PART 9. Specializations in magic. The market of magic.

Part 8. Specializations in magic. The market of magic.

6.7.         Specializations in Magic.

Separation of magicians by specialization occurs within the Elemental clans. Separation occurs in the process of development and requires a narrowing of the sphere of interest in order to achieve greater progress in specific practical activities. This division requires cooperation between specialists, and it occurs within the clans. In some cases, cooperation is not vertical (in the Elements), but horizontally (in specialization). In the process of specialization, the Magus undergoes an evolution from Dvoyek to Tuzam of this element. At the level of Pyatyorok, a transition from the category of the apprentice to the apprentice takes place, and in the Sixes it is already a master. Accordingly, this affects the social status of the Magician. If the Twos is a strange eccentric with an obscure hobby and a potential client of psychiatric hospitals, then in Troikas it is already a mysterious person with questionable practice and constant accusations of fraud and quackery. Next, in the Fours, this is already a fairly well-known miracle worker with some elements of charisma . In Fives, this is a close disciple of a strong Magician and a rather self-contained personality. At the conclusion of the practice, the Fives are already a mighty Magician, the master of elementals , with whom the elite should be considered. At this stage, the Magician becomes a very rich loner, leading an inconspicuous and anonymous lifestyle. In the Sixes, the Magician becomes the owner of the energy source of his Element. He creates his own environment and laboratory. At this level, he enters the market of Magic as a powerful energy supplier. In Seven, the Magician works with Forms and creates Magic Scrolls. In G8 he works with spells, can sell them, repair and recharge them. In the Deats, his consciousness directly changes the world, in the Tenths he passes the Ascension. Each specialization has its own characteristics. Each of the specializations, in addition, has the main element. Each specialization exposes its goods and services to the Magic market, which is supported by all Magi and creates a community.

6.7.0.          The Market of Magic.

The Magic market is a closed structure for outsiders, which has three levels, and in the third level, the VC is actively present. The first level, in fact, is manifested in the human society in the form of a series of shops of "esoteric goods", " Voodoo " shops, "magic shops", etc. The goods of this market are very cheap and available to all.However, "mere mortals" view these products as expensive and tricky trinkets, and for Mages 4.1 -4.2 this market provides everything necessary. An important condition for the development of magicians are various items of Force and machines that allow you to lock the vehicle in a higher position. Making mascots for the level 4.1-4.2 is not very labor intensive, and such artifacts cost within 1000 euros. The range of prices of the first market is 10-1000 euros. Naturally, ordinary mortals do not understand what an "empty" and "charged" talisman is. Therefore, they do not understand, for example, when a small trinket costs 100 euro (charged) here, and around the corner the same (not charged) - 10 euros. In addition, only the Magician will understand and see the difference between two spells, one of which is simpler (cheaper), and the other is more complicated (more expensive). Thus, despite the fact that for ordinary people the first market of Magic is not formally closed, in fact it gives them little, since they do not understand how to use it.

As for the market of Magic Services 4.1-4.2, this is a very murky space. I remember the following announcement: "A serious firm sells all kinds of documents, buy only from us - beware of imitations."

A huge number of "witches", "fortune tellers", "sorcerers" around the world offers its services (it is not entirely clear what the ingredients are). In addition, each of them reproaches competitors for charlatanry. A bunch of gurus, teachers of all kinds of spirituality offer everything from training to enlightenment inclusive at a very similar price.In addition, a significant proportion of these individuals have a level of 3-4.1, which leaves an imprint on all their activities (warrior caste). These gentlemen are fighting endlessly with "evil forces", to which, of course, they include their numerous competitors. They constantly take off from themselves and other "evil eye", "spoilage" and curses, made necessarily "to death." The situation around such "Magicians" is constantly military, the enemy is about to move from petty dirty tricks to open military actions, and where is there to study the secrets of the universe or engage in evolution. We must save ourselves (in all senses). The situation is aggravated by the fact that a significant part of these " occultists " are also religious (that does not have representatives of religions to them). Trying to deal with Magic (Arcana 17 and above), they cling to religion (Arcana 22-19), which, in principle, is not compatible (like playing dolls in high school).

The second market of Magic is already completely closed from ordinary mortals. The goods and services here are in the range of 1000 euros - 100,000 euros. This market serves level 4.2-4.3. (that is Elite). Sometimes an important politician or a large financier can acquire something through intermediaries in this market. Intermediaries and guarantors in such cases are "members of the club."

At this level, there are very conscientious mentors and authoritative magical schools. Naturally, there is no confrontation at this level (in the ordinary human sense), although there may be quite different positions in different issues of the Magical order (for example, if the Iphrites are considered to be creatures and whether to treat the mule (artificial beings created by Magia) as people). Some Magical inconsistencies of positions led to serious conflicts at the human level. In addition, politicians who know about the Elite and the Magical Market are constantly trying to strengthen their positions, stealing something or digging up (ancient artifacts), and also entering into an independent contact with the CC (attacks on UFOs and attempts at independent contact , bypassing the Elite).

The third market of Magic is intended primarily for trade with the CC. This market is very expensive, as the Earth does not produce adequate goods of interest to the CC. On the other hand, VCs can offer any high-tech products - from a pill that animates the deceased, to a pleasure yacht of the galactic class. This market starts from 100.000 euros and has no upper limits.

