2. Instructor of Runic Reiki Yggdrasil & Holistic Therapies.


Instructor Course.
It broadens and deepens your applied flow skills.

nature magic

Instructor Course includes 6 Levels of Holistic Healing.

  • Healing - the healing work to make your mind body and soul whole, complete.
  • Golden Taurus - we develop skills of operating
    with financial egregors and cash flows.
  • Man and Woman - is the beloved tunings to work with the opposite sex and master men-women relationships. Love Magic & Tantric Flow.
  • Life Force - We learn how to activate the Powers of Nature, body biocenosis and regeneration.
    Shamanic healing & Powers of nature.
  • Fireball - the skills of conscious energy management
    in the applied aspect of healing.
  • Sexual Energy  - to activate and heal life forces inside the body. Sexual magic awakening.


At the end of the Instructor course, the graduate gets the opportunity
get the status of Instructor for Reiki Yggdrasil and start training others in the Reiki Yggdrasil system, transfer the settings.

Healing block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The name of the block comes from the word “whole”, “whole”. In this block, a person is being studied at different frequencies and structures for full, harmonious contact with the world.

Block Settings:

  • Chakras - there is an interaction of all subtle bodies with the body of each chakra, each subtle body individually. Synchronization with all subtle bodies and on the basis of this amplification of energy.
  • U-Sin - work is ongoing not just with all organs, but the person’s synchronization with the seasons, seasons, various energies that we eat, breathe, and see around us.
  • Meridians — synchronization of a person according to annual, monthly, hourly rhythms and integration due to this into the world starts. A stable, integral human structure is formed. There is an impact on the organs and systems of the human body through the meridians corresponding to Chinese medicine.
  • Hypnosis - the ability to establish contact with one’s subconscious, to influence and fix positive attitudes, eliminate negative programs, interact with the unconscious, i.e. synchronization with the Genius of the Earth, with the Consciousness of the planet for better work. 


Golden Taurus block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

In this block, we are included in the database of financial algorithms of the Genius of the Earth. There is an inclusion in financial egregors, including the ancient egregors tied to money - to information flows, to the strength and skills that the ancients had.

Block Settings:

  • Golden Taurus - the setting includes the human consciousness in monetary and social egregors, which contribute to attracting financial flows.
  • Money and chakras - attracting and accepting money at different levels of consciousness.
  • V.I.P. - Includes important business people in egregor, develops self-confidence and in their actions.

The tuning “Chakras”

In the spiritual practices of Hinduism chakras are one of the centers of strength and consciousness in the human’s body. Various nerve plexuses and  glands correspond to the chakras. While practicing “the Reiki Yggdrasil’ “ system, people clear, treat all chakras and make them harmonious, at the result people become harmonious.

This tuning has two regimes:

Clearing  Chakras - ascending Stream.

Increasing  energy, chakras harmonization - descending Stream.

The tuning “U-Sin”

U-Sin (five elements, five actions) is one of the main categories of the Chinese  philosophy, it is a structure of five members, which determines the main parameters of the Universe Besides philosophy , U-Sin is widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine, fortune-telling,  martial arts and numerology.(45)

In the “Reiki Yggdrasil’ “ system the tuning “U-Sin” is used for clearing human body’s organs from negative structures, for treatment of organ diseases , and for harmonization of the emotional sphere of a human.

The tuning “U-Sin” makes organism the United system. For using this tuning say “Ygdrasil“, then “U-Sin” and the name of the organ which you want to work with: lungs, Kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and so on.

The tuning “Meridians”

 Meridian (canal), according to the traditional Chinese medicine, is a system of vital energy Chi circulation. This energy connects different parts of central nervous system, internal organs and the surface of skin where the biological active points are located.

The main meridians are 12 paired and 2 unpaired  meridians. They have internal movement going through internal organs and they also have external movement going along body’s surface. The meridians are divided into meridians yang  and meridians yin

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil“, then “Meridians” and the name of the meridian which you want to work on

The tuning “Meridians” in the “Reiki Yggdrasil“ system clears and fills with vital energy.

