Module 1. Slavic Shamanic Constellations.

Study program.

INTRODUCTION This is a course of personal consultations-mysteries, during which you will live vivid and fascinating stories from Slavic mythology and along the way, through archetypal constellations and hypnocoaching, resolve your difficult situations, find solutions and strength for development.

Family Constellations is starting to be very famous program of healing system traumas of connection & rejections. But there is much more beyond happy to share. Shamanic Constellations is about listening to the Spirit of the Space, the Spirit of Desire that is guiding you to you best yourself. Shamanic wisdom is represented in the mythes and beliefes, we will be working with myths and beliefs in Slavic Tradition:

- The Animals of your Powers
- Healing Water of life & death.
- Underworld and Upperworld

Shamanic Constellations
1. Is healing your story, your request, same as family constellation does
2. Empowering you through shamanic archetypes.
3. The work is done for everybody.

Class. Love & Money.

Feel The Dymensions of Love and Money.
Where are you stocked.
Where are your maximum potentials.

Class 1. Evoking the Animal of Your Power.

Shamanic Constellations - unique approach, where we are evoking the Powers of Universe. And we follow these Powers, get leaded by them, cause they know better how to achieve what we need, on subconscious level. You will increase your extrasensual potentials. And everyone can get its own shamanic constellation to achieve your goal. As the bonus - you will be able to meet the Shamanic Animal of your Power.

Meeting with the spirit helper.
At this meeting, we will look for our totem, our assistant in the World of Slavic Tradition.
It can be the Gray Wolf, the Firebird, Sivka Burka and others.

Meeting with Vedagon.
This practice is important for a deep meeting with the Self, one's Higher Self.
This meeting enhances spiritual strength and helps to develop, travel in subtle planes.

Class 2. Alatyr-stone. The Foundation of creation. The Shamanic Wheel.
This is the center of the universe.
We will find your personal center. Your I. Harmonize relationships with yourself.
Foundation of the world. An Introduction to the Magician Tradition of the Slavs.
Me and the Universe.

Class 3. The Water of Life. The Water of Death.
In order to be reborn to a new life, you must first let go of what has outlived itself, what is holding you back.
Connections, relationships, symptoms, old experiences and habits.
We will find what is bothering you and not letting you in and let it go.

Living water.
This is the time to nourish your innermost ideas, aspirations, desires with strength.
This is a meeting to give an impetus to strength, desires and new aspirations in life.

Class 4. The path to the Underworld and Higherworld.
This is where our Journey into the depths of ourselves begins. Into the depths of the subconscious.
We will collect and return the fragments of the soul, split off through stress and trauma.
Collect yourself.
By returning our lost parts, we become more whole and stronger.

Mountain world. Ancestors. Genus.
At this meeting, we connect with the progenitors of our Family, absorb strength and correct distortions that prevent the creative creative energy of our Family from reaching us.

At each meeting there will be a constellation exercise from the shamanic tradition (gathering the soul, the message of the ancestors, etc.).
Classes include: energy tuning to channels in the Slavic Tradition and correction of personal situations on the topic of classes.

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