First of all, there is a demand for Magic 4.2 -4.3 (which, however, is relatively inexpensive, about 100.000-500.000 euros). Next come art, the prices for which are artificially raised. For terrestrial creatures, terrestrial art is completely incomprehensible, and they are guided when buying "souvenirs" for domestic prices. Hence a very expensive antiques market, on which the painting of an ancient master can cost more than 1,000,000 euros. In addition, animals, plants, organs and, in some cases, people are sold in this market.

Sale of people and their bodies is carried out smuggling, and, basically, not Elite, trying to control the VC market, but all sorts of mafia structures trying to break into this market independently.

6.7.1.          Battle Magic.

Unlike mythological representations - these are not monsters, armed with swords and spitting lightning into all sorts of undead. They are Mages of high qualification who are engaged in progression . After the death of the civilization of Atlantis (67 thousand years ago), and after it the civilization of the Van (25 thousand years ago), the most important task of the Magicians was the preservation of ancient knowledge and the development of civilization to the level reached in the past. The very existence of the Magi (as mentioned above) is directly related to the possibility of a further evolution of consciousness. The higher the level, the more technological resources it requires. At a low technological level, the evolution of most people is restrained artificially, as the Elite absorbs all resources, directing them to its development. With a greater level of civilization, a resource appears for the development of new magicians.           Description of specialization.

The main special disciplines for Battle Mages is the practical progression and comparative history. The Elemental Element is Fire. Since the Combat Magicians have to take on the main burden of social interactions, the remaining specializations work for them, creating a powerful arsenal of magical means for them. The work of the Combat Magician is similar to the work of a spy, all actions of which are backed up by the technological capabilities of the whole state. Usually combat Mages work as a group that forms the Magic Circle. In the case of carrying out some more powerful impact, several circles can unite. There are several types of Combat Magic, depending on the Element, and usually all programs are planned within the same Element (in the course of the evolution of the personality), but with social influences aimed at changing the state of the society itself, the impact goes across the Elements, summing up the potentials of the Magicians of the same level of different Elements . In this case, the task is divided into blocks, each of which is performed by Mages in the same element. In Combat Magic, evolution occurs in the process of transition from the solution of small private situations, which individual people address, to solving the problems of entire firms, large companies and, finally, states. Combat Mages cooperate with special services, delving into the essence of progress . Starting with the practice of Fives, Battle Mages get their channel to work with the Hierarchy. Mage level 4.2-\4.3 no longer depend on human structures.

6.7.2.       Healers.

Unlike the stage of development of consciousness in Magic (4.2), which is called "healers," here we are dealing with a specialization or specialty. These magicians undergo their evolution by practicing Healing as a practice. Healers-Mages have their own specificity and their market of services. Despite the large market of psychics, healers, parapsychologists, etc., we can say with great certainty that none of the readers have ever dealt with Mages-Healers. There are several reasons for this:

1.      The market for Healers is very expensive. It is not designed for mere mortals. All that makes Magee-healers, refers to the second and third markets Magic begins with about 5 thousand. Euro, having no practical price ceiling, t. To. Mages-Healers can heal creatures of any biological species, including extraterrestrials (specially arriving to them from all parts of the universe).

2.          Mages-Healers are inside the clan of clans and are an important source of space for the clans, so the clan does everything to ensure that the human society does not interfere with their work. In this case, the clan members themselves use the services of their Healers-Healers.

3.        Mages-Healers have a different attitude to people's lives than physicians, and they will never rush to help an unknown person. Mages-Healers provide assistance only to those who themselves consider it necessary to provide it.

4.      Mages-Healers are tied to certain points (see below) on the surface of the Earth and can only work at these points ( like the Philippine chillers ). Therefore, for the treatment of Healers-Healers, clients have to travel to them, often to the most exotic places in the world.       Description of specialization.

Mages-Healers work with biocenoses (a group organism, which includes different biological species). They use collective organisms such as Forest, Swamp, River, Sea.In the ancient (pre-Christian) period, when a large group of Magicians of Atlantis passed the stage 4.2-4.3, there were sacred groves dedicated to the gods. With them worked the Mages-Healers. However , with the passage of these Magi into Magony, the sacred groves remained ownerless (which immediately took advantage of the Christian missionaries who exterminated them as pagan shrines). The pupils departed in Magonia Healers (Druids) tried for a while to keep the remains of the sacred forests in Europe, but in the end Christians still felled them in Italy, France and Germany, leaving Russia and Britain, after which The magic healers from Western Europe is almost gone. For the Mages, who own the method of creating portals, it was not difficult. Thus, in Europe there were " gaps ", remaining at the transition points. Some of these "wretched places" lead to the Healers-the Healers (who spawned myths about woodland, water (lakes), kikimorah (marshes)). Healers find active biocenoses in this and other parallel worlds, which they use for their work.        Technology of work with biocenosis.