The tuning “Hypnosis”

Hypnosis is a temporary condition of consciousness which typical characteristics are narrowing of consciousness’s volume, concentrating on contents of suggestion, it is caused by changing of function of individual control  and self-consciousness. Hypnosis or trance relates to separate regime of brain and body’s work.

In the “Reiki Yggdrasil’” system the tuning “Hypnosis” makes the deepest layers of subconsciousness  accessible for conducting positive affirmations.

For using this tuning say “Yggdrasil”, then “Hypnosis” and the name of affirmation.


Block "Man and Woman" in Reiki-Yggdrasil

In this unit you will learn how to tune to the ancient archetypes of Man and Woman.

The basis of this block is the search for the optimal algorithm for communicating with a particular person or group of people. The settings included in the “Man and Woman” stage will help you in any company to feel free, easy and natural, tune in a positive way, and better understand your partner. Also, this step will allow you to remove psychoblocks, eliminate complexes and remove the clamps and tension present in the body - everything that prevents normal interaction with other people and becomes the cause of serious diseases.

Block Settings:

  • Archetypes - turns on the automatic selection of the desired model of behavior in a given situation.
  • Tantra - increases sexual attraction, transforms and lifts sexual energy up.
  • Co-tuning - attunes chakra partners, harmonizes relationships, enhances mutual understanding.
  • Easy communication - allows you to enable easy communication mode when a person, without hesitation, communicates with others, causing sympathy on their part.


Life Force Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

This block includes the Geniuses of the Earth at the level of Nature. The settings of the "Life Force" block include a person in the Earth’s natural energy flows, restoring the connection that exists with us from the very beginning. The block settings remove the blockages that prevent the Earth’s energy from flowing freely from nature to man, which favorably affects health, which directly depends on how harmoniously we coexist with the outside world.

Block Settings:

  • Activation of the life flow - gives a person the opportunity to freely absorb life energy - the energy of the Earth, the energy of animals, the energy of trees and plants - which allows the whole body to start the recovery process, improve health, stabilize the emotional background and increase activity.
  • Fetch - inclusion in the channel of your own fetch allows you to activate all biological processes of the body, improve overall well-being, stimulate the immune system, find the missing character traits, get rid of interfering imperfections, and also get help in a variety of matters and protection from external ones from your guardian spirit negative impacts.
  • The fountain of life - launches renewal processes in the body at the cellular level, enhanced tissue regeneration.
  • Love and compassion - expands the human consciousness and combines it with the consciousness of the world.


Fireball block in Reiki-Yggdrasil

Fireball is a certain way of conducting specific energies through the body and consciousness, allowing you to accumulate energy in yourself or direct them outward. Thanks to this, you can control the circulation of energy in the body, control various processes in yourself and relationships with other people.

There are two methods of Fireball: direct and reverse circle.

Block Settings:

  • Energy circle - the collection and accumulation of energy in the forward and reverse circles for working with yourself and with other people.
  • Fireball on the chakras - allows you to work with bindings, create spells.
  • Assemblage point - moves the assembly point to a particular chakra to achieve the desired state of consciousness.


Block "Sexual Energy" in Reiki-Yggdrasil

The block is based on Taoist and tantric techniques. The block includes 5 settings and is aimed at increasing and controlling sexual energy. With the help of this block, you will learn to influence all spheres of life: health, business, relationships, society.

Block Settings:

  • Genital cleansing - removes emotions, toxins, infections, stagnation of energy.
    Activation of sexual centers - increase in sexual energy.
  • Wheel of Immortality - starts the process of transformation of sexual energy and its lifting up. In this setting, several energy pumps are launched, which allow you to update the body and consciousness, to make it healthy.
    An extract is the rise of energy to the upper chakras, the transformation of energy. This setting is not recommended for pregnant women, since the genitals are pulled inward.
  • Yoni-Lingam is a tantric technique that transforms the body and mind of practitioners. Unification with external flows, access to the buddhic body.

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