Ancient Greece Therapy Program

Course 1. LOVE AND MONEY. Archetypes in Antiquity.
Archetypal arrangements. Love and Money.
This is a unique program showing high efficiency for personal development.
Through attunement with the Archetypes of the Ancient Gods, the resources of the collective unconscious are activated in a person, which leads to the emergence of new opportunities in life. This applies both to increasing cash flow and harmonizing relationships in the family and finding a partner for life.
There is also a special program of archetypal constellations for business leaders: the Demiurges of Creation. Development impulse.
Course 1. LOVE AND MONEY. Archetypes in Antiquity.
This is a course of personal hypnosessions online based on the plots of the myths of antiquity.
Each session includes:
1. Personal alignment based on archetypes.
2. Hypnosis attunement with the archetype based on the constellation materials for even greater immersion and effect.
Each session triggers internal transformations both in terms of relationships, money, relationships with oneself.
The client changes from within and his life is filled with new opportunities in terms of relationships, money and love.
REVIEW: Personal session in hypnocoaching. Anton.
MODULE 1. Basic archetypes in Antiquity.
1. The power of Eros. Demiurge of Creation in the ancient tradition.
It helps to launch an impulse for development in any direction (relationships, business, sexuality, etc.).
2. Cybele. mother archetype. The image of the inner woman.
3. Zeus. The image of the father, the inner man.
4. Persephone - Kore / Kouros. Archetype of the inner child.
Module 2. The path of the Hero. ancient mysteries.
1. Mystery. Path of Heracles.
2. Mystery. Path of Persephone.
3. The Mystery of Orpheus.
4. Mystery. Eros and Psyche. Soul Awakening.
Module 3. Archetypes of Love
1. The Power of Freedom. Artemis.
2. Messenger of the Gods. Hermes.
3. The wisdom of victory. Athena.
4. Passion of fire. Mars.
Module 4. Archetypes of beauty.
1. Muses, graces and satires.
2. Juice of love. Dionysus
3. Sophistication. Aphrodite
4. Luminosity. Apollo.
Module 5. Passion for life.
1. Demeter. The abundance of life.
2. Pan. The fire of attraction.
3. Maenads. Keepers of love.
4. Poseidon. Waves of feelings.
Module 6. Life and rebirth.
Initiation through Death.
1. Guests of Hades.
2. Wisdom of death. Hecate.
3. Kronos. The look of eternity.
4. Hera and Hestia. Life keepers.
Host: Andrey Litvinov,
Master of Ethnopsychology and Tao Reiki Yggdrasil,
Head of the Eastern European Representative Office of the Assgard Center (St. Petersburg).
Certified system designer (Zelinsky constellations), psychologist, imaginative therapist, hypnotherapist.
Cost: 50 USD/hour.
Action: Primary personal diagnostics: 10 USD.

Note: session: 1.5 hours,
Promotion during February session 1.5 hours for the price of 1 hour.

All of these programs take place in the form of a series of personal sessions.
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