Mages-Healers (further MC) settle in the biocenosis that they want to use. For quite some time they have been studying it and are trying to become a part of it (Dvaek practice). They find the focus of consciousness of the biocenosis and systematically build in it their consciousness. Mages begin to feed on the energy of plants entering the biocenosis (the Three of Life), and control the behavior of the animals entering it. As a result, they begin to feel the structure of the biocenosis as their own body (identification), and become during the evolution of consciousness by the gods of these forests, lakes, marshes (which was repeatedly described by ancient authors, talking about nymphs, fauns, dryads, naiads, etc.). ). During the Middle Ages, they were almost gone (the MC went to Magonia , and their pupils had not yet entered into force, remaining forest hermits (druids)). In the process of identification MC changed under the influence of biocenosis ( see description of the appearance of geese, dryads, nymphs, water, mermaids). Identifying with the biocenosis, the MC determined the focal point of the impact (the main energy node of its biocenosis). At this point, something like a camera for treatment was created. In the forest it could be a stump, which arose on the site of an old strong tree, in the lake - a shallow creek, in the marsh - a kind of special mound. Their patients are placed in this focal point. Each biocenosis has its own specifics (like human clinics). So the forest is a powerful stimulant of immunity (heals infections), the lake absorbs tumors and salts, and the marsh stimulates regeneration (including the rejuvenation of the whole organism).        Interaction of Healers.

Each biocenosis, being a clinic, a place of residence and a source of energy for the Healer, is also a means of communication, being a part of the Earth Genius. So a group of biocenoses entering one territory can unite (analogue of a doctor's consultation) for treatment in a complicated case (usually treatment of VC citizens).        Transformation of Healers.

Interacting with the biocenosis, healers change as organisms and as consciousnesses. Biocoenosis is projected onto them, causing changes in appearance. Interaction with plants and animals of the biocenosis can significantly affect the appearance of the Healer, which has given rise to many legends about kikimors, woodpeckers and goblins. However, these changes will not be permanent, but temporary. It is worth the Healer to get out of contact with his biocenosis and move away from it for some distance, as the projection begins to weaken and a return to the original appearance occurs.       Forms of Healers.

In the healing forms the main is the element Life. When working with other elements, the aspects of the elements are taken, as components of the Ether. The element of the Healer determines the biocenosis with which he can work. So Water Mages work with swamps, lakes and seas. Fiery Mages are looking for a place with volcanoes and geysers. Mages of the Earth work in caves, Mages of air - in the mountains. Mages of Death love old cemeteries. Evolution of Healers.     

Mages-Healers develop from 2 Arkana, where they develop in themselves a sensitivity to living matter, to the Tens, on which the Ascension takes place. In the Troika, they learn to work with the movement of biocenosis energies. In the Fours, Mages learn to create abstract spell formulas for managing biocenoses. In the Fives, you work with the summoning of elementals , which are used in complex spells. In the Sixes, the sources are created. Forms are created in the Seven. In the Eights on the basis of forms are built Spells. In the 9 there is a direct impact of the Healers' consciousness, combined with the biocenosis. In the Tens, the Healers go to Magony , using the energy of biocenoses.

6.7.3. Wizards. 1. The emergence of the Sorcerers.            

This specialization of Magicians arose after the death of a high-tech civilization. The main motivation for their appearance was the need of the Atlantean Magicians in an artificial environment. They (Mages of Atlantis) were created by advanced civilizations with the help of high technologies and large capacities and kept their fortunes only with the help of the same complex technologies and devices. After the death of civilization, some artifacts survived. Among those who retained a complete memory (against the background of the wildness of the rest of humanity) were the Magicians, who undertook to study the surviving artifacts. The magical community quickly divided into specializations. Combat Mages accumulated forces and built empires to provide the remaining Magi with resources. Wizards also looked for workable devices or created artifacts,which could be used to strengthen the remaining Mages, including combat ones. The very existence of magicians - people with a high position of the TS, requires the creation of certain conditions, including devices that create energy screens (protective talismans), and devices that produce the energy necessary to fix the vehicle. This is due to the characteristics of the Magical Society. Having large mental bodies covering hundreds of square kilometers, Mages live far from each other (bodies having the same frequency and high density are opaque to each other). The ether body protrudes beyond the physical body at the 1-necessary for fixing the vehicle. This is due to the characteristics of the Magical Society. Having large mental bodies covering hundreds of square kilometers, Mages live far from each other (bodies having the same frequency and high density are opaque to each other). The ether body protrudes beyond the physical body at the 1-necessary for fixing the vehicle. This is due to the characteristics of the Magical Society. Having large mental bodies covering hundreds of square kilometers, Mages live far from each other (bodies having the same frequency and high density are opaque to each other). The ether body protrudes beyond the physical body at the 1- 2 cm , and this, in principle, the distance to which people can get closer castes 1.0-2.0. The astral body has an outer extent of up to 1.5 meters, and this is a comfortable distance of communication for soldiers 2.0-3.0. Anahat Chakra's body (green or 1 mental) has a length of up to 10-15m (usually shown by psychics 4.1 when they measure the "energy" of a person with a frame or pendulum). All who have this body dense, are already forced to stay apart from one another at a considerable distance (4.1-4.4). The following bodies are even larger. Thus, Mages are forced to live among people without forming a dense society, and try to "dissolve" in the human society 1.0-3.0. In such conditions, any Mage will feel de-energized and loss of energy, because people with unformed bodies of high-frequency chakras will be for them "cold" objects absorbing energy. On the other hand, this quality does not allow the Magi to die of hunger, since the presence of energy on the high-frequency chakras makes them attractive to people who see in them "unusual" or "strangeness" (a parameter showing the quantitative difference in the position of the people's vehicle). This means, among other things, that any Mage for acquiring clients must save energy (which is felt at any distance), rather than pasting fences with ads like "I'll heal, I'll cast a spell, I'll take off the spoilage." Living among people, the Magician constantly experiences an outflow of energy and needs special devices (screens) for its accumulation. In addition, it is very difficult to find the source of RF energy. Ordinary people get the energy it needs from the food, but if you convert this energy into RF to . etc. becomes very low. Thus, the need to create complex Magic devices gave birth to Wizards as a specialization of Magicians. 2. Doors and Wizards.                          

