all their methodologies and techniques. But ASSGARD school got one extra know-how. 
All technologies of mind upgrade and personal effectiveness that were studied there were integrated in the form of “energy Initiations”. The “energy initiation” principle allows not only to teach the technologies, but copy the on the uncocsious level of the students, so the technologies will be studied more easily and recover in time. That’s why the education process takes not 5 years but up to 2 years. The program of Assgard school is here.

Their “energy initations” are based on Usui Reiki Energies and Runic Energies, but as the transport, cause each “initiation” besides this reiki energies combine dozens of technologies in the principles of mind upgrade, communications, healing, shamanic magic etc. That makes it much more comprehensive that classical Usui Reiki.  The education technology in ASSGARD was called RI REIKI caused it is based on initiantion process. But it is much much more wider and deeper than classical Usui Reiki.

RI REIKI Pecularities

For example, Usui Reik has just 4 levels of initiations and only one stream. RI REIKI has more than 200 of streams and tunings. This variety allows to concentrate and operate more specific and it rises up the effectiveness of RI REIKI system comparing to others in a few times.

Moreover, Ri Reiki system is based plus on the energies of Runic Mental Computer that makes the powers of its stream a few times stronger comparing to Usui and other Reiki systems.

As one more example, my students, Usui Rreiki Masters being introduced to RI REIKI system switched completely into it. And even more, the famous teachers of DEIR school (I mentions above) turned into RI REIKI and started to be the followers and teachers of this system.

My Experience

RI REIKI completely changed my life, my work, people, world around me, financial potentials. Everything grows up dramatically.

Speaking frankly, I met the Assgard school and RI REIKI system about 10 years ago pretty accidentally, I was among the first group of students that were studied it. Later on I became the only representative of this school on the territory of Ukraine and Europe and was teaching it for about 5 years worldwide.

Why do I like RI REIKI

I like Ri Reiki because this system opens up to the students completely new world of magic, opening personal abilities, exciting investigations of the Universe, touch of the old magic traditions, ability to feel deeper the qualities of ancient Gods and religion, healing, helping people, busting up students goals and desires.

I love people studying RI REIKI – they got opened up to themselves, to the hidden world around them and to their new possibilities.

And I've got hundreds of happy students that were studying RI REIKI and left me great testimonials. In the free time we still are being in touch online, reconstructing the ancient Mysteries of Greece & Egypt and working on each others goals, speeding up our personal and business projects.

I like sharing to the people the wisdom and technologies I used to get from ASSGARD school. It helps people to feel the world deeply and be more effective in it.

This instruments are giver when studying Ri REIKI at ASSGARD school. 
The program of ASSGARD RI REIKI education is here.

Atlantida Technologies Research & Shamanizm.

There is the difference between Shamanism and Atlantida technologies.

Shamanism - is the interesting form of selfexploration and healing. 
Shamanism - was the mind upgrade technologies of non-developed society after the crush of Atlantida.

Atlantic Magic - is the high-end psi technologies, that are dealing with planet mental computers.
Atlantic Magic technologies were studied at the last century by the Russian Research groups.

Mind Magic its not just a mediation -
its the skills of how to find and tune into the Big Mental System computers
and how to make up the certain command (spell) in order to perform necessary mental job (healing, activizations etc).

ASSGARD RI REIKI - is the system that provides basic education to handle with it. 
It combines teaching to both Shamanic studies and Atlantic technologies. 

- RI REIKI education.

I like sharing information about hidden wisdom and magic secrets of the world.
So I would be glad to show you the shamanic principles of magic and mind enhancement technologies of Atlantida.
The basics initiation into the RI REIKI system I could share for free to anybody interested.

- Egyptian and Greek Temple Mysteries.

One of the most interesting activities for me is to conduct and reconstruct the magic Myseries of Eqypt and Greece.
It let you to feel the real harmony of the Gods. To be the part of the Ancient Legends and myths.
It gives out the extraconscious impulse to achieve better results in your projects, healing and spiritual growth.

This is something amazing! But - this activity should be conduct very neatly. As we are dealing supernatural forces.
So this is possible to do only to the people that already got their preparation and have finished the Basic course of RI REIKI program (Semester 1).

- World magic traditions Investigations.

Among the alumni if RI REIKI program we have online web groups in whatsapp,
where we get together to study ancient artifacts, magic traditions, help each other to heal and speeding up their projects. 
This is really interesting activities, that helps you to keep high energy level, speed up your goals and discover new levels of the world. 

PS. The mentioned above my consulting activities are not my business, I do it for fun just to help people :) 
If you are interested, let me know. May be I will come to your city so we organize some events together or do it online.

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