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Every Certificate AATA Temple Reiki Program got 9 Levels of Initiation

The education process got 3 stages:
Basic, Advanced, Masters.

Level 1-3: Basic
We are studying how to feel and channel the Temple Energies Flow.

Level 4-6: Professional (Advanced)
It is the study advanced practical implementation of working with mandalas.
You will get personal support

- Level 4: You are getting personal supervision & support.
- Level 5: You are starting Making Healing Mandalas
- Level 6: You are starting Charging Artifacts.

Level 7-9: The Master Level.
- Level 7. You are starting sharing your own services and get clients testimonials.
- Level 8. You are advanced enough and start making your own expert articles & researches.
- Level 9. You pass Personal Exam and get your Masters Attunament.

* 50 usd /level,
* 150 usd per module (3 levels)
* 450 usd full program

- 11% discount if paying all program at once (400 usd).
- 22% discount for the newcomers (350 usd).
- 22% discount for the video testimonial (350 usd).
- 25% discount if you join the class with a newcomer (335 usd each),
- special discounts for volunteers.

Education is held in small groups: 3-6 people. 

- Yes, Personal Education is available. Same price without discounts. Plus you need to add 3 extra sessions with program alumni to practice the stream (60 usd per session).


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