Intro. The principles of development.


Each person has a huge subconscious experience. This experience is recorded in humans at the level of the mental bodies of the personality (subtle bodies in the level from Anahata to Sahasrara). This experience almost does not disintegrate from incarnation to incarnation. The collected information on past incarnations of a person accumulates. This makes the human mind more powerful, gradually complicating and increasing the efficiency of thinking.

The subconscious is the experience of past human incarnations.

These are personal experience gained from life to life, a set of information, knowledge about the structure of the world, effective models of behavior in it, the observed experience of other people, the accumulated amount of personal stress, etc.

Subconscious experience of a person is the cause of many unconscious complexes and phobias in current life, as well as a guarantee of its success, talents, magical abilities.

For some people, the subconscious experience includes millions of years and hundreds of thousands of incarnations in different parts of the Galaxy. The subconscious is a powerful human resource. It is important to learn how to use this potential.

Information from the subconscious is blocked for various reasons and a person begins a new life almost from scratch. If you can activate the experience of a person’s past lives, or to significantly increase the amount of accumulated information of the current personality in another way - this will be a valuable leap in human evolution.

The basis of evolution is the principle of the gradual accumulation of information, the complication of human consciousness. The technologies of evolution include methods that allow to

a) restore and activate the information accumulated by a person during past incarnations;

 b) quickly record new, additional information and skills on mental bodies;

c) optimize the body so that it effectively works and quickly processes the new incoming information.

 This may concern business, health, love and other areas of life. Acceleration of evolution often leads to an increase in a person’s personal effectiveness. In different civilizations of the Earth and Cosmos, technologies of accelerated human development have been constantly developed and applied. For example, Dedication through Death, Experience of the Monad, etc.

These technologies are carefully selected and studied. A number of technologies is recreated by representatives of our Center. This book provides a brief overview of the basic technologies of human evolution, increasing personal effectiveness.

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