Program 3. Soft empowering and stress-release (Dreams Alive Therapy)

In Dreams Alive Hypnotherapy,
we come back to what is your inner-self really needs now,
without social judges - through the images of subconscious.

In Dreams Alive psychotherapy, we find and eliminate the causes of symptoms and find resources to reach new horizons in life. It is similar to family constellations, but the work is based on the client's unconscious images.

At the level of your unconscious we carry out the diagnostics and harmonization of internal images and archetypes.
The soft but very deep reload happens of the Inner image of yourself and the world around you.

How do the session looks like? EXAMPLE. EXERCISE

Right now, I invite you to go through a preparatory session of Dreams Alive Hypnotherapy!
Imagine an open water in front of you. How does it look like? Describe.
Do you like it?
Try to go deeper and dive into it.
With the head.
Open your eyes underwater.
Take a look around.
What do you see?
What do you like there? What are you afraid of?
Let it be.
This is approximate example how our sessions of Dreams Alive therapy looks like.

Dreams Alive. Symboldrama. The Path to Yourself .
Dreams Alive Program. Strengthening personal power.
This is the softest and most gentle program.
Layer by layer, through images of the subconscious, we take care of the earliest and deepest layers of personality.
This course helps to heal the earliest injuries, restore, nourish the resource and strengthen personal integrity and strength of the individual.
This is a comprehensive program aimed to healing and strengthening the fundament of personality.
It is good for crisis situations when a person does not know where to go next.
The method is good
- when a person has run out of current goals and he does not understand what to do next,
- when there was a stressful situation, divorce, death of loved ones, loss of life orientations,
- when you are in a state of depression and searching for a destination,
- mid-life crisis
- when there are goals, but they lack energy and resources.
Dreams Alive therapy - symbol drama helps to return, restore deep contact with yourself.
The symbol drama helps to get back in touch with your resources, destinations and with ancient traumas that block the power of the personality, block Life.
This method helps to make a very gentle and gentle dive into the depths of your unconscious through the images that it will speak to you.
The method is also called "Wake Dreams".
Layer by layer during the sessions, we will manifest the deep layers of your psyche through images and "stitch", "restore" your personal resources, integrity and strength of personality.
Symbol drama allows you to strengthen the foundation of personality. And this is what helps:
- gain resources, believe in yourself
- find new goals for life
- start moving towards your goals steadily, without unnecessary failures of stops.
Strengthening the personality by the method of symbol drama
- increases energy tone
- increases self-confidence
- reduces fears and anxieties
- removes symptoms and diseases
- gives a sense of meaning and fullness of life
- increases the feeling of happiness in general.

Symbol drama sessions usually take place once a week, 1-1.5 hours. Online, at your convenience.
Through images, we raise the deep material of the psyche and help to recover, heal injuries and gain resources.
The symbol drama method is based on Jungian therapy and is recognized by the German psychotherapeutic community.
There are several modules of the main plots with which work takes place in the symbol drama.
This module helps to gather and strengthen the core of the personality, work through the stresses and traumas of the earliest period of life, in infancy.
Motives-images for work:
- Meadow
- Flower
- Safe place
- My meadow
- A place where you feel good
This module allows you to awaken, open the flow of Life Force inside, track and remove blockages, stresses, fears, complexes that impede the flow of Life Force in a person.
Image motifs:
- Stream
- Place of power
- Source of Power
- Oasis
- Font
- Healing bath
It is also possible to allocate several months for the development of this module, until enough internal resources are accumulated and the injuries that block its filling are worked out.
This module helps the client to start the movement of energy in the direction of their goals. The reality of "meanings and achievements" is being clarified and strengthened.
- Mountain
- House
- Forest edge
- Beautiful flower
In this module, we work on the male / female identity and work with problems, stresses that prevent us from accepting and manifesting our male / female strength and energy.
And also we work with the resources of the Family, we are working on the settings that have passed to you from the family, we are restoring the connection with the resources of the family system.
Motives for work:
- Vessel
- Sword
- Old Forge
- Old pottery workshop.
- Grandma's gift
- The place of power of your Family.
Partnerships in a couple.
This module is directly related to the topics of love, loneliness, finding a partner, family, forming a couple, and issues of family and children.
- Lake
- Two banks
- Animal - Plant - Stone
- Animals that go to visit each other.
The method of figurative therapy - symboldrama is very gentle. We follow the client, where his subconscious leads us. We give as much time as needed until the client is ready to move on, move from stage to stage.
It can usually take one, two or three months to complete one module, depending on the level of readiness, stress and personal resources of the client.
The program of imaginative therapy-symboldrama is set up for deep and long-term changes in the structure of the client's personality, which will manifest itself in his health, strength and quality of life.

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