Program Plan & Description




  1. Module 1. Principles of Holistic Healing
    Level 1. Basics of Healing & Protection
    Level 2. In-depth Healing & Money Stream Activation.
    Level 3. Managing Social Efficiency
  1. Module 2. Advanced Healing & Temple Therapy
    Level 4. In-depth Extrasensory Development
    Level 5. Connection with Planet & Gods
  1. Module 3. Specialized Therapy
    Comprehensive Healing
    Level. Man & Woman. Love making skills.

  2. Module 4. Specialized Therapy
    Level. Life Force, Energies of the Planet
    Level. Money stream activation. Deeper work with Gods of welfare and with planetary wealth streams.
  1. Module 5. Personal Potential Activation
    Personal Energy Management. Fireball.
    Level. Sexual Energy Processing
    Certificate: Instructor of Reiki Yggdrasil & Holistic Health.

It takes usually 1 month per module online or one weekend real-time.
The complete program lasts 3-6 months. One level 150 USD. Complete: 1500 USD.


  1. Module 1. Temple Therapy
    Level 1. The Beauty of Love. Tantra Reiki.
    Level 2. Egregors. Spiritual Healing. Christianity & Buddhism.
    Level 3. Greek Heritage. Zodiac. Planetary Magic
    Level 4. Ancient Egyptian Temple Magic & Healing
    Level 5. Indian Heritage. Kundalini Awakening.
  1. Module 2. Northern Therapy. Scandinavian Runes Magic (4 levels)
  2. Module 3. Western Magic. Kabbalah & Tarot (5 levels)
  3. Module 4. Taoism & Chinese Medicine (4 levels)
  4. Module 5. American Shamanism (4 levels)
  5. Module 6. Slavic Shamanism (3 levels)
  6. Module 7. Sufism & Money Magic (4 levels)

It takes usually 1+ month per module online or two weekends real-time.
Overall Program lasts around 1 year.


  • Egyptian Heritage // Scandinavian Heritage // Slavic Heritage // Taoist Heritage
  • Greek Heritage // Roman Heritage // Indian Heritage // Afro-Caribbean Heritage


This system was created 30 years ago by Nikolai Zuravlev 
on the basis of USUI REIKI and Scandinavian Runic Magic. 

RUNIC REIKI system helps you to 

- provide energy healing skills 
- increase  attractiveness,
- enhance business and 
- harmonize situations.

You study to predict, develop extrasensual skills, 
feel the enerigies of the Gods and create magic artifacts. 


Here you can get FREE Runic Reiki Yggdrasil Initiation to start you journey to your innerself, shamanism and personal growth.
To read more about First Class and FREE Runic Reiki Initiation - click here.

Holistic Healing & Archetypical Therapy.

And Archetypical therapy is the essence of new trends in psychology 
It is based on Archetypes theory (Karl Gustav Jung), Etnopsychology and heritage of ancient magic traditions.

When using archetypes you initiate changes in the inner psychic realityof yourself or your client.

In Archetypical therapy we use applied psychological methods in art-therapy and body-therapy practices
but focusing on the archetypes system, that makes this work very powerful and effective.
We are using such technologies as familly constellation theater, mysteries and rituals, physical body therapy, hypnotherapy, symbol-drama, etc.

Education in the field of archetypical therapy is focusing on 
- developing skills of understanding different cultures and their archetypes (etnopsychology).
- developing skills of self-healing based on synchronizing with qualities / stories that posess different cultures and their archetypes
- developing therapy skills based on syncronizing client with necessary archetype, story.
- developing coaching skills based on syncronizing client with necessary archetype, story.

Academics Plan

LEVEL 1. Reiki Therapy & Energy Healing

LEVEL 2. Hypnosis & Shamanism. Ancient Traditions. Mysteries and Technologies.

Module 1. Temple Therapies & Mysteries.

  • The beauty of Love. Tantra Reiki.
  • Zodiak. Ancient Greece. Mysteries & initiations. 
  • Egregors & Spiritual Healing
  • Indian Vedik Heritage
  • Sacral Magic of Ancient Egypt
runic magic

Module 2. The Power of Runes & Scandinavian Mysteries

  • Northern European Magic:The power of Runes
  • Runic Heritage. The power of Tree of Life.
  • Magic artifacts and spiritual therapy.
  • Scandinavian Myth & Mysteries Therapy. 
kabbalah rituals tarot western eurpena magic

Module 3. The Powers of Tarot & Western European Magic.

  • Western European Magic:The energies of Tarot Arcanas
  • Kabbalah and Jewish sacral knowledge


Module 4. Eastern Shamanism. Taoist Chinese Heritage

  • Wisdom of the East. Chinese Medicine.

Module 5. American Shamanism. The Magic of Toltecas.

  • Western American shamanizm.Toltecs heritage.
  • Astral travel. Extrasensuality training.


Module 6. Slavic Magic & Shamanism.

  • Clear Vision Trainings


Module 7. Sufizm & Money Activization.

  • Suphias. & Arabic Magic

The Academy Program simillar to university education and consists of 5 Semesters.
At the end of the programs you can claim to receive th Diploma of the Bachelor of Ethnopsychology from the German Holistic Health Association.
Each Semester of study consists of Main Classes with Reiki Initiations, Alternative classes and hours of personal study and practive with clients.

The Tao Reiki Yggrasil Ethnopsychology system it is not only a holistic health system.
Our students became professionals that can handle work with
- holistic health issues, chinese medicine and ayurveda
- love and relationships development,
- tantric healing
- achieving personal goals and business growth 
- spiritual shamanism studies
- predestination issues and foreseeing 
- personal growth

Our Academy is focused on indepth studying ancient healing and shamanic traditions of
- Tao, China
- Ancient Indian heritage and Ayurveda
- Scandinavian Heritage and Runes
- Tarot, Kabbalah and Western European Magic
- Ancient Roman and Greek Temple Mysteries
- Sacral Christianity and Knight Orders
- Ancient Egypt Practical Knowledge
- American Shamanism and Heritage of Mayas and Aztecas etc.

Alumni of our Academy became the professionals in the speres of
- holistic health and shamanic healing
- personal relationships
- career and business goals activization
- foreseeing
- personal growth and shamanic studies

At every Semester of the Educational Program you open up your potential dramatically. The hidden knowledge is getting familliar to you.
And the main thing is its not a theoretical knowledge - but you can put it in your life and practice from the first class.

If you already had Reiki Initiations before it would be a bit easier to study.
If no - you will be able to get all necessary knowledge right inside out academy.


Here you can get FREE Runic Reiki Yggdrasil Initiation to start you journey to your innerself, shamanism and personal growth.
To read more about First Class and FREE Runic Reiki Initiation - click here.

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