Runic Reiki Yggdrasil. Level 3.

The third level of the “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system.

1) The tuning “Predestination”

Everybody has some difficult periods, they appear on a way of life, and their appearance doesn’t on our wish. In such periods a person should concentrate and use all his strength for solving those problems which life put to him.

The most important thing in this period is to realize your predestination, to understand what you really need and how to improve your life. Such difficult periods are usually called “crisises.” ”Crisis” in the “Greek language is “decision” or “the point of turn.” After every “point of turn” a person changes, he passes into a new state as if he was born again. 

Activating the tuning “Predestination,” you will immediately feel what direction you should move, what corresponds to your way and what doesn’t correspond. Your life will be more harmonies. You will understand yourself better and will understand the real meaning of events of your life.

For activating this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Predestination.”

Using this tuning, a person receives Knowledge which becomes long-awaited light in a dark tunnel – space is opening, and everything becomes clear. This tuning gives a person the vector of movement in life and help to his aim. That is why various depressions and alcoholism are treated successfully with this tuning. Alcoholism, depression, various psychosomatic diseases are usually caused by inner conflict between person’s predestination and his real state. If a person is not satisfied with his life, if he keeps “drifting along” and if he does things which really prevent him, his body will suffer from it sooner or later.

When you look at this sort of people, you feel that they had lost in a labyrinth of life taking the wrong turn. The tuning “Predestination” will help them to step into the right way which will lead them to harmony, happiness and success

2) The tuning “Emotion”

Too strong emotions are stressors, i. e. they tire an organism and  stress it. It doesn’t matter if these emotions positive or negative. The science proved long ago that most of diseases are caused by strong negative emotions or experience. They ruin person’s health and can cause some serious diseases.

Strong negative emotions and worries cause overstrain of the nervous system which causes its over lead. The immunity system suffers seriously too. The contemporary researches proved that strong psycho emotional strain can cause heart diseases, diabetes and many other diseases.

The tuning “Emotion” helps to get rid from negative emotions and make psychoemotional state of person stable.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Emotion”.

Activating this tuning helps a person to reach harmonious reaction to other people’s state. It makes a person well-balanced, sociable, it takes his inclination to inner contradictions and external conflicts away.

The tuning “Emotion” can also return lost health and make it better by getting rid of excessive negative worries.

3) The tuning “Activating”

Most of us were exhausted or lazy. You must do something but you don’t have any power or desire to act.

We usually fall in this unproductive state in the most unsuitable moments of our lives. As a result, any action which needs supports becomes a real trial. The tuning “Activating” will be the best help in such situation. Try to use the tuning “Activating” instead of useless words “you must” or litres of coffee or tea. 

Only say mentally “Ygdrasil’“ and “Activating”.

You will immediately feel an inflow of bracing energy. You will get additional force and the second breathing will appear. Everyday morning getting up will not be a feat.

You should remember that laziness and collapse can be a sing of overstrain and depression. It is a signal which your organism gives when it needs rest. In this case you should use the tuning several times so that your body could rest before appearance of the “second breathing” with help of “Reiki Yggdrasil’”.

The tuning “Activating” is well combined with the tuning “Predestination”.

4) The tuning “Power”

Power is ability and possibility to realize your will, to influence on activity and behavior of other people for receiving the desirable results. What determines the ability of ruling people? Why some people respectful but other people are are imperceptible? It depends on quantity of their inner power. A strong person is always self-confident. And if the person is selfcon- fident, he radiates an attractive tranquility and infects with it all other people. The person having great inner power is always interesting and confident for other people. It is a law of Nature.

The tuning “Power” will help you to be in a strong position in any situation. It activates the skill of ruling people and makes you a tranquil and self-confident person.

For using the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and “Power.”

An inner always provokes respect. A powerful person attracts weaker people like a heavy thing always attracts a lighter thing. You will easily persist in your opinion carrying on negotiations. The social surroundings will always be ready to help you and they will do for you everything possible. You will not wait for long hours when you come to any organization. You will be treated as a respectable person and your opinion will be considered.

Now you will be able to achieve much more with less expenditure, using the tuning “Power” when it is necessary.

5) The tuning “Sexuality”

The Nature endowed everybody with sexuality. Somebody has it in plenty, the other people have less of it and it is expressed not so brightly. Sexuality is not only specific type of appearance or a set of behave our models. It is energy. It is the energy of attraction which is the main force for making people close and unite them. First of all we mean people of contrary sexes. Those people who reflect the greatest magnetism look happy and self-confident. You can increase quantity of the sexual energy using the tuning “Sexuality.”

Say “Yggdrasil’” and “Sexuality.”

The tuning “Sexuality” makes your sexual sphere harmonious. All complexes and useless fears which frighten your potential admirers away will go away themselves. You will be able to understand and lover yourself better and, as a result, you will be more attractive for people of contrary sex.

Using the tuning “Sexuality” every day, you will be able to accumulate so much energy of attraction that your sexual magnetism will display automatically.

6) The tuning “Flight”

Every person might dream of being in the past or in the future, dreams to look at one eye and come back. How great would be having a chance to find yourself in any place of the world in accordance with your desire!

It is not difficult at all. Such transfers are not available for our physical body but they are not difficult for our consciousness.

The tuning “Flight “is going out of consciousness from the body. When you use this tuning, your consciousness can transfer in time and space and see the events which we are interested in. For example, displacement in time is necessary when we want to solve some problem but we don’t understand its initial cause or, contrary, if we want to see what some actions will cause in future. Displacement in time will also let us know what to do for prevention undesirable development of situation.

Transferring in space, you can visit other countries and watch people’s actions. You can even visit other planets and other worlds. Before your “traveling” you should put up a clear aim, determine place and time. Thus, it will be easier to gain experience and the results will be more precise. For activation the tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and then “Flight.”

For receiving the necessary skill in a short time you should try to use the tuning “Flight” every day. Begin with 3-5 minutes of practice and increase the duration of “Flight” gradually.

7) The tuning “Intellect”

Intellect is an ability to perceive, analyse, systematize and use information effectively for achieving the fixed aim. It is cognitive and analytic ability.

The tuning “Intellect” develops these abilities helping a person to analyse and master information faster. This tuning increases the speed of perception and helps to master new information deeply. This tuning restores one of the main traits of human’s intellect-awn ability to learn quickly.

For activation this tuning say “Yggdrasil’” and” Intellect.”

Regular activation of the tuning “Intellect” allows you to synchronize the work of cerebral hemispheres little by little and restore the natural harmonious work of brain. It leads to render organism more healthy and allows to discover the primordial abilities of person.

8) The tuning “Karma”

Negative experience of the previous incarnation comes into the next incarnations fixing on the mental body. Nobody wants to draw this heavy load from the past. The tuning “Karma” helps to clear by working useful karma programs by realizing them and to rub out all

useless programs. For activating this tuning say ”Yggdrasil’” and “Karma”. This tuning corrects and clears karma by rubbing out the consequences of negative experience and negative models of behavior. It’s impossible to rub out a person’s karma is closely interlaced with all mankind’s karma and built- in a common fabric of the world. It is recommended to use this tuning not more than once a day. 

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