When the civilization of Atlantis was lost and a flood occurred , this, of course, touched the underground world of doors (dwarfs). However, in their dungeons, the technologies survived better than on the surface. The doors were natural workers and got on well with the fixing of various devices. Of course, they could not compete withAtlantis' biociviliza- tion , but when the need arose for the Wizards, this doorway filled the niche . Since then, underground men have been closely associated with the market of Magical Technologies. Over the centuries, they supplied the surface with magic weapons and technological artifacts. It is they who own the secrets of the production of "Damascus" steel and "heavenly" iron. 3. Ancient artifacts.                          

Under the ancient artifacts are usually understood high-tech devices - machines and apparatus, remaining in the world after the death of civilization. Most of these devices irretrievably perished in magma, of those that survived, many were damaged. When it became possible, the doors arranged for these items a real hunt, sending one to the surface of the expedition one after another. Ancient artifacts are the technological base with which new artifacts are created. There are a number of names of ancient artifacts, which, in principle, can not be reproduced in modern conditions of the Earth. Some artifacts can be simulated on a simpler technological basis. 3.1. Types of ancient artifacts.                                

To the ancient artifacts are, mainly, a variety of devices that can be qualified as magic machines.

1.1.               This includes devices related to the artificial evolution of human consciousness such as "Sarcophagus" or "Incubator".

1.2.                Devices that are analogues of modern computers, hyper- brain machines and "reading Atlant machines" associated with this technology , historically referred to as the Ra's helmet and the crown of Upper Egypt.

1.3.        Machines that can record information on objects (create charged objects) are a "charging machine".

1.4.               Apparatus that changes the metric of space and allows creating hyper-spatial tunnels (such as "stargate").

1.5.         The device that allows materialize the thought forms ( materializer ).

1.6.          Machines that make it possible to produce the energy of consciousness (mental generators).

1.7.                Machines that allow to accumulate bioenergy ( bioenergy batteries ).

1.8. Machines that create a flow of energy of a certain frequency, allowing to fix the vehicle in the required position.    

1.9. Machines that create tuning to certain Channels of the Sephiroth Tree . Specialization.      

Wizards are one of the main specializations of Magicians. They occupy an important place in the natural clans and are treasurers of the clans. Usually Wizards are the richest Mages. It was they who created and retained artifact markets. They create the equipment on which the rest of the clan depends. In Wizards, the main element is the Earth. Specialization of Wizards includes the entire evolutionary scale from two to ten. Guild of Sorcerers.       

In addition to the vertical division into spontaneous clans, Wizards also enter into a horizontal association called the Guild. This is due to the existence of a single artifact for all elements of the market. The Guild establishes its own corporate rules regarding the creation and sale of artifacts. The guild evaluates the work of the individual wizard and his current level. There is a library of rare artifacts, which is the property of the guild. Masters recognized by the guild have access to this library. The Guild of Sorcerers gives access to the second and third market of artifacts. The Guild assigns the Wizard the title of master and gives the wizard access to the guild meetings. Masters and apprentices.       

All students who are trained by the master, initially have the status of apprentices, which, in turn, are divided into senior and junior, depending on the duration and success of training. Transition of apprentices into master's status occurs at the level of the Five Little Arcana. The apprentices, who have mastered the Elemental Elementalforces , become masters. In Wizards, to transition to a new status, the apprentice must create an artifact that the guild commission recognizes as worthy of a master. With the transition to master's status, the wizard receives great material benefits. Markets of artifacts.     

There are three markets for artifacts, of which two are controlled by the Wizards Guild. Without the permission of the guild, no Magician or man can buy anything in the second and third markets. The presence of these markets allows the guild to control the richest and most influential people on the planet. The first market.      

This market is not controlled by the guild and is spontaneous. In this market artisanally crafted artifacts, random archaeological finds and work of apprentices appear.This market exists within the limits of 5-10 thousand $ and does not contain powerful or significant artifacts. Everyone can buy or sell in this market an artifact, independently setting the price and advertising the product. The second market.      

This market is controlled by the guild, and there are no random people among buyers and sellers of this market. In this market, the products of the masters of the guild are sold. This market contains a standard set of artifacts, for which prices have long been set. This market contains some standard set of spells and artifacts. In this market, there may be common antiquarian artifacts related to standard types. Prices in this market start from $ 10,000 and in principle can stretch to $ 1 million. These artifacts can have great strength and efficiency. Restrictions of the second market: there are no extraterrestrial artifacts. There are no artifacts of immortality or resurrecting dead for good . No cure for deadly diseases such as cancer or AIDS . In this market there are also unique ancient artifacts that exist in single specimens. Third market.      

