Level 5. Western European Shamanism. The Magic of Tarot.

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Western European Gnostic tradition. Kabbalah and tarot. To help you get the most of your life.

Kabbalah in the Western tradition of European magic emphasizes that highest development and health potentials can be achieved through synchronization with the Planetary consciousness. We will study these practices in this course.

We will study the archetypes of the Tarot as keys to planetary mental computers and their use in the method of Archetypal coaching and holistic therapy. You will go through 5 levels of initiations and learn the following healing technologies:


Principle Program: Practical Kabbalah and Tarot

  • Practical Kabbalah & Tarot (5 levels) - 5 credits.
    Level 1 - The Great Arcana of the Tarot
    Level 2 - The Magic and the Power of Elements (Small Arcanas)
    Level 3 - Sephiroth Tree.
    Level 4 - High Arcanas Tarot
    Level 5 - Predictions in the Tarot

Electives: Western European Tradition

  • Sacral Christian Magic and Guardian Angels - 3 credits
  • The Great Rituals of Kabbalah  - 3 credits
  • Artifacts and the Magic of the Elements  - 3 credits

Block "Keys of Solomon" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 1 step (Arcana)

This block involves working with Sephiroth. Sephiroth in the Western tradition is the consciousness of the planet. If the Tree Yggdrasil combines universal energies that affect the Earth, then the Tree of Sephiroth uses local energies that act on the Earth constantly. Work with Sephiroth involves achieving a certain state, creating resonance with individual parts of the Earth, which in turn attract the necessary flow.

Arcana block settings:

Arcana - the ability to enter the state of the desired Arcana.
Angels of the Arcana - An angel is the consciousness of the Arcana, which makes it possible to obtain additional information about the space of the Arcana and the subject that is being affected.
Glyphs of the Arcana - Glyph - the designation of the individual elements of the Arcana, makes it possible to highlight the aspect of the situation that interests us and to quickly obtain the desired results.
Arcana on the chakras - the effect of the energy of the Arcana on the desired chakra. Turning on through the fireball allows you to do the work with the setting better and more controlled.


Block "Keys of Solomon" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 2 level (Sephira)

At this stage, work with sephira occurs, which give the basic state of harmony and strength. Due to the inclusion in sephira, we take primary energy, accumulate it and strength, which makes it possible to perform any work.

Block Settings:

Sephira is an opportunity to get quality characteristic of Sephira, a line of activity.
Sephiroth archangels - an opportunity not only to take quality and training, but also to work more and more in detail, will also allow working with people more gently and efficiently.
Ranks - the opportunity to receive assistance in training, protection, assistance in matters by contacting a particular rank.


The Keys of Solomon Block in Reiki-Yggdrasil - Level 3 (M. Arkany 2-10)

In this block, an entry into a certain element occurs, which gives the ability to read information and perform any work due to external energy sources. In the western magical tradition, there are 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air.


Block "Keys of Solomon" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 4th level (BIG ARCANAS)

In this block, work continues with the elements and their representatives, whom we call into our world and interact with them. Representatives of the elements include the page, jack, queen, and king. Working with representatives of the elements is reminiscent of working with angels in the first and second steps of the “Keys of Solomon” block.

PAGE is potential.
The jacks are the prince of the Elements, more material plans.
Ladies - information, the ability to work and analyze any information.
Kings are power over the process.


Block "Keys of Solomon" in Reiki-Yggdrasil - 5th step
(Fortune telling at Tarot)

This block is devoted to Tarot cards, their application and meaning. Tarot cards allow you to understand how the situation will develop, what a person came to you with, what his problems are, and how best to help him.

When working with this unit, intuition and predictive practices develop.

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