Reiki Yggdrasil - how to get FREE?

There are 3 options how to get the Runic Reiki Initiation:

1 option - participate in the group class online or offline.
2 option - request the personal free trial session (to get initiation you will need to read the materials on your own and answer the check-list questions).
3 option - request the personal class and initiation (costs 50 USD 1st level).

To get the Gratitude Runic Reiki Initiation level 1 you need to send your request and read next materials:

1. Runic Reiki Study FAQ
2. Runic Reiki Detailed Description.

The basic questions on Runic Reiki System:

1) What is the basics of Runic Reiki: Reiki or Runes?
2) Why Runic Reiki is more effective than classical Usui Reiki?
3) What is Yggdrasil?
4) What is the Healing spell (stream) in Runic Reiki? How does it work?
5) How does the Protection spell works in Runic Reiki?
6) How does the Activation on money stream spell works in Runic Reiki?
7) What are the Pantheons of Gods you will be able to work on the 5th level of Runic Reiki?
Thank you for your time!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Andrew Litvinov
Magister of Runic Reiki
Senior manager of Runic Academy
World Heritage Insitute.

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