Session 4. Love & Rejection

We will explore the topics:
- Love & Loneliness.

We gonna have a series of family constellation sessions today to the participants,
Exploring your issues of love and loneliness and reasons that stops you to be fulfilled with love.

Everybody is welcome to join.

It was powerful experience to explore and synchronize with Yin & Yang archetypes.

The group discussion shows that there is interest on the topic of Rejection and Acceptance.

Lets explore this topic together at the next class.

We will explore deeply and carefully what was the most important rejection story.

Who was the one that was rejecting you the most.
What was the most painful experience for you in the past.

What need to be seen, acknowleded and healed.

Was it an issue with the parents, with a love partners or something else. We will discover it and heal.

Traumas of rejection, happened once, stays forever until it was acknowledged and healed.

Did you ever feel rejection?

Rejection of your desires, of your thour thouhts, of your intentions, of your love?

It hurts.

It makes your heart to get closed.

Sometimes from specific person, sometimes from men, women, love, in general.

I respect your feelings.
I care.

Let me try to give some relief to this pain.

To face it.
Acknowledge it.
And realease.

Through Family Constellation you would be able to participate in the group archetypical part.
And you can face your soul through the eyes of other people.

Amd later i will held a few personal discovery and release session.

Thank you guys for interest in this topic.

Everybody will be able to participate in archetypical exploration and get your personal constellation.





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