This market is the most closed and the most mysterious. Several dozens of people on the planet have been admitted to it. The most powerful people on the planet dream of getting access to it. The access is given personally by the head of the guild. According to tradition, the head of the guild should be a thoroughbred Dverg , belonging to one of the 3 royal families. In this market, prices do not have a ceiling and can equal the budgets of entire states. This market intersects with the market of the most expensive antiques of the planet. In this market, there are artifacts of extraterrestrial origin from the generator of "eternal life" to vima- type "star yacht" (Earth does not sell combat starships). In this market are sold the most complex artifacts of the guild, issued by famous masters. In addition, you can buy unique ancient artifacts. Wizards and Elite.      

Entrance to the Elite.

After the death of civilization on the planet for a long time, the Mages collected the resources they needed to survive. The empire was created and died, the purpose of which was to collect and capture the surviving artifacts. Entire states worked for a dozen magicians trying to revive ancient technologies. Finally people were accustomed to gold, which became the equivalent of wealth. For gold, you could buy any resources. The caravels were sent across the ocean to extract artifacts from the abandoned and barbarian-occupied cities of Atlantis. Gradually, the magicians' power over the world increased. In this way there was the Elite - a group of ancient Magicians, who concentrated in their hands the resources of this world. During the following centuries, new schools and new laboratories emerged. Methods were created to accelerate evolution, not requiring a technological base. New people came to the magical levels of consciousness. There were magical wars between traditions. The new Mages wanted a redistribution of resources and sought access to magical artifacts. As a result, through rigid interactions, a system was formed . It puts down a power barrier at the beginning of evolution. All who can, interfere with the development of the Mages 4.1-4.2. Entering 4.2 (Five of Small Arcana), the Mage gets at his disposal the Elemental Powers and the ability to summon the Elementals Element. At this level, he passes from the category of apprentices to the category of masters. Here he is taken into one of the Magical Orders and gives him everything he needs.

The elite is a powerful association of Mages 4.2-4.3, possessing magical and economic power. For external civilizations, it is the elite that represents the government of the Earth. Elite restrains the emergence of new magicians at the level of 4.1-4.2. But it is compelled to include 4.2 who have gained the power of the Element. In parallel with the process of including new 4.2 in the Elite , the transition to Magonia (Ascension) 4.2-4.3. Thus, the elite is something like a closed club of the richest and most influential people with a constant number of members and variable composition. The basis of Elite's power is the ability to be born in the right place and at the right time (skill 4.2).Since there are fewer than hundreds of families in the world that have concentrated maximum funds in their hands, then, to get into Elite, the Magician simply needs to be born in one of such families. Going to level 4.2., The Magician chooses such a family, begins to adjust to it and creates a link between himself and this family, which leads him, ultimately, to birth among them. Thus, Mages 4.2 have the opportunity to enter the Elite and get the necessary resource to go to Mahon . Hierarchs of the church.       

To practice the Magic, several conditions are required. For the Wizards, it's free time, the opportunity to spend a lot of time in meditation and the availability of workshops. All this is in the hierarchs of religions. There is a tradition created by the Magi, according to which the youngest son of an influential family becomes a priest. The presence of noble and wealthy relatives gives him the opportunity to make a spiritual career. The church in any religion represents a significant force and has the support of the authorities. Therefore, for a long time Mages in general, and Wizards in particular, masked their activities by being in the church hierarchy. The love of the adherents of religions for all sorts of artifacts: images of the deity, protective talismans and holy relics, the presence of many workshops and large libraries opened up a lot of activity for the Mages. Classification of artifacts.     

Despite the existence of three markets for artifacts, prices at which differ at times, there is a unified system of classification of artifacts, based on the energy parameters of the objects. Items are divided according to frequencies (the range of the chakra on which the subject is affected), the method of use and the presence or absence of an internal source of energy. Further, the classification already follows the type of impact and depends on the built-in spell. Subjects.      

Charged with energy items are capacities for placing spells in them that have a finite amount of energy. Each such object is capable of accomplishing a certain amount of work, accompanied by a decrease in the energy of the object itself. Depending on the type of discharge put on the spell (work) can occur on living or non-living objects, permanently or under certain conditions, etc. In other words, the duration of the charged object depends on the spell it has installed. Different types of materials are charged under different conditions, and physically the charging process is different for different materials. Talismans.       

This class acts artifacts ranging Anahat and - Vishuddha Chakra . Talismans belong to the category of infinite energy sources, since they are connected with the energy channels of the planet and operate in the mode of "conductor of the flow of energy". On the basis of the Channels, various Arcana (spells) can be created that feed on theenergy of the Channel.

Usually talismans install protective or healing spells. In some cases, talismans use Wizards to change their appearance. Amulets.       

Amulets also work in the Anahata-Vishudha range and are worn around the neck. Unlike Talismans connected to energy flows (Channels), amulets are a reservoir for spells and contain a limited amount of energy. The amulet contains, as a rule, a volt of a situation and operates in narrow predetermined conditions.

Usually amulets use Battle Mages to create a specific situation or Healers to treat a particular disease.

6.7.ЗЗ1..2 Bracelets.       

