FREE BOOK 1. Psychotronics. The Principles of Shamanism. Atlantic Technologies.

FREE RESEARCH. Psychotronics. Principles of Shamanism. Atlantic Technologies.

Its need to be mentioned,  this Book is not the Book of the Academy.

Some points of this book are very discussianable, we have our own point of view on some topics,discussed in this book.
But nevertheless, this book is prettty interesting,  cause it describes some main priniples of "Vertical evolution".

Some topics in this book are difficult to understand.
But you can always ask your question to the Academy.
and we would be glad to share with you our own experience and understanding on some topics  of Vertical evolution!

This book sometimes its hard to read - be patient.
Sometimes it looks like a fairytale - just continue reading.

As soon as you finish reading this book - your mental picture of the world will start changing.  
The Universe of the new shamanic opportunities and high end civilizations of past civilizations will start being opened to you. 

BOOK 1. Psychotronics. The Principles of Shamanism. Atlantic Technologies. Conent.

If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you for your interest in these topics.

Sincerely, Andy Argonius
American Group Project Coordinator
Academy of Holistic Therapies
World Heritage Institute.


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