Souls can become "lost," or fragmented in a way that leaves one feeling incomplete, often due to trauma.
A spiritual practice called "soul retrieval" aims to bring back those lost parts of ourselves.
A trauma is not only a sexual abuse, violence and death ,it can also be simply that children at school laughed at you and since than you are feeling not worthy.
Do you feel so lonely sometimes? Angry/sad/frustrated??
Do you feel like you don't belong and that no one understands u?
Do you keep attracting the wrong people for intimacy,??
Are you still thinking about your ex and itbis hard for you to let go??
Many times the reason we attract the “wrong” types over and over again it is because we did not heal our relationship with our mom dad.
A soul retrieval session includes breaking the energetic cords that were formed due to any toxic relations and or trauma.
The session includes a talk, sound and voice healing and energetic alignment.

Shamanic Body therapy.

Mental blocks are hidden inside your body. 
It is very unique process when in the form of light touch and massage 
we can go deeper into the hidden reasons of the mental blocks and life stress experience.
It helps to release blocks, heal, balance your life and get extra energy.

Shamanic Body Therapy is about of coming back to yourself. Your essence. Hidden fears and desires. And let them flow. Step by step, you are opening up your inner freedom. Freedom of creativity. The power of life.

Shamanic Body therapy. Level 2. Divine energy healing massage.

It is the upgrade practice for healers. We can tune into the Gods energies,
get the answers of how to heal the body or life situations and get extra Gods energies to perform beautiful healing process. Its remarkable when you feel the pecularities of different God's energies and use the one that is best for your client today. 

... Walk as if you are kissing the Earth.
... Inhale as if you are embracing the Universe.
... Look as if you are kindling the Fire.
- That's what is Body Therapy.

You can pay any ammount that you feel comfortable with.

Therapist: Andrei Litvinov (Ukraine)
- Body Therapist
- Master-Teacher of Runic Reiki, Tantra Reiki and Kundalini Reiki.
- Instructor of system and familly constellations method.
- MsA in Psychology
- The Head of the School of Archetypical Couching.

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Diana Valenzuela

Andrei has a great intuition and a powerful touch to guide the body and emotions to release. In my system body therapy session I felt hold and care to open my emotions and work with them and I felt lighter and optimistic and I could release some pain I've having on my knee.


We had a spontaneous body reading and release session with Andrei, and I can say that he’s very talented and attentive energy worker. His intuition is very well tuned and he is both reflective and understanding in his art.

Thankful to meet Andrei, he helped me to understand some deeper shadows and programs in myself and some ways to let them go.

I had the great luck to get a shamanic body therapy Session today from Andrei. First he tuned in and was quite right which area of my system needed the most sone peaceful release. I received some pretty beautiful reiki energy through my head. What happened after that seemed to me really like a miracle as i didn't tell him anything about me before but he felt and spoke out one of my biggest negative belief Systems and emotional wounds that also my body embodies despite all kind of bodywork that aims to adress the bodily issues and despite emotional and mental healing that maybe didn't reach deep enough to the soul and embodiment. So it felt like interconnection of these three levels plus connection with higher force that saw all this and offered keys, hope and power, to let go, heal, transform these old wounds and trauma that became sticky tricky dark belief Systems . Felt like magic and i am curious to see how life will unfold after the session. Thank you very much.

Jaskirat Singh 

I am grateful I have met you and I was introduced to new ideas and runic reiki.
Energy work we did together brought immediate change. It was pleasure spending time with you.



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