The bracelets are originally designed to modulate the energy flows of the hands and feet. Left - incoming ( Yin ) flows, right - outgoing (Yang). The frequency of the hands is determined through the projection on the spine, as the range of Anahata-Vishudha . Usually, wrist and energy spells are placed in the bracelets. Often in the bracelets put expert systems, carrying the personality of soldiers or healers. Rings.       

Rings are distinguished for their intended purpose and are picked up under the right (from themselves) or left (on themselves) arm. There is a frequency correspondence between the 5th fingers and the 7th Chakras . In this case , the 1st (large) finger corresponds to Sahasrara Chakra , and the 5th finger (little finger) corresponds to MuladharaChakra . 2nd finger (forefinger) corresponds Adjna Chakra and 3 - d - the frequency range Vishudha-Anahat . Then the 4th finger - the range of Manipur-Swadhistan . Since each finger is rigidly connected to its chakra , then you can determine the optimal color of the stones for each finger and calculate the effect of a ring on the body. In addition, the separation of metals into Yin and Yang is known .

Example: for the 2nd (index) finger corresponding to the Ajna Chakra , the color is blue. The golden ring on the right hand will create an excess (a message from the finger to the Chakra ) and will transfer the Ajna chakra to the energy reception mode. On the left hand will create a message through the Chakra outside ( chakra in projector mode). If a diamond is placed on this ring (the frequency of the Sahasrara Chakra ), the Chakra will be accelerated, the green stone (emerald) will brake the chakra . For eachchakra, the subsequent color will be accelerating, the previous one - inhibitory. Tiaras.      

These objects capture the range of Ajna-Sahasrara and affect the consciousness. Diadems can activate the 3rd eye or change the levels of consciousness (Crown). Instruments.       

This category includes 4 instruments of Elements, as well as additional instruments, such as crystal spheres, wands, staffs, etc. Fire Tools.       

The instruments of Fire are a sword and a candle ( seven-candle ). The main Sword of Fire is " Escalibur ". The main seven - candlestick is the Menorah . Instruments of the Earth.       

The main tool of the Earth is called the Pentacle and in its structure it resembles a loom. Therefore Masters of the Earth are called weavers. Also a tool of the Earth is a crystal ( Silmaril ), a book (Torah) and a coin (Dinar). Water Tools.        

The main instrument of Water is the Cup or Chara. Hence Wizardry as a manipulation of the elements of Water (mostly the rejuvenation spells). When working with the Bowl, it is usually rotated counter-clockwise (the course of time), which corresponds to the movement backwards in time. The mass of water poured into the Bowl corresponds approximately to the mass of that of the seven bodies which must be displaced in time. Therefore, for the transfer of the material body of a man, the Water Magoo will have to turn the Bowl with a huge volume of water (a whole bath). To transfer the etheric body, usually use a basin or a cauldron (Sibyls cauldron). The bowl for carrying back in time of the Mental body can have small dimensions (the Grail). Air Tools.        

The main instrument of Air is the Wand (Caduceus). In addition, this includes braziers with smoking (produce smoke) and light weathercocks, built according to the type of torsion balance.

6.7.ЗЗ.2 Machines. Magic machines are devices with internal sources of energy. These apparatuses convert energy of one kind into another.     Magic machines affect the human TS. There are several types of Magic machines, these types include:         

1.    "Sarcophagus" - a device that accelerates the evolution of man.             

2.       "Helmet Ra" - (reading machine Atlanta) - a device that allows you to install programs directly into the mind of a person.             

3.    Hypermuscle is a machine that allows you to make mental impressions from the consciousness of some people and rearrange them to others. In addition, thehypermobility makes it possible to unite the minds of several people into a single structure, which can be used as a psychotronic weapon.

4.         Charging machine - allows you to write information to objects.

5.        The energy converter - allows a person to eat directly from an external energy source.

6.      Projector - allows you to impose the quality of some objects on others. Including allows you to move a person's soul from the body to his own clone.

7.      Energy destructor - allows you to clean rooms from negative energies.

8. Materializer - allows you to materialize thought forms .               

9. Generator external chronopol - allows you to build portals and navigate in space and time. The device, which is a running engine of Vimana . The second engine allows it to move, using the energy of the external electromagnetic field, and to hang on external lines of force.         

10. Alchemical Atanor - a device that simulates the uterus. Allows to change external conditions in a wide range, including pressure, temperature, humidity, degree of screening.     

 The technology of creating artifacts.

The creation of artifacts is the basis of the specialization of Wizards, and these technologies appeared during the existence of secondary settlements of Atlantis. Manual charging.          

This method is associated with the presence in humans of high-frequency (energy) bodies. Picking up the object, the Magician activates the etheric body ( SvadhistanaChakra ) and the astral body ( Manipura Chakra ), which modulate the subtle bodies of the object, and writes down information on it. Creating further different images, the Magician Wizard also modulates in the field of mental bodies. With this method, the charging energy depends on the energy of the Magician himself and the duration of the impact on the object. Engine charge.          

It is produced with the aid of a device containing information recorded on some medium and a source of high-frequency energy capable of modulating the thin (high-frequency) bodies of the charged object recorded on the storage medium. Charging items.          

When objects with modulation at high frequency (charged) and not having such modulation (uncharged objects) are brought into contact with each other, a rewriting with copying of information from charged objects occurs. At the same time, the work is done, that is, the energy of charged objects decreases. This also occurs when charged objects enter the water, which is then charged, reducing the energy of the charged object. Projectors.          

The projector is a machine that extracts the subtle body of one object and superimposes it on another object. At the heart of the projector's work lies the ability of the pyramids to create energy flows passing through the main axis of the pyramid. By placing one object in the upper focus of the pyramid (1/3 of its vertex) and projecting its subtle body outward, we superimpose this body on another object. Overwriting.          

Reading the information from the object (creating a cast), the Magician can rewrite this information to another object. Often Magical artifacts are a combination of energy matrices of different objects. Charging.      

Charging objects physically represents a redistribution of energies in the object, produced at a given frequency (the frequency of the Chakra ) or several frequencies.Information is the inhomogeneity of energy distribution in space. Thus, when writing information to an object, we create deformations of the thin bodies of this object. In the case of manual charging, the thin bodies of the charged object crush the thin bodies of the Sorcerer, charging the object.

When using a variety of charging machines, this deformation is effected by the action of various mechanisms (depending on the machine device). Charged objects are carriers of the information recorded on them. Each charged object carries in itself some amount of energy and is able to perform adequate work. Consecration.      

Consecration of the object is a kind of charging of the object, in which the object is attuned to external energy flows. Such a thing, when doing work, practically does not expend the energy of charging for work, doing work at the expense of the energy of the stream connected to it. Sanctification creates very durable artifacts that can work for a long time. As energy channels, egregors or Earth Genius Channels can appear . In Sephirotic Magic is known the existence of 22 channels or qualities. Creating objects sanctified by the Sephiroth Tree Channels , we also attach to these objects the egregors based on these energies. Creating machines.      

At the heart of the creation of Magic Machines lies the general theory of geometric forms. General theory of the action of geometric forms.       

If we consider an isolated zone of space that is far from any material objects and is inaccessible to radiation, then one can confidently say that there are no events and, consequently, the course of time. However , when any material objects are introduced into this space, its (space) structuring and entering the flow of time immediately takes place. Obviously, the properties of space, structured by different geometric forms, should differ. But this means that inside the (and about) objects having different spatial forms, different laws of physics, including different speed of the flow of time, must operate. The difference in the speed of time flow for some objects relative to others leads to the emergence of kinetic energy and radiation emanating from these (faster) objects (in relation to slower ). You can imagine a world structured by the main geometric object - planet Earth. In this space, some stable conditions will be established, which for convenience can be considered isotropic (uniformly distributed in space). You can imagine a certain more complicated geometric form, the conditions inside which will be the most different from those around them. In Magic (the legacy of the ancients) this form is considered a pyramid. It also says that the pyramid, which has a square in the base, is the most biological , that is, stronger than other forms of pyramids interacts with organisms. The theory of pyramids.       

In the pyramid, two areas can be distinguished - located 1/3 of the height from the base and 1/3 of the height from the top. These zones are called the lower and upper foci of the pyramid. At the same time, energy is sucked from the base and collected at a point located at the center of the lower focus. Then the energy is transferred to the point of the upper focus, from which it is emitted to the outside. The speed of time flow in the lower focus is less than outside (cold point), and in the upper one - more (hot spot). In general, the speed of time in the pyramid is the same as outside. The "cold" point draws energy from outside and throws it into the "hot" point, remaining "cold" all the time. The "hot" point radiates all the time, remaining "hot".

Thus , the pyramid as a whole works like an energy pump. However, at the output of the pyramid, energy of some certain quality is obtained (associated with the change in the speed of time, to which any objects, especially living ones, that have the concept of internal personal time) are sensitive.

6.7.З.4.З.З. Time.             

Time is connected with events. If an object does not have events, then time does not move for it. The concept of events includes interactions related to the change in the amount of energy of the objects involved in it. Since each object has a personal history, which includes a sequence of interactions, we can talk about individual time. At the same time, within the closed system, which, for example, is the Earth, one can speak about external, objective time, having in mind the history of the system as a whole. In this way objective history exists, as well as objective time. Subjective history and subjective time are part of the whole. Inside a closed system, different objects can have different speeds in time. That is, objects with different speed of movement in time possess each other energy (difference in speeds). In this case, faster objects have more energy. This kind of energy is universal, because all objects move in time and, therefore, possess this energy. That is, events that occur with one of the objects in a closed system, act on other objects.

For example, by placing in the lower pole of the pyramid a pulsating source of some kind of energy (light, acoustic, bass, electromagnetic), we will obtain in the upper pole a similar pulsation of already universal energy, since the pulsation of the listed types of energy will simply be an event here. In this way it is possible to build generators or, more precisely, converters of different types of energy into a universal one, outputting different frequencies (the frequency of such a converter is determined by the number of events (pulsations) in the lower focus of the pyramid). Generators with different output frequencies will be able to influence the position of the human body, feed it with energy and much more. Universal energy associated with the speed of movement of objects in time, will affect all functions of the body. With the help of universal energy, you can move objects in time and space. Expansion of Time.       

