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Service to remove a dark spot upon Anahata, cleanse Manipura, cleanse aura review:

"You have set free something inside me that has long been suppressed deep down. I immediately noticed that something was „off“ not in a bad way after you did the chakra and aura cleaning. Then suddenly I started purging deep emotional things. I‘ve been through many purges and dark night of the soul‘s wich have sometimes lasted months, but this now feels like a sped up version of that. Even though it‘s no fun dealing with these things right now, it‘s a good thing because I‘m finally able to release. And with every day I feel more free and hopeful for the future. Thank you. You have literally changed my life, even if you think that you did‘t do something big you did. Sometimes the smallest ripple can cause a wave in the ocean. I am grateful and I wish you all the best. If I have to give a review I give 11/10 for this session."

Service review: removal of blockages, problem solving, enchanted object:
"Hey! So many things have been happening since we spoke. I have felt more open and receptive. It’s been easier for me to meditate and focus on the things that need attention, not only in my physical life but energetically. I’ve been having synchronicities and epiphanies like crazy, and I’m having an easier time pin pointing where certain emotions and feelings come from. I’ve had “spiritual transformations” in the past and I know that with your help, it kickstarted another one and I am back where I am supposed to be on my journey. I’m very grateful for your aid, and if I feel stuck in the future I would love to contact you again! Thank you!
Oh! And every time I pass my green tourmaline (which I put in the pot of my house plant), I pick it up and put it to my heart, and it’s like a breath of fresh air." @freyday18

Service Reiki Yggdrasil and personalized energy work:
My healing session with Will was a very personal one, it really honed in to the issues that I’ve been having with a laser like focus. I was able to immediately feel a shift right as we started, which I feel is dependent upon whether or not you are willing to go deep and be open to what needs to be worked on, so as to lessen the resistance that the energy would encounter. I was feeling stuck on a few things that I’ve been working on in my healing practice, things that I have had some trouble integrating yet with our healing session it was like everything just ‘clicked’. The pieces that I’ve found through my own healing practice found their own place, their true place and in those moments I was able to ground myself in the state of embodying my True Self.
The healing fostered a palpable sense of self-awareness in me, allowing me to take stock of my life and how I’ve been living and in the midst of all of that, it made me realize first and foremost that I’m not alone. I could feel my guides moving closer during the healing, and I could distinctly feel that sense of guidance and love that they’re offering and I feel that I’m becoming more receptive to trusting and accepting that. Funnily enough they were the ones that lead me to this, so it’s quite amazing how everything fell into place.
I highly recommend Will if you’re looking for something custom-tailored to your own specific needs and works at a deep level to foster change within you, but at the same time enables you to have a sense of agency and sovereignty in your own journey and your life, awakening or at least allowing you to remember that the power is always within you. You are more than capable of changing your circumstances and that however alone or helpless you feel, all it takes is a change in your perception to see that we are stronger than we think and that if we only let ourselves be receptive to it, we are always guided to where we need to go.

Testimonial: Service Reiki Yggdrasil/Kundalini Reiki complex problem solving+treatment of Meniere's disease, personalized intuitive counseling

"I asked Will to help with 2 main issues, apparently unrelated: my Meniere’s Disease had been flaring recently (this can make you feel dizzy, nauseated, and unstable) and lack of feeling of personal power (I was going through a divorce and struggling at work). Will was able to use Reiki remotely, by using a picture of myself that I sent him. He always kept me informed of what he was doing, when he was doing it, and sent me some images to use in meditation. This really helped me to feel cared for and involved in the process. He was always supportive; I never felt blamed for being “weak” for having these problems in the first place. His kindness was palpable, even just in the emails we exchanged, which helped me to relax more and to open to the Reiki energy he sent.
As I kept Will updated about my physical and emotional reactions to the treatments, he was able to adjust accordingly. It was obvious he had a lot of understanding about what he was doing and was able to be flexible, according to my needs.
It was all really quite an amazing process! I had unusually vivid dreams at the beginning of our work together, that helped me to understand myself better and move forward.
Did it work? You bet! The thing about energy work such as Reiki, is that it flows with your energy so smoothly, you might not recognize that it is working. But it is! Watch the for the little “coincidences”, the way things just fall into place, the synchronicities—the little things that have no meaning to anyone else but you.
Here’s how the Reiki effects showed themselves most flamboyantly to me: Almost right away I felt led to write down “What I want”, very clearly. I am not normally a “write your goals down” sort of person, but I did feel very prompted to do this. The very next day, completely out of the blue, I received a call from my boss (he had never called me before), telling me that I was doing an amazing job and he wanted me to pick where I wanted to work, because I was so valuable to our company! I was stunned! He asked me, “What do you want?” I do not believe this was a coincidence.
And after 5 weeks of feeling like I was on a constantly moving boat, every minute of every day, with regular doctors and specialists being no help at all (while costing me big bucks!), Will told me to practice a Violet Flame meditation. Everything came together at that point, and the moment the meditation finished, the unstable feeling completely left! I have since had some very slight recurrences, but I have committed to practicing this meditation on a regular basis and have no doubt that the worst of the flare-up is gone for good! The change is truly remarkable.
I am grateful to Will for his sensitive, flexible, intuitive, and effective approach.
Anna Miller"
©WM May 2020

Service, personalized treatment with Reiki Yggdrasil:

"My experience with Will and Reiki Yggdrasil was wonderful. As an experienced healer myself I was surprised at how powerful and clear Will was. The energy felt like an old tree, very comfortable and wise. He cleared my chakras, removed entities and gave me an affirmation. He was supportive and honest. I trust Will and plan on continuing receiving healing sessions from him as often as I can. His visions were right on and he was patient with my healing speed. As a woman who has been abused sexually and doesn't like working with men I found Will safe and that is rare and means a lot. I also practice Reiki and was pleasantly surprised to learn and experience Reiki Yggdrasil. It seems a perfect fit for Will and I am actually interested in learning it myself."

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