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Congratulations with Your first step - Runic Reiki Yggdrasil Initiation 1!

Its the most important and the hardest step. You are doing a good job.

What you need to do next:

A) Read the materials.
B) Held your practice with your group or a client.
C) Send me your answers on the check-list questions:

After that we can go to the Next Step and I will provide you with more information, support, answers. Good luck!

A. Materials to read.
To understand the Runic Reiki Yggrasil system better i recommend you to read:

1. The Level 1 Reiki Streams Detailed Overview:
2. Runic Reiki Yggrasil FAQ:
3. Runic Reiki Yggdrasil System Description:

B. Facebook group.
As for the practical questions of working with tunings you can ask your questions
and see what other people are writing about it in our specified english facebook group:

C. Small introduction video you can watch that I was doing 5 years ago.

At the 1st level of RUNIC REIKI you get the next skills/ spells:

1. Healing. The skills of treatment,
2. Intuition.  Opening abilities of your mind.
3. Protection. Ability to defend yourself and other people from outward aggression.
4. Life balancing. Situation Balancing.

While learning the RI REIKI course, a person gets a powerful framework which makes a projection of the Scandinavian Tree of Life  to human’s body and consciousness 
and the student becomes more stable and successful. 

D. Check-list questions.
The basic questions on Runic Reiki System:

1) What is the basics of Runic Reiki: Reiki or Runes?
2) Why Runic Reiki is more effective than classical Usui Reiki?
3) What is Yggdrasil?
4) What is the Healing spell (stream) in Runic Reiki? How does it work?
5) How does the Protection spell works in Runic Reiki?
6) How does the Activation on money stream spell works in Runic Reiki?
7) What are the Pantheons of Gods you will be able to work on the 5th level of Runic Reiki?
Thank you for your time!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Andrew Litvinov
Magister of Runic Reiki
Senior manager of Runic Academy
World Heritage Insitute.


As far as you can see, from now you can work with Reiki Yggrasil stream not only physically (through hands), but you can focus your attention on the person mentally in any part of the world.

I do encourage you to practice with each other
for the free time.
The more you practice - the better you will start feeling energies.

I would also encourage you to do Reiki Massage healing sessions.
How that works:
1) One person sits/ laying down on the beach
2) The second partner/ partners put his hands over the body and stream RI Healing or Protection stream over the body.

For you the main task is to find - what part of the body i more weak, needs more attention.
Reiki Yggrasil Healing stream will show it to you and teach you. Just follow the stream.

Also you can work together with the money issues, relationships issues etc, harmonizing it. It works.

You might work in groups together
- psysically (in reiki masage way) or
- distantly - as you desire
Though "Reiki Massage" approach would be more bright sensing, while you doins that at the first time.

You can also do Reiki Massage or healing sessions to any other people. But working together in the yesterdays group will empower you more! :)

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