When moving in time from the present to the future there is, in addition to linear motion, another kind of movement - "transverse", which is usually called "time extension" or " multivariance ." It is with this kind of movement that the concept of "free will" (freedom of choice and choice in general) is connected. There are other realities, which we call "probabilities", similar to tributaries of the river of time existing in addition to the main channel. Each time, being before a choice of actions leading to occurrence of alternative chains of events, we create certain streams of events of the destiny which can be divided on realized and possible. In this case, the reality known to us begins to branch like a tree (a probability tree appears). When making a choice, we move across a linear time flow in a measurement, which is called a multiplier or a second time flow. It is with the displacement of this dimension that the concept of luck and luck is associated. Charging items.       

The charger uses universal energy. In this case, the machine itself is, as it were, the base for which the charged object is unwound in linear and multivariant time. The information itself, which "charges" the object, is on some medium and modulates the device that generates universal energy. Thus, the process of charging objects is reduced to the process of recording information on an object using universal energy. Information coding systems.       

The information written on the subject is related to the images created by the brain. This information can be verbalized using words or visual images. The creation of artifacts is based on the idea of ​​the universality of coding information by beings of different races (the brain of asura, alva and door codes information in the same way) and the similarity of the method of thinking of man and the System (God created man in his own image). Thus, the information recorded on the subject is equally read by people of different races, and by the System. In this case, any object, from the point of view of the System, is information. Thus, by writing information to the object, we change its properties in the System (that is, change the physical nature of the object). In other words, ordinary water and spilled water differ from each other physically. Reference samples.      

From the ancient technogenic civilization of the Earth there are very few material evidence. All these objects carry information about those civilizations and give access to the ancient Technologies. Naturally, the Mages have long begun to hunt after them. In addition, there are reference samples of various artifacts made by the great Magi. All these objects are the property of the guild and are kept in special collections as teaching aids. Magician Wizards use these prototypes to create their own spells. Evolution of wizards.     

Wizards evolve in the same way as all other Mages of other specializations, in accordance with the Small Arcana Tarot. Apprentices.      

The evolution of apprentices begins with the Two of Small Arcana ( extrasensory ) and ends in five (working with elementals Elementals). Further they pass to the category of Masters. Apprentices live a life close to the life of ordinary mortals (they study, work, earn money). In Twos they learn to feel the energy of artifacts, in Troikas they charge artifacts, using the energy of Force Places and other sources. In the Fours, create a formula for the spell (build the mandala ). In Five, they learn to call and manipulate elementary Elementals. Masters.      

To transfer Apprentice to the rank of Master, he must do thesis work (create an artifact) that meets the requirements of the guild. Masters evolve from the Sixes (the creation of sources) to the Seven (creation of Forms), to the Eight (creation of spells), through the Nine (direct impact of consciousness on the world) to the Tens (Ascension).At each stage special skills are developed and special artifacts are created. The value of the created artifacts for the evolution of the Magician.     

Each created artifact is associated with the Magician who created it, and

retains the position of the TS Magician. Thus, entering the operational states (above the zone of the main TC fixing), the Mage is fixed to a new level by the artifacts created there. Creating more high-quality artifacts, the Magician thus fixes his evolution.

 Artifacts as energy beacons.

There are places associated with energy flows. If we make an artifact associated with the Magician himself, and set up in such a place, then the Magician will receive a constant supply of energy from this place. Such an energy beacon can energize not only the Magician himself, but also the spells he created. Each Wizard creates a network of his energy beacons, while connecting them to an external power system, long established by the Guild. This power system (the Guild of Wizards) is based on a network of pyramids located in different parts of the world. Such pyramids continue to be built in our time. There are explicit access points to this network, such as the Cheops pyramid or the pyramid of the Moon, and implicit, such as the underground pyramids found in the Crimea, or, for example, the underwater pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle.

 Life time of artifacts.

Many standard artifacts (2nd market) have a predetermined lifetime. But there are also those whose life expectancy can not be predicted in advance (1st and 3rd markets). In such cases, it is important to be able to identify the artifact in appearance or symbol. It uses the symbols of the Arcana Tarot . For example, a skull, a braid and a skeleton symbolize 13 lasso, as well as number 13. The wings of a bat, a goat's head, an inverted 5-pointed star and the number 15 signify 15 lasso.

6.7.4. Lords of Illusions. Specialization.     

This is one of the most complex magical specializations, requiring a high degree of possession of energy. It relates in part to the Magic of Wizards, but it can be practiced by an experienced Magician of another specialization. If in other specializations the evolution comes from the Dozens of Dozens of Small Arcanes, then only Masters (that is, Mages working at the level of Sixes) are present here. The illusions themselves represent whole fragments of an artificially created reality, sometimes indistinguishable in the degree of certainty from the surrounding world. Masters of Illusions are engaged in something that has a connection with painting or artistic photography. Illusions created by the Magi represent independent masterpieces. However, they can be used by Mages of other specializations. Illusions have their value and form part of the Magical Market, referring to 2 or even 3 markets.The creation of illusions is directly related to the materialization of images and requires special technologies. Place in the hierarchy.     

Usually Masters of Illusions are patriarchs and highly advanced members of the Mage hierarchy. These are recognized by all authorities and magicians, who have enormous power. Their art provides them and their environment with everything they need. Without participating actively in the progress of the activity, these magicians improve the Magic